The Great Gatsby + World War Z + I Am Legend + Saints Row: The Third = ?

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I remember part of the end of one dream that reminded me of a combination of one of my past dreams where the former United States president George W. Bush helped investigate a crime, the book The Great Gatsby, the 2013 film World War Z, the book I Am Legend, and the video game Saints Row: The Third.

The dream took place probably late in the evening where a party was taking place in a fictional city that reminded me of the city Steelport in the video game Saints Row: The Third, the party was taking place on the second floor of a store/house next to a sidewalk by a road in a small nice shopping district where people could walk around & window shop and/or drive around, and this second floor reminded me of the building from one of my past dreams where a crime took place & former president George W. Bush was asked to investigate the crime.

The store/building was owned by a man who was also hosting the party who reminded me of Jay Gatsby from the book The Great Gatsby combined with the leader of the Third Row Saints from the video game Saints Row The Third because he hosted a public party or parties every week where he somewhat kept a low profile but not as much as Jay Gatsby, he was rich & he owned several businesses/properties/et cetera making people wonder where did he get all of his money/how did he manage it all/et cetera, he employed many people in the city & many of his employees seemed like they were also part-time bodyguards/gang members/mafia members/et cetera when needed, he always had several bodyguards with him as well giving him more protection than most presidents it seemed, he was well-respected in the community, some people wondered if he had connections with intelligence agencies/governments/gangs/mafias/militaries/royal families/et cetera, et cetera.

The store/building had a first floor where the store was with almost nothing but glass walls/windows for window shopping & lots of sunlight, the second floor was the public floor for parties/gatherings/et cetera which also had a lot of glass walls/windows & a large nice balcony with nice views of the shopping district & city & sky, and there was a private hidden basement floor underground that was the owner’s private housing area that only certain people knew about; but the owner had several/many stores & properties around the city, and so he had various private housing areas to switch between when he wanted.

The party on the second floor had a variety of people but mostly people who were rich & well dressed, even though his parties were opened to the public, but this was probably varied depending on which of his properties he had the party at; and this was the nice local shopping district, and so it could be expected that more rich people would go to the party at this location.

There were many workers serving food & drink & doing various other duties, like I mentioned before most of them looked like they were also undercover bodyguards/gang members/mafia members/security/et cetera like my Dream Security that are rarely in my dreams, and everyone was having a good time eating/drinking/talking/listening to music/enjoying the nice view of the city/dancing/et cetera; and the owner was going around talking to some of the people who knew him (many of them seemed like high-level people in the city), along with his bodyguards who went everywhere with him, and the owner was a very likeable/charismatic/whatever person like Jay Gatsby.

At some point something happened that I can not remember clearly, something happened to a woman possibly involving someone doing something to her and/or chasing her and/or talking with her, and she ran to the balcony; and she either got pushed off the balcony or jumped or fell, I am not sure which, and she died.

The party stopped temporarily in shock/surprise, some police & emergency workers were already there at the party & they asked the owner to help them investigate what happened because he was known to be a great investigator among other things (he seemed to be a jack-of-all-trades type person with knowledge & experience in many areas), and so the owner started investigating the crime scene; and once again something happened that I can not remember, and suddenly people who were vampire/zombie-like started attacking like a virus was spreading & infecting people causing them to change into vampires who acted zombie-like like fast/dangerous zombies.

My guess is that someone or several people approached the woman (probably a scientist/agent with a government/military/intelligence agency/corporation/et cetera and the woman probably worked with them but she probably no longer wanted to work with them, and maybe she either had something they wanted and/or she threatened to warn the owner about the secret experiment focused on him) & something probably happened involving something from the secret experimental program focused on the owner without him knowing it (I will explain this later), whatever happened caused the woman to either kill herself or she was killed (probably killed), and somehow later a virus or something started to spread infecting people who then tried to attack the building while spreading the virus to more people & the infected people seemed to be trying to get to the owner for some unknown reason(s).

The many workers at the party started to pull out hidden weapons & to get assault rifles, and they started to fight the vampire zombies/infected people outside the building; and some of the people at the party started trying to escape while the security fought the vampire zombies, but some of them probably got attacked & infected as well.

The bodyguards of the owner took him to the private basement for safety while he called for backup, for a helicopter, to alert the city/et cetera, to investigate/research what was going on, et cetera; and above ground his workers were fighting hard & well, they reminded me of improved versions of the gang members from the video game Saints Row The Third, but more vampire zombies started coming from further in the city until the security got over-whelmed & the vampire zombies got inside the building.

More security arrived fighting the vampire zombies inside and outside the building but huge waves of them kept coming like on the film World War Z until they even attacked the private basement, and so the owner & his bodyguards started helping fighting; and they fought their way outside to the helicopter.

In the dream at this point it was revealed that the owner was a vampire, so I guess he had been alive for a long time explaining his knowledge/skills/wealth/et cetera, and an unknown/known organization(s)/government(s)/intelligence agency(ies)/military(ies)/corporation(s)/et cetera had been secretly studying him probably trying to find ways to make certain people/themselves immortal/stronger/faster/et cetera almost like a super solider program/make certain immortal people to govern/control the world or something like that probably.

