Struggle Meals The Worst Food On The Internet [Thanksgiving Edition Part 5]

Struggle Meals The Worst Food On The Internet [Thanksgiving Edition Part 5]

What is it?

The 2019 comedy reaction Thanksgiving YouTube video Struggle Meals The Worst Food On The Internet [Thanksgiving Edition Part 5] by the YouTube channel FreshPrinceYuup.

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This is how FreshPrinceYuup describes this video:

Part 5 of Struggle Meals The Worst Food On The Internet Thanksgiving Edition.

This is the longest struggle meals yet!

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Everything You Know About Thanksgiving Is Wrong | Decoded | MTV News

Everything You Know About Thanksgiving Is Wrong | Decoded | MTV News

What is it?

Here is a YouTube video by MTV Decoded that I possibly saw last year called Everything You Know About Thanksgiving Is Wrong | Decoded | MTV News:

What is it about?

This is how MTV Decoded describes this video:

Decoded now on #MTV!

Franchesca Ramsey:
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Thanksgiving is a great holiday, but the whole story we’re taught in school about Pilgrims and Native Americans is basically, just WRONG.

Everything from the Native Americans and Pilgrims being best friends, to the outfits the Pilgrims actually wore, down to even the eating Turkey is based on loose half-truths and propaganda.

So join Franchesca as she serves up some Thruthsgiving!

Mom: Esther Friedman
Aunt: Greer Morison
Grandpa: Philip Smith
Teen: Sholntay Taylor @SholantyTaylor
Dad: Anthony Aroya

Director: Karrie Crouse
Producer: Andrew Kornhaber
Written By: Jon Gutierrez
DP: Eric Browse
Gaffer: Steven Latta
Art Director: Emmeline Wilkes
Art Assistant: Heather Yancey
Sound: Mike Snyder
HMU: Fatima Butler
PA: Emily Thielen

Wampanog & Pilgrims Were Political Allies, Not Friends

The Pilgrims Didn’t Necessarily Invite the Indians

Squanto Didn’t Learn English to Help the Pilgrims

It Wasn’t a Yearly Event

The Food was Much Different

The Pilgrims Didn’t Land on Plymouth Rock

Pilgrim Fashion Was Much More Colorful Than We Are Taught

Full History of Early Settlement:

Further Reading about Thanksgiving History:

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11-18-2012 | Dream Fragments | A Holiday Surprise

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I remember part of several dreams, with the first dream taking place during the day in an unknown city and I was arriving at a fictional college dorm/apartment-like place for the first time to get an apartment/dorm, and I might have went to the office to get my key & sign paper work; and the woman who worked in the office had light brownish colored skin with black colored hair, but I am not sure if I went to the office first or after I went to my apartment/dorm.

It seemed that I probably planned on attending a small fictional college that was near the dorm/apartment but I am not sure, I just remember unpacking my stuff in my dorm/apartment, which was in a small one floor brick building with one or two other apartments; and there were several other apartment/dorm buildings like this and maybe one or two multi-floor(ed) apartment/dorm buildings as well.

After unpacking my stuff I went back to the office for some reason, probably to see if all my paperwork and payments were made and to find out how the payment situation worked, but there was another woman at the office instead this time; and she had the same skin color and hair color as the other woman, but her body was obese/over-weight.

I did not know my room number or have any of my paperwork as I went to talk with the woman, and so she either stopped to look up that information and/or I went back to my apartment/dorm to get it; but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

Next, I remember being outside during the day in a fictional city that was new to me like I had recently arrived like in the first dream (this might have been part of the first dream), and I was in a parking lot near a hotel & small shopping center & fast food restaurant; and I was going to walk around the city.

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11-26-2011 | Dream Fragments | Thanksgiving With Flynn And The View And The Cursed House

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I barely remember part of three dream fragments from last night, I am not sure what order they go in or which ones or connected, so I will type them randomly as I remember them.

One dream fragment took place across the street from my grandfather’s house at a small fictional house, most people in the dream thought that the house was cursed, even the people who lived there; and for some unknown reason I went to the house.

The inside of the house was small, dark, and barely furnished; and a husband, wife, and their adult daughter lived there.

I remember talking to them about the supposed curse, which I was not really worried about & I did not really believe in it, but I can not remember what they told me about it.

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