Dream Security

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Dream 1

Last night I remember part of two dreams, with the first dream being the most unclear, and all that I remember is being on/in a fictional version of Eastside that had a beach next to it; and I was with two fictional young men who also lived on Eastside.

They lived at a house with their mom and their stepdad (stepfather) or dad, I am not sure which but I think that he was their stepdad, and they hated him; and I think that he was physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive to them.

A big event and/or several big events was/were about to take place, one of which was an American Football Super Bowl or something like that, I think, that was going to be shown on TV.

I remember that the two young men’s stepdad or dad & their mom came at some point, and an argument took place; after the stepdad or dad left, I remember them telling me about him, and they only had negative things to say about him.

We then went outside by the beach for a positive change in mood/atmosphere/et cetera, and it was nice outside; and I tried to get everyone to relax & have a good time instead of being angry at their step-dad or dad, but I woke up.

Dream 2

My next dream took place during the day in D, at The Park, and I was there with two fictional men playing tennis; and at some point we went searching for tennis balls that we had hit over the fence.

We found several extra tennis balls during our search, but on the way back to our tennis court, we noticed about six large country-type men walking to our tennis court & they were all bigger & taller than us; and so we went to nicely let them know that we were still playing there. (For some reason the man who was supposed to be at the tennis court saving our place/spot, had left to help us find tennis balls.)

The group of country-type men were led by a tall & strong-looking man who looked somewhat like a thinner & taller version of Brock Lesnar & he was the tallest & biggest person at The Park, and I nicely let the leader know that we were still using the court; but the leader and the other country-type men started to get in our faces in a fighting-like way, and they started threatening us.

I calmly tried to explain the situation to them but they were not listening & they were cursing us out, and they were preparing to attack us; but suddenly out-of-no-where my former classmate LT & a group of men from Eastside came & they instantly started to get in the faces of the country-type men & they prepared to defend us.

LT told me that he/they had my/our back/backs and then the group of country-type men no longer had us out-numbered, and they realized that the odds were now in our favor, but they were not going to back down (probably because they were bigger & taller than any of us, even though we had them out-numbered, they were some huge & strong country-type men); but I wanted to keep the peace and avoid a fight.

I kept trying to peacefully deal with the situation and I even offered to share the tennis court with the group of men, but too many people were arguing, and so I had to talk loud enough so that the leader could hear me.

I thought that it would be stupid to fight over a tennis court, and I was even ready to just leave to avoid conflict; and I decided to try one more time to offer to share the tennis court, and so I yelled for everyone to calm down & that I did not want anyone to fight.

I told the leader that we could share the tennis court and that we could even play on teams and/or that we would leave to avoid conflict, the leader paused, and then he agreed to share the tennis court with us; and then I shook his hand & I smiled, and I told everyone that we could all get along peacefully & have fun. 🙂

But I woke up as I was still trying to get everyone in a happy & peaceful mood, before we started to play tennis together.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