Daily Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Unpopular, and this is what it said:

Tell us about a time when you had to choose between two options, and you picked the unpopular choice.

And this is my response:

Three years after being forced to drop out of college years ago I decided to try an all-or-nothing plan to return to college again in a different city to hopefully finish college and learn French through the Alliance Française and learn how to play classical guitar using the fingerstyle guitar technique through the conservatory of music, at a different college, for a different degree, with no job, with no place to stay, with no one I knew living in that city, suffering from untreated social anxiety disorder and untreated generalized anxiety disorder and untreated depression et cetera, et cetera with only the money that I had saved hoping to find a job and a place to stay before my money runs out; and I came up with this all-or-nothing plan after years of wanting/hoping/trying to return to college without luck.

I was left with two choices after spending about two weeks or more in that city getting signed up for everything and trying to get a job (I had tried to get a job for even longer than this by trying online/in the newspaper/et cetera without luck, and so I decided to go in person and hope that would improve my chances after getting tired of having no luck trying for so long), I got signed up for every thing except for the classical guitar class because I wanted to wait until I had a source of income and I paid for my French class, but my job search was failing and I did not have anywhere to live so I was staying in hotels and motels which was using up my money.

After attending the second day of college I had to decide whether to give up college/French classes/classical guitar classes and return home before it was too late to quit college without having to pay to avoid going in debt, or stay in college and risk running out of money with no job and no place to stay and end up in debt and having to return home in debt and not be able to finish college.

It was hard but I chose the safe/unpopular option to quit my all-or-nothing return to college after the second day of college and return home after several weeks of failing to get a job and a place to stay, and I never got to attend the French class that I paid for and I never got to attend a classical guitar class before I left back home; and I never got to finish college yet after all these years, and that decision and experience pretty much drained all my future inspiration/hopes/et cetera for that and has left me not even sure what I really want anymore.


I forgot most of my dreams from last night but I do barely remember part of my last dream, and I think that the dream took place during the day; and part of the dream involved me walking around outside, and probably inside one or more buildings like maybe a shopping mall.

One part of the dream probably involved my male cousin DE who was probably unstable, some of this part of the dream took place outside and some of it took place inside (maybe inside The G House, but I am not sure), but I can not remember the rest of this part of the dream or what it was about exactly.

The end of the dream involved the WWE and the video game Fallout 4, I was trying to help people in the wasteland by building settlements and recruiting settlers for those settlements and keeping them safe and happy and fed and watered and sheltered et cetera, and The Authority from WWE were also trying to recruit people for some unknown reasons; and they were lying to/tricking people using various offers to try to get them to join them so The Authority were competing against me by trying to recruit people who I was trying to recruit, and they probably wanted to kill me so that they could take everyone that I recruited.

Stephanie McMahon seemed to be the main person leading The Authority but Triple H was with her in the background often along with their security, and they would often show up to interrupt me while I was trying to recruit and help settlers; and they would probably threaten me, and they were trying to get rid of me by scaring me away and/or trying to get everyone to join them.

I did not give up building settlements and recruiting settlers, I tried to avoid confrontations with The Authority to avoid violence, and I focused on helping my settlements and the settlers; and so this angered The Authority even more because I was in the way of their plans, whatever those plans were, and so they started trying to provoke me and lure me into a trap where they could kill me.

At some point I remember being in a field during the day in a wilderness recruiting some settlers when The Authority and their security interrupted me by lying and giving false offers to the people who I was trying to recruit, I remember them trying to get me to get close enough to them so that their security could kill me, but I knew what they were trying to do; and so I kept my distance, which frustrated them, and I could tell that they were close to openly trying to kill me instead of trying to provoke me or lure me into a trap.

It was clear that soon The Authority would just send their security to kill me, I was not sure if they were going to try this right there in the field or not, and I was not sure how I should handle the situation exactly because I was trying to avoid violence.

I probably talked to them from a distance trying to resolve this peacefully but that probably failed, it was clear that they wanted me dead, and so I warned them that I would defend myself and my settlements and settlers if they attacked me or them; and then I probably started thinking about how to prepare myself to defend against The Authority because things would obviously become violent soon, and people were going to die but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr