Roll Call | FPSRussia (Kyle Myers) + Reckless Tortuga + Supernatural Problems = ?

Dream 1

I somewhat remember part of two dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place in a class, and our teacher was my former Calculus teacher Mr. G; and I was his best behaved student in this class, and so he asked me to do the roll call & maybe something else at the end of class.

He wanted me to take over the class for a moment while he went to do something very briefly, I thought that he was going to come back in a few minutes to show me how he wanted me to do the roll call and whatever else, but he never came back; and so I tried to figure out how to do the roll call & whatever else as I looked at two books/pads/notebooks that Mr. G had given me & both seemed roll call related but one had something else on it too, the class was ready to go but I was trying to figure out how to call/do roll call with what Mr. G gave me, and so everyone was getting annoyed & I was stressing a bit trying to figure out what to do but I woke up.