Far Cry 3 Inspired Dreams Again | Talking With Former President George W. Bush And A Peanuts / Charlie Brown Survival Horror Video Game With The Great Pumpkin?

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Dream 1

The first dream was possibly several dreams that were all once again inspired by the video game Far Cry 3, which I played before going to sleep again, and once again I was controlling/playing as the main character and/or I was inside the video game as the main character.

This dream or these dreams were probably more realistic than the last dreams so they were probably more intense and scary as I went around doing some of the same activities from the last dreams and some other activities from the video game (hunting, side missions, et cetera), but unfortunately that is all that I can remember because I did not voice record this dream or dreams when I woke up to use the bathroom.

Dream 2

My memory of the second dream is very unclear and confusing because the end of the dream scared me so much that I accidentally woke myself up causing me to forget most of the dream, but I think that the dream was somewhat long and detailed and strange.

Near the end of the dream I think that I was inside a dimly lit windowless building probably on the first floor, in a small open space along the wall on the right side of a hall I came across former US President George W. Bush sitting on a counter/whatever, and I had a brief conversation with him that was like an interview.

He was in the shadows mostly but I could somewhat see him as he sat their answering some of my questions as we talked but I am not sure what we talked about exactly other than some questions were about his time as The President Of The United States Of America, and at some point during our conversation suddenly on the right side of Mr. Bush in another opening along the wall was a somewhat older woman with whitish colored skin with long yellowish and/or whitish and/or grayish colored hair.

I am not sure who this woman was or how she suddenly appeared but she interrupted our conversation somewhat adding bits of details/information, correcting us, suggestions questions, et cetera; and then something happened that I can not remember where I left the building probably outside walking and it was probably during the night.

I think that the woman and/or another female was communicating with me through maybe an electronic device and this part of the dream was a bit like a video game, I had a tablet-like device and I walked toward another building under the directions of the female voice, and inside the building supposedly people were being murdered supposedly by a crazy Charlie Brown from the Peanuts comic strips and/or someone else.

The atmosphere was very scary and dark with intense sound effects, it was like the dream was now a survival horror video game that somewhat reminded me of several horror films (I watched the film Dark Skies last night) and video games like the video game Five Nights At Freddy’s, but oddly I was not really afraid at first.

I walked inside the building and it was very dark, I could only use my tablet-like device to create light for one or two or three seconds so it was like a quick flash of light and then things would get dark again, and I saw dead small toy-like bodies of Peanut characters and possibly normal dead human bodies as I walked around; and there were toys, and other things around the building.

There were many intense and scary sound effects/affects as I slowly sneaked around in the dark using my quick and slow flashes of light to see only briefly, it was very creepy and scary but I still was not very afraid at first, and the first room was an open room with another room behind it; and you could either walk straight towards it or walk to a hall on the left or walk into a dining room and kitchen on the right so I went to the right.

I heard movement around the building like Charlie Brown and/or whoever was moving around looking for new victims, I even saw Charlie Brown who looked like a small toy sliding or walking around looking very creepy/scary, but he did not see me as I sneaked further into the kitchen; but I started to get a bit afraid after seeing and hearing him, him being a small toy was not scary, but the atmosphere and the corpses and sound effects were scaring me the most.

Sometimes the female voice would contact me and/or I would contact her, she probably was helping guide and advise me a bit, but only sometimes because I could not make much noise or I would be found and killed; and there were possibly some living people and Peanut characters still in the building.

Once Charlie Brown left the kitchen I got brave enough to start using my light again sometimes to flash the room quickly so that I could see somewhat, but the light attracted him and/or something else; and I turned off the light and something almost human sized or human sized quickly ran past me with heavy footsteps running right in front of me to my left side a bit like Foxy from the Five Nights At Freddy’s video game, I felt the wind blow on me as it ran by me, and this freaked me out/creeped me out/scared me.

Whatever it was it was much larger and faster than Charlie Brown and my light and me moving around attracted it, I was afraid now, and I stood still in fear as it searched for me; and then I finally decided to run back toward the open that I came from, but then it followed me, and so I stopped on the other side of the opening hoping that it would not see me.

I stood in the opening looking for me, some light from the entrance allowed me to see an outline of it, and it looked like a humanoid creäture with a strange shaped head with a mouth like a jack-o’-lantern/jack o’lantern/pumpkin carved with sharp teeth (probably not normal teeth but carved pumpkin teeth); and so I assumed that maybe it was The Great Pumpkin, and that it and the crazy Charlie Brown were killing people.

I knew that it saw me but I was hoping that it would not notice me in the dark but the light from the entrance was somewhat on my shirt, I stood there in fear as it stood in the doorway in front of me, and then suddenly it saw me and attacked me but I instantly accidentally woke myself up in the real world because it scared me so much.

The ending of this dream was so creepy/scary that my words do not properly describe it, you have to experience it to understand, and when I woke up I felt that would make a great survival horror video game.

The end,

-John Jr