Red Tails

What is it?

The 2012 American war movie Red Tails.


Getting Defeated In Tennis By Justine Henin | JP Using A Talking Ape To Kill And Bully People | A Fictional T-Mobile Store

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was a short dream that started positive but quickly became negative, I remember being in an outdoor tennis match and/or tennis tournament during the day, and my opponent was my favorite tennis player the retired tennis player Justine Henin; and I was happy to have her as my opponent.

Our tennis match started well but things quickly became negative, somehow my tennis game was off and I just did not have it in me, and I made serious mistakes in the beginning and middle and at the end of the match; and Justine started defeating me so badly that I described our tennis match as a Massacre in my voice recording of this dream.