Their experiment went wrong somehow or they were testing it to see what would happen, and things got out of control with unexpected results causing their engineered virus/whatever to rapidly spread creating wild vampire zombie-like people; but they were not the same type of vampire as the owner, they were corrupted vampire-like beings now because they scientists had failed to properly copy/replicate/stabilize/whatever his vampire DNA or whatever, but since they were made from partly from his DNA/whatever they seemed to be attracted toward him.

This attraction was unclear, it was not clear if they wanted to kill him or eat him or what, and it was not clear if he could control them or not; either way the owner & his bodyguards started escaping by helicopter to move to another location to try to find a way to save the city & find the people responsible for this virus/experiment/whatever, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


School | Partying At Jay Gatsby’s House?

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Dream 1

I remember part of two dream fragments from last night with the first dream fragment taking place during the day at a school on an upper floor, and I was in a class; and at some point my class was finished.

The upper floor was like my former high school but there was a huge library-like room that was about the same size as the entire top floor of my former high school, and it was bigger than the rest of the top floor in the dream.

Most of the other classes were in the huge library-like room doing various things and after each class finished they would start helping moving tables, chairs, books, et cetera; like they entire room needed to be re-organized or moved or something like that.

I remember seeing some of my former teachers like Coach K and some of my former classmates like Coach K’s daughter, and I remember helping move stuff around the huge library-like room.

There were computer labs, book shelves, writing boards, projectors, chairs, desks, and much more in the huge library-like room; and it was so huge that multiple classes could be going on without the classes disturbing each other.

At some point I explored the huge room talking with people, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The next dream took place at a small school building near a road during the day in a fictional place, and it was the first day of class it seemed; and I entered the class with my fellow classmates, and our teacher was a slightly older woman with brownish colored skin with black colored hair wearing a flower pattern(ed) dress.

My class was pretty bad and they did not really seem to care about school or try, and they made a lot of noise & acted very poorly; and a male teacher with brownish colored skin with short black colored hair wearing a plain pattern(ed) sweater vest came to talk with our teacher while watching the bad behavior of the class.

I seemed to be the only student behaving well, listening, trying, and doing my work; and so our teacher and the male teacher were watching me especially.

And at some point our teacher stopped the class and she had me stand up in front of the class, and she told the class that I was an example of a good student/how a student should behave; and then she pulled me to the side to talk with her and the male teacher, and they asked me some questions about myself since they were curious.

They said various good things about me and thanked me for my behavior, and the male teacher told me that I was the type of person that he would want his son to date; I thought that he was going to say daughter, but he said son, which surprised me & made me feel a bit awkward.

I then politely told him that my sexual orientation was heterosexual/straight, he then awkwardly said Oh, and there was an awkward moment of silence; and during that silence I wondered what gave him the impression that my sexual orientation was homosexual (which it is not), but I did not make a bid deal out of it, I still was curious though about why he thought that and my only guess about why he might have thought that was that I smile more than the average person which might be misinterpreted by some people. 😀

I then walked back to my desk still thinking and then it was time for school to end, and it seemed like a Friday maybe; and we all left the school and I remember leaving with one or more of my classmates.

I had my automobile and one of my classmates told me about a certain place that was off to the side of a highway in the middle of nowhere, and so I drove there.

The area off to the side of the road had hard dry dirt and some grass across a large area, and there was a small modern tree-house-like apartment/club looking building with a lot of windows & balconies on the second floor.

I think that the owner was a Jay Gatsby-like man who would let people party on the first floor mostly, and he would be in a private room on the second floor and/or on the second floor mostly & so most people knew his name but did not know what he looked like; but the man was not there when we arrived and no one was there.

Then a group of women drove up ready to party and they thought that I was the owner, I tried to tell them that I was not, but they were not listening; and so they called more people, and they went to party on the first floor.

More and more people arrived throughout the entire dream to party and there was music, food, drink, TV, games, et cetera outside and inside.

I spent most of the time on the second floor that gave you a good view of the outside areas near the building/by the highway/and around the empty dry landscape and the inside areas on the second floor/first floor, and a few more people joined me on the second floor.

The entire building was very small and tree-house-like (especially the second floor) but without a tree probably, and there was a pole and/or unique stairway in the middle of the building; and the first floor was like a small kitchen/bar/restaurant/club/house.

It seemed like I either was living there now or already lived there or was given permission to stay there, but I am not sure; maybe I was really the owner and did not know it, I am not sure, since the dream is too unclear.

The partying went on until night, I did not join the partying, and I enjoyed the quieter second floor & the view; and I remember being in a shared bedroom that had four twin sized beds, and I remember wanting to go to sleep soon.

One or two of my classmates were going to use two of the four beds, I was going to use one, and maybe the owner or a person who had not arrived was going to use the last one (the fourth person or owner never did arrive).

I started trying to get the partying people to leave and so I started nicely asking people to leave, starting with some of the people who came on the second floor to hang out, but it was not working very well; and so I focused on getting them to stay on the first floor and/or outside to keep the second floor private/quiet.

I had better luck with that, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