Austin Road Rage Star Wars Edition


What Is It?

Yesterday when I was looking through some of my old posts to see if any of them needed editing, and one of them had a Double Toasted video called TRAFFIC DUEL IN AUSTIN GOES VIRAL – Double Toasted Highlight which you can see above.

Here is the description for this video:

A video has gone viral recently of two road raging Texans going at it much like a Star Wars Lightsaber Battle. The Double Toasted crew weigh in! LISTEN TO AND WATCH THE FULL SHOW HERE:……

I decided to find one of the videos featured in the video above where someone added Star Wars effects to this road rage melee, and I found one called Austin Road Rage Fight – Lightsaber Duel Of Vatos:

Austin Road Rage Fight – Lightsaber Duel Of Vatos

Here is the description for this video:

Austin, Tx road rage fight. Mexican Star Wars!

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Duel of the Fates (From “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace”/Score)


John Williams, London Symphony Orchestra


Duel of the Fates


John Williams

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My Mom Accidentally Offends A Doctor

Source: Wikimedia Commons

After work today I got tired from not getting enough sleep and having an action packed day at work, and as I was checking my emails before exercising I laid down on the couch, and I fell asleep before I could exercise.

I woke up suddenly realizing that I had fell asleep and I had to make sense of how long I had slept et cetera, I accidentally had slept on my right arm so it was numb and I could not really move it much until the blood flow returned, and I was able to remember part of a dream that I had during this before it faded away.

In a forgotten part of the dream I remember being inside a van, I assume that some of my family and I were traveling, and twice during our journey we had problems with the van.

The next thing that I remember is being at a strange maybe multi-story modern building (maybe a hotel or apartment) with my mom and a fictional version of my nephew CC, my mom was babysitting my nephew CC as he ran around, and I remember being in a strange large tunnel / garage / hangout area at ground level that was open to the outside on the right side where maybe automobiles and people could drive and walk in.

My mom was talking to someone outside or in the opening to this area as she watched my nephew CC, and at some point my male cousin ME walked over and my nephew CC ran over running around talking a bit and laughing and smiling.

My nephew CC said something to us but we did not understand what he had said until it was too late, my cousin ME picked CC up and asked him what he said, but then CC’s diaper and shorts or pants (if he had any) fell off because he had defecated on himself and the diaper got to heavy.

CC had probably told us that he had boo-booed previously when we could not understand him, CC smiled and laughed as ME responded with disgust as feces leaked down CC’s butt and legs, and so ME handed me CC so that I could clean him up and the mess.

This area was paved and there was a water sprayer thing like one for a kitchen sink so I used this to start spraying and cleaning up the feces off the ground and off CC, and I used slightly warm water after combining hot and cold water and I could feel the temperatures.

I got some soap and I let ME wash his hands and he left in disgust while I sprayed off CC and tried to clean up the feces, and while doing this I noticed that there was maybe a large cut or scar or something on the side of CC’s butt and the skin was discolored there and it was softer and felt like the tissue was dying and like it would sink in if you touched it and there was a smaller spot like this on the side of his thigh.

This did not look good at all and so I was going to ask my mom about it because I was worried, but then my mom walked over with my aunt DE.

At this point I realized that I was somehow naked now (which confused me even in the dream) so I somewhat hid behind an empty metal bed frame with a tall head rest (whatever) that I was standing on oddly but you could still see me as I talked to them, I let my mom finish giving CC a bath, and maybe I got dressed or something as I talked with them and I mentioned what I saw on CC.

Then two doctors and a group of people including some of our family members walked over, my aunt DE had invited the two doctors because she is a nurse so she knew them I guess, and one doctor was a man with medium-color skin with black hair who probably was a member of the Indian (India) ethnic group and the other doctor was a woman with light-color skin and light-color hair.

The doctors asked if anyone needed some medical attention, someone on the right side of the room did so the female doctor walked to them but I did not look, and then I told my mom that we should let the other doctor check CC.

I said something to the male doctor to get his attention and then I started to say something and then I wanted to say a word that started with the letter D but I could not think of the word, and so I paused to figure out what word I wanted to say.

My mom said a word that started with a D that she assumed that I meant to say, it was not the correct word, and it was a word that the male doctor found offensive toward members of the Indian ethnic group so he was offended.

I am not sure what the word was but I cringed at my mom’s mistake, and my aunt DE tried to save the situation by rebuking my mom for saying that hoping that would help the doctor feel better but that did not work and the doctor said that he was leaving and thanked us for wasting his time as he left in anger with some of the crowd.

I asked my mom what we were going to do now, she said that either we would let CC’s new doctor check him or we would find him another doctor, and she told me that CC’s previous doctor was the cause of those two things that I saw and that his doctor had gotten in trouble for malpractice and / or something else (in maybe an unrelated incident).

I felt that doctor should also be reported for what he did to CC and I was not happy about this, and I wanted us to get CC checked as soon as possible.

