Barely Sleeping Before Work Trip

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I got in bed too late and I did not sleep much or that well, and I felt hotter than normal.

I mostly only got low-level sleep with a few short dreams that I kept waking up from, and my mind was mostly focused on checking the time and trying to decide when I should get up to get ready for my work trip.

So basically anxiety about the work trip was bothering me some, but not as much as expected.

Some random things that I remember hearing repeatedly sometimes are some lyrics from the fake Tessa Brooks part of the parody music video Jake Paul ft. Team 10 – “It’s Everyday Bro” PARODY by Bart Baker:

I remember waking up sometimes because of noises outside and / or inside, thinking, semi-daydreaming, semi-dreaming, et cetera.

The end,

-John Jr