The End Of The Year & Gag Gifts | Calming & Exorcising Spirits As The Avatar? | My Dad Breaking Zoo Rules

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is being in a field during the day that was similar to the field at the D Junior High School and I was in an outdoor classroom sitting at tables with other students, most of who(m) were former classmates of mine, and we were talking and showing off gag gifts waiting for the bell to ring to end the school day.

It was the end of the year but I am not sure if it was the end of the entire school year or if it was just the end of the year and we would take a short break from school or if we were going to be graduating from school, I was sitting at the end of a table with my former female classmate MW on my right side, and her friend my former female classmate DS on my left side.

A Dream Within A Dream About Light / Good And Darkness / Evil

*I do not feel like typing my dream today, and so below is a lazy overview of my dream from last night*

I somewhat remember part of my last dream which took place during the day at a fictional film festival and I remember walking from a courtyard into a small building into a classroom-like room where one or more films were to be shown, and I sat at a desk like everyone else in the room.

Trying To Prevent Cheating At A Basketball Game By Having A Procedure Done On Me?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of my last dream which is very unclear and my memory of the dream is incomplete, and so it will not make much sense without the missing parts of the dream.

This dream possibly slightly reminded me of the television movie Summertime Switch.

I remember being inside a fictional probably high school gym where my brother KD and my brother TD were about to play a basketball game with their probably high school basketball team against another team, and there were lots of other people sitting in the stands/seating areas around the basketball court.

My mom and I were in the stands/seating area as well but I briefly went to the locker-room to talk with my brothers KD and TD to encourage them/give them some advice, and I had heard rumors that there was a basketball team who would cheat using maybe an electronic device and/or a computer program and/or powers and/or something like that to cheat to win basketball games.

I decided to look around for signs of cheating and/or any devices/et cetera that may/might be hidden that would be used to cheat, I may/might have also had some powers (maybe bending like powers like on the animated TV show The Legend Of Korra) but I am not sure, but I did not find any devices and so I decided to watch the basketball game to look for signs of cheating.

Eventually the basketball game started and my mom and I watched the basketball game with the rest of the crowd, something happened that I can not remember where one or more people and I left on a quest or something to have a procedure done or something like that maybe (my guess is that I/we found out how the basketball team was cheating and how to stop them from cheating), and maybe this procedure would allow us to stop the basketball team who were cheating and/or something like that but I am not sure.

I remember us traveling outside during a nice day in quieter parts/areas of this fictional city through fields/parks near neighborhoods until we reached maybe a playground-like area where we could have the procedure done, but I remember us sneaking and being cautious like this area was controlled by enemies/the people responsible for the cheating/or some group like that.

The area was quiet like no one was there but we knew that they were probably hiding, there was a small building in the playground-like area where we assumed that the procedure would take place, and so I started to prepare myself mentally/emotionally to have the procedure done to myself before revealing ourselves and asking for the procedure to be done on me; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

A Hidden Men’s Bathroom Near A Boardwalk

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I am not sure if this is one dream or several dreams of the same place because I had past memories of the area near the boardwalk like I have dreamed of it before, either way, I will type it as one dream.

I remembering traveling with my parents’ and maybe some of my brothers by automobile during the day like we were traveling to a fictional city on vacation, and we stopped at a Dollar General-like store.

Inside the Dollar General-like store I remember seeing/hearing a bald male manager with dark brownish colored skin being very mean to some new workers (male and female) who(m) he was supposed to be training, and then we came across my cousin male DE and my aunt JE (who is my cousin DE’s mom).

My cousin DE told us that his mom/my aunt JE and him had driven somewhere in a fictional old ugly 1980s-style small car (my cousin DE drove), but they stopped to buy something at the Dollar General-like store.

Somehow my cousin DE and I ended up driving or walking to a fictional nice boardwalk that somewhat reminded me of the boardwalk in the city of LC, the weather was nice and there were many people there having a good time, and there were even dolphins/ducks/birds/et cetera around the boardwalk and in the water.