The next thing that I remember is my mom, several family members, and I driving during the evening or night in the van from earlier which was maybe white and somewhat old.

We seemed to be in a city in Texas in The United States where my aunt DE and her family and some of my other family members live that seemed slightly LC-like, and at some point my male cousin EE was driving who lives in Texas so he probably knew his way around if this was Texas.

We talked as EE drove and at some point the van stopped, but it cranked again and we continued driving and talking.

I remember making a joke and I called EE *Something that I can not remember* and then his nickname Crunchie since he was our driver, he laughed and asked what I had said because he did not understand me because I said it in a way to make it sound like I was far away, and so I explained this to him.

As I was doing this I saw a bicycle roll quickly in front of our van from the left side across the street to the right side where it fell over, and I looked around to see where it came from but I did not see anyone oddly.

But that is when I woke up suddenly probably because I had loss blood circulation in my right arm from sleeping on it.

The end,

-John Jr


An Assassination Attempt Against President John Jr?

Dream 1

This dream took place inside a fictional windowless house that somewhat reminded me of a fictional larger version of The E House (the now abandoned house that belonged to my grandparents on my mom’s side of the family), and it probably took place during the night because we were trying to sleep.

I was a or the president and I was inside the house with most of my family including my deceased grandfather CE and maybe my deceased grandmother DE, but both of my deceased grandparents were probably unconscious and in hospital beds and hooked up to hospital equipment like they were barely alive or not doing so well.


Wire Cutters Covered In Orange Gel-Like Stuff

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I am not sure if this is one or two dreams so I will type it as one dream, and it took place during from afternoon – night.

My parents, maybe my brother GC, and I were traveling to the city of LC down a fictional version of the highway to there by automobile.

Something that I can not remember happened where my dad and my brother GC left in the automobile without my mom and I, but I can not remember why et cetera.

My mom and I were on foot now along the side of the highway, and something strange happened where my former male classmate JC showed up by bicycle and maybe automobile.

JC offered us a ride on his bicycle and possibly his automobile if he had one, and there was something very strange that happened where a clone or something of JC showed up on a bicycle dressed and acting a bit feminine and comedic and he was goofing around on his bicycle and I remember him tapping me on the shoulder from behind and laughing and doing stunts on his bicycle.

The clone disappeared or something, and it seemed to be a trick that JC could possibly do where he could somehow summon a clone of himself as a trick that he liked to do for fun I guess.

As we were riding with JC a Jeep Wrangler-like automobile pulled over and a strange man with light-color skin who possibly wore glasses offered us a ride, we politely declined, and the man turned out to be a crazy serial killer or something and he tried to kill us.

We either killed him in self-defense or we defended against him and he tried to kill us again later at JC’s house but was killed by us in self-defense then, either way he was killed at some point, but I just can not remember when or the details of how.

I just remember us going to JC’s house which was a very small one-story house next to a small business that was owned by a small mafia, and this area was along the highway in a small drive-through town.

The business was a gas station / diner / convenient store / bar-like place, and some of the mafia members were there who all had light-color skin and who were all family members (I remember seeing at least two men and at least one woman) and they probably were stereotypes of people who live out in the countryside except a mafia version.

We had the body of the dead serial killer, for some unknown reason we did not call the police, and we possibly decided to ask the mafia for help.

They called for a cleaner to come deal with the situation, but for helping us we were probably going to have to do a mission for them that possibly involved taking out someone or some group that was who had supported / who sent the serial killer.

I did not like any of this, JC disappeared, and then the cleaner showed up and he was a rough short older man with light-color skin wearing a leather jacket who looked like he was experienced with this kind of stuff.

I walked him to where the body was but it was gone, and then JC walked in saying that he had taken care of the body.

I felt that the cleaner should have done it because he was a professional, and I wondered why did JC not wait for him as planned.

I apologized to the cleaner and I asked him to stay because we would probably need him to clean up after we finish our mission, and so he went to the small business to have a drink and talk with the mafia members while he waited.

We then left to do our mission, we possibly completed our mission and returned to let the mafia and their cleaner know, and I probably asked the cleaner to talk to JC about where he put the body of the serial killer so that he could clean that up and clean up the evidence in any other locations like JC’s house and any automobiles the body was moved in and the area where he was killed et cetera.

We probably thanked the mafia and none of us were to speak of this again and we were to forget that it ever happened and that we had ever met, and then JC took us home.

The next thing that I remember is having my automobile and having a bicycle that was maybe partly blue, and I wanted to drive to maybe Texas to maybe to a movie theater to watch a movie and maybe do some other things so I drove until I reached a road that was probably just grass and dirt that went through the yard of two properties with one being residential and one being maybe a church-like building.

It was late night so the gate that led to the highway had been closed by the police, they would close it sometimes when it gets late to stop people from driving into their state using this shortcut I guess, and so I parked near the church-like building and I left on foot somewhere maybe.

