2-15-2011 | Dream Fragment | The Secure Location?

The Tower of Dreams holds all the knowledge, w...
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Last night I had several dreams but I only can remember part of one amazing dream moment/place/dream within a dream that I was somehow briefly teleported/transported to or something like that.

Unfortunately I can not really remember all the details of this or my other dreams last night because I kept waking up and going back to sleep at various times during the night after some strange moment in a dream where someone or something seemed to be trying to stick a needle-like thing (well that is what it felt like but I could not see it) in back of my head, and I woke up into the real world for a few seconds feeling the residual feeling/effect in back of my head from that moment in the dream but it went away and when I realized it was just a dream I went back to sleep.

I can not remember what was happening in the dream that came before the amazing moment, but something happened in the dream that either teleported/transported me to another dream or place or a portal opened up and I went inside or something like that but I can not remember. 😦