An event was taking place and The President Of The United States Of America (The US President) was supposed to give a speech, so part of the boardwalk had a lot of Secret Service agents and police in and around it, and so my cousin DE and I avoided this area.

Something strange happened in the sky where grayish colored military fighter jets flew over the water dropping what seemed to be bombs in the water, even though there were dolphins and other non-human animals in the water, and I was confused and annoyed by this.

It seemed that this was part of the event like it was meant to show the power of the United States (US) military or something like that but that is a wild guess, my cousin DE and I continued walking to an outdoor market/carnival-like area near the boardwalk, and I had past memories of this place like I have dreamed of it before.

In my memories of this area I remembered shopping and having fun at some of the outdoor shops/booths, there was also a business inside a building next to this area, and this building had a women’s’ and mens’ bathroom; and I used to use the mens’ bathroom sometimes, but the business and the mens’ bathroom got closed down.

My cousin DE and I explored some of the shops (which sold various items, food, drinks, et cetera) and carnival-like booths, oddly I do not remember seeing my cousin DE again after this part of the dream and I do not know where he went or what happened to him, and at some point I stood in line at one of the carnival-like booths where a strong woman would pick you up in the air with one arm.

The strong woman had whitish colored skin with maybe blondish colored hair that was maybe braided in maybe a French braid-like style but I could be wrong, eventually it was the turn of a woman with whitish colored skin standing in line in front of me, but we were standing so close to each other that when the strong woman picked her up with one hand that I was able to hang on to her and the strong woman picked us both up with one hand at least ten times to my surprise.

But then the strong woman’s arm fell off, the woman had two fake arms because she did not have real arms for some reason (which we already knew somehow), and so the strong woman smiled/laughed and she put her fake arm back on; and we all probably clapped and cheered because we were impressed by her strength, and then the woman and I moved out-of-the-way so that the next person could take their turn.

I then decided to go see if I could find the mens’ bathroom that got closed down when the business in the same building got closed down, oddly the women’s’ bathroom did not get closed down, but it looked like a wall was where the entrance of the mens’ bathroom used to be like they sealed it off.

Suddenly my former male classmate MJ, my former classmate MJ’s fictional large bald bodyguard with dark brownish colored skin, and my former male classmate ME walked up looking for the bathroom as well; and oddly they were all dressed up in pinstriped(?) suits with fedora hats like they were in a mafia/gang, and my former classmate MJ was the leader of the mafia/gang.

I greeted them and I told them that the mens’ bathroom used to be here but they closed it down, I found the exact place where the entrance used to be and then I pushed it with my hands, and the wall was really a fake wall that you had to slide open to reveal the entrance of the mens’ bathroom to my/our surprise; and then we walked inside the bathroom.

The bathroom was partly sealed off but parts of it was/were still open and the electricity and water still worked and there was a sink, an open urinal next to sink with no privacy, a half-open stall with a toilet that was partly under the divider of the stall next to it so you could not use the toilet, a full stall with a toilet next to that, and finally my former classmate ME found a small opening that led to one more stall with a toilet.

I had to urinate pretty badly but my former classmates got the stalls leaving the open urinal which the bodyguard was standing next to, I did not feel comfortable, and so I decided to wait for them to finish; but I did try to find somewhere else more comfortable to use the bathroom but I failed.

Then I started trying to use the open urinal but I could not urinate like I was too uncomfortable or something like that, then I tried to use the half-open stall with the toilet that was half under the divider of the other stall but I did not want to get urine on the divider so I decided not try it, and then finally I was able to try the stalls once my former classmates finished but I still could not urinate.

Something strange happened where I think that I temporarily became an animated airbender (probably Tenzin) from the animated TV show The Legend Of Korra and his brother and sister entered the bathroom as well, and maybe we got attacked or something like that; but I can not remember.

Then I went back outside and I probably became myself again, I remember having past memories of some of the owners/workers at the outdoor shops/booths running for political office, and I remember them recommending that I ran for political office as well but I kindly refused.

Now some of them were once again running for political office and this time I started to wonder if I should run for political office with them, they were trying to get elected to one or more local government positions like mayor and/or city council et cetera, but I woke up as I was talking to them and thinking.

When I woke up I really had to use the bathroom, it is amazing that I did not accidentally urinate on myself during the dream because in the dream I was really trying hard to urinate but I could not, and so I am lucky that our bodies usually will not let us urinate in our sleep. 😀

The end,

-John Jr

A Legend Of Korra Inspired Dream | My Former Classmate DH Grading My Work

Source: Wikipedia

I woke up during the night barely remembering part of one dream but I forgot most of it when I was trying to voice record it, I went back to sleep, but later I got caught in a quicksand sleeping/dreaming cycle where I kept waking up and going back to sleep and dreaming but I was trapped so I could not get out of bed.

I had some false awakening dreams during this thinking that I was voice recording and blogging my dreams and so after so many false awakening dreams and after going back to sleep and waking up so many times causing me to over-sleep, I forgot most of my dreams because of this, but I do barely remember part of three dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream was inspired by the animated TV show The Legend Of Korra, I know that the dream involved the airbender children (Jinora (daughter), Ikki (daughter), Meelo (son), Rohan (son)) of Tenzin and Pema (maybe they got taken hostage), but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

In the second dream I remember being inside a classroom and we had a female teacher with whitish colored skin with maybe blondish colored hair who maybe wore dark-colored plastic glasses, some of my former classmates were in the class like my former classmate DH and my other classmates were fictional, and our teacher assigned one person from each row to grade the work of everyone else on their row(s).

My former classmate DH sat on my row and he was chosen by the teacher to grade the work of everyone on our row, my former classmate DH sat at the front of our row and I sat behind him and so he went to grade my work first, and so I handed him my blackish colored binder that had paper and yellowish colored dividers inside of it so that he could grade my work.

My former classmate DH told me that I had not followed the directions of the assignment which were listed on a paper that I did not know about so I think that he gave me a good grade instead of a failing grade, but he wanted me to use this time to follow the assignment instructions listed on the paper that he showed me so that I could properly follow the assignment.

The assignment involved organizing your binder in a certain order and naming each divider a certain name, and in each section of the divider we had to do a certain assignment each day or week; and so I started trying to do the assignment properly while my former classmate DH graded the work of the others on our row, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The third/last dream is very unclear and so I can not remember most of it and my memory of this dream is in pieces and so I will describe it that way, and the dream took place during the day at a fictional multi-purpose multi-story building in a field that was college/school/military-like I think.

I seemed to be a student again like in the second dream and so some of my former classmates were in the building along with fictional classmates and maybe soldiers and maybe other random people, I remember things being a bit strict and controlled like we had to follow more rules and a certain routine like we were in military training or something like that, and at some point I remember going to eat at the cafeteria which on on the hallway of one of the upper floors.

A lot of the students separated themselves into specific groups but I was/am the type of person that is not linked to a specific group so I moved around freely sitting wherever, but many groups did not want non-members sitting at their tables so I was forced to keep looking for somewhere to sit until I sat at the table where the stereotypical nerds and other group-less people sat.

I remember one of my former schoolmates who has light brownish colored skin with short dark-colored hair, who I once saw getting initiated in a gang by getting beat-up under the stairway at school, making fun of the people sitting at the table that I was sitting at (including me probably); and he acted like him and his group were too cool to be around us.

I briefly said a few things to him reminding him that we once went to the same high school, he said a few things back and then he left the other people at our table alone, and he went back to eating and talking with his friends; but I can not remember the rest of the dream unfortunately, but I know that more things happened during this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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