When I returned the bicycle I had been taken apart and was laying on the ground, and some parts of my automobile were taken apart so I could not drive it and the parts were on the ground too.

I wondered who did this and why and how was I going to get back home and what I was going to do about this, but then I heard someone under my automobile and it was my dad and he was the one who had taken everything apart.

My dad said that he wanted to add some shocks to the bicycle, it was an old thin simple street bicycle from my parent’s storage building, but he did not have the shocks yet; and so I wondered why did he take it apart now then.

I asked him why did he partly take my automobile apart, and he said that he was trying to clean it and check some things.

I looked underneath the automobile where he was, the bottom of my automobile was larger and stranger, and there was thick piles of dirt and entire plants and vines et cetera under it that were probably negatively effecting / affecting things so we started pulling out the vines and knocking the dirt piles down.

I wondered how did this happen under my automobile and how was it even working with all of that stuff under it and wrapped around various parts.

My dad asked for a certain tool but we could not find it, and so I went to ask to borrow one from the residential property that had a house and a shack that was open and I saw light coming from it and I heard a mother talking to her children who were running in and out of the shack playing.

I walked to the shack and there was a short woman with medium-color skin with long straight black hair who reminded me of someone or a combination of several people, and I greeted her and I asked her if I could borrow a tool from her shed.

She told me yes and she pointed to a tool that was hanging on the wall, and I picked it up and it was covered in a strange orange gel-like substance and it looked like maybe it had been there so long that it was mostly broken down into a rusty gel.

It looked like it would be useless, I did not want to be rude, and so I accepted it and I thanked her and I went to take it to my dad.

When I returned my dad did not need it, and so I used a water hose that was connected to the church-like building to wash the tool and to my surprise the gel-like stuff washed away and it revealed a pair of wire cutters that were in average condition to my surprise.

I had no idea what that orange gel-like stuff had been, I washed my hands to get it off because it felt nasty, and then I dried the wire cutters and I went to return them.

The woman was alone in the shed and oddly there was a full or queen size bed next to where she was standing, and I reached over it to hand her the tool while thanking her.

This looked awkward and one of her children walked in which made it even more awkward.

I then said goodbye and I returned to my dad to finish putting the bicycle and my automobile back together so that we could leave, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Prediction | Playing A Sport | A Zombie Virus Attacks Texas?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that someone, maybe a woman, made a prediction that probably came true in my last dream; she told this prediction to me, we were in a room or building, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a windowless gym-like building where I was playing a sport with other people, maybe baseball or kickball or something like that, and at some point in the dream a man on my team and I found a bag with a gun and ammunition in it; and there was a drawing on the bag that had the owner’s name on it, a smiley face drawing of him, and text that implied that he was going to use this gun and ammunition to shoot people in this building/go on a shooting rampage.

The owner of this bag and gun (he had whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair, and he looked a bit like a villainous version of my former male classmate AK) had gotten in trouble before for going on a shooting rampage and so it was illegal for him to own or have guns and ammunition, somehow he was no longer in prison (which made no sense to me even in the dream because he was clearly still a threat and he did not stay in prison for long at all), and so we showed this evidence to a woman with whitish colored skin who seemed to be in charge of this building/area; and she thanked us, and told us that she would warn him about this.

We felt that he needed to be arrested and that he was a threat to everyone but she did not think that it was serious, she seemed to think that he was only joking oddly, and so we argued with her about this; but she refused to have him arrested unless we could find more evidence, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I think that I was in The United States Of America in a large city in the state of Texas at a tall modern multi-story hotel/apartment/building with many windows that was in the middle of the city in the downtown area, maybe I was vacationing there and maybe some other people I know were there as well, and the woman’s prediction from the first dream probably started to come true.

We were on one of the upper floors in one of the lobby areas with a nice view of the city below and of the other tall buildings, there was probably a television on a news channel, and at some point there were reports of a virus infecting people in the city causing them to act wild and crazy like zombies an attack people (either someone told us and/or this was mentioned on the news).

At first people thought that it was an isolated incident but the virus was spreading to other people rapidly, people in the building with us still felt safe, but at some point we heard screams and saw people running saying that infected people/zombies were attacking our building; and at some point some of the zombies were outside of the windows trying to get in, somehow some of them had climbed to the upper floors even though this was a tall building, and so we moved to the stairway/stairwell that had extra layers of glass.

People were terrified and not sure of what to do, I was calm and I remembered what the woman had predicted, and I knew that the city was probably mostly overrun and that we were probably mostly surrounded; and so we were mostly trapped probably, finding safer areas inside the building like the stairway/stairwell was our best option for now.

I hoped that the zombies would give up and continue attacking other areas to leave an opening for us to escape if necessary, I decided to stay calm and wait and think about the situation, and I remember wishing that the woman had given me some advice on how to survive this; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr