UFO (Season 1)

UFO | Series Premiere | Full Episode (TV14)

What Is It?

The 2021 documentary miniseries UFO (Season 1).

Here is how the YouTube trailer describes this documentary miniseries:

UFO is a four-part docu-series from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot and Glen Zipper exploring our fascination with unidentified flying objects, and what clandestine influence the American government, lucrative private companies and the military may have in shielding the truth behind extraterrestrial phenomena to further their own agendas. All episodes now streaming.


From J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot comes a four-part docuseries, uncovering the (in)credible evidence and events that claim the existence of UFOs and other life forms on – or hovering above – Earth.

The series will unravel America’s historic obsession with the extraterrestrial.

From “Top Gun” pilots being taunted by tic-tac looking flying saucers in the sky, to Gen Z’s rave in the notorious Area 51, to government conspiracy theories, set-ups and cover-ups, our UFO Project will take us to the ends of the earth – and even a bit farther than that – and back as we tell the twisted tales of sightings, and deception and what this intense and haunting speculation has done to the psyche of the American public and national trust in the government.

This is how The IMDb describes this documentary miniseries:

Ignited by a bombshell story revealing the Pentagon had been tracking UFOs for years, the series examines the history of the phenomenon through cultural and political touchpoints, including testimony from eyewitnesses across the country.


Waking Up From Heat And Dreams At A Shopping Center And Shopping Mall

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Friday or really Saturday morning when I went to sleep I kept waking up from dreams because I was getting too hot from the heaters because someone kept opening the bedroom door, I did not record my dreams during this time, and my sleep and dreams kept getting interrupted and I could not go back to sleep each time until I cooled down enough.

The only dreams that I can remember during that time involved me comparing computers and computer parts, which is what I was doing before going to sleep because I need a new computer because mine is broken, and I might resurrect my computer by buying another CPU for it depending on how much it costs now-a-days for an old CPU that will work in my old motherboard so that I can pass it on to my family.

Later I had a series of probably separate but similar or connected dreams that took place in the same dream world it seemed, and so I will type them as one because I am not sure when they end or begin.

I was not able to type these dreams Saturday so I am typing them today, but I will back date them to Saturday.

It seems that I will never get these dreams typed so I have a bit of a mental wall or block in the way, and so I will have to probably just type super lazy versions of these dreams to finally get them out because the day is almost over and I do not want to have to wait another day trying to type them.

All of these dreams took place during the evening and / or night.

In this dream most of my family and me seem to be living the front of  the inside of what looked like the Walmart in the city of D on the left main entrance that is closer to the garden section, and this was probably in the shopping center / shopping mall that is featured in all of these dreams.

We have beds when you first enter the store, the entrance lobby possibly had a bathroom, and I went there to lock the main door as people walked outside around the shopping center.

I turned off the lights in the entrance lobby but I decided to turn them back on because it looked nice, I found two flat IDE or ATA cables that go to a computer CD / DVD drive probably laying in a puddle of water in the lobby oddly, and so I picked them up and shook them off and moved them away from the water.

We were getting ready to maybe watch a movie and then go to sleep, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or part of the dream.

The next thing that I remember is walking around outside and inside the shopping center / shopping mall and there are a larger number of people speaking Spanish who seem to be from maybe Mexico compared to most of my dreams which was cool, they were not the majority, but it was interesting getting to hear more people than normal speaking another language.

Inside the mall I got some Chinese food in a carry out container in a bag with four fortune cookies, I walked outside and several kids whose family seemed to be from Mexico ran over to me wanting something and they could speak English and Spanish, and I gave them my fortune cookies and they ran way smiling to show their father who also spoke English and Spanish.

They said that a man gave them the fortune cookies and he had no idea who they were talking about so he told them to throw them away and to not take food from strangers like that, and so I walked over to let him know that it was me and he thanked me and he changed his mind and he let them keep them.

They start walking in the same direction as me outside and around the buildings, some of the father’s friends who seem like members of a Mexican gang walk over to join them and talk with the father in English and Spanish, we notice a damaged sports car or racing car in dried mud that has bent up rims and tires et cetera like it crashed so they stop to admire it and I stop too.

They say that it would be nice to fix that car up and I encourage them and tell them that sounds like a good idea that I think will work, and I made up a fun little news story of them doing that and how I think that they would do it which seemed to have boosted their inspiration even more and they said that they might try it.

The next thing that I remember is walking to a small one-story apartment building in the shopping center parking lot among the many other buildings, and I go to visit maybe my former male classmate DH who lives in one of the fictional apartments and somehow I know which one.

My former classmate DH is inside hanging out with two of our former male classmates, I wonder why they did not invite me, and I talk with them and then I sense that they did not want me around really so that is why they did not tell me.

I ask them if they have seen The Punisher television show on Netflix yet because I am still watching it, at least one of them has, and the other two have only seen part of it and gave up on it because it was too slow including DH.

They are about to leave as I am leaving and I notice that one of them is tied to a chair and reminds DH that he has to be untied so DH unties him and they say something to each other, this moment is strange, and makes me wonder if they are into some kind of bondage thing or something.

I do not even want to think about it and so I leave.

The next thing that I remember is walking outside and at the top of a slope in the parking lot I somehow see a comedy skit or something of some marionette puppets of some of the young characters from the television show Stranger Things and all of them are voiced and look somewhat like the actual characters except for the puppet of Louis who has two different skin tones and no voice, which I think is messed up but funny and strange.

After that in the distance at a Taco Bell-like place across the street I see a woman who looks like a thinner younger version of the actress Bryce Dallas Howard as a character like her character Lacie from the Black Mirror Season 3 episode Nosedive, and she has an axe and she is angrily and wildly hitting the glass wall / window with it trying to break it and with every hit there is a blood splatter but she can not break the glass.

In the parking lot of the shopping center ahead of me are some upper class young women hanging out being annoying and mean, they notice this too, and are worried at first.

But they soon realize that the woman is not real and that she can not break the glass, the woman seems to be either a spirit or ghost or digital clone of the real version of that woman who was somehow trapped in the glass or restaurant in a state of rage et cetera like a moment caught in time almost, and the story of this was explained in a forgotten dream.

The spirit or digital clone stops and wonders why blood keeps splattering when she hits the glass so she barely touches it and this still happens, she then seems to realize that she is trapped there and that she can not physically damage the glass, but then my attention and the young women’s attention is turned to an obese woman with light-color skin with maybe yellow / brown hair wearing a maybe lingerie wedding dress who falls in the parking lot.

The young women think that she is drunk after her wedding and they make fun of her outfit et cetera, as she is getting up I notice blood on her butt and / or groin, and I start to wonder if she was raped or something and then she angrily screams: Mother! and mumbles something else under her breath and she runs like she is trying to find her Mother to attack her like maybe she was responsible for whatever happened to her.

The young women call her a weirdo and laugh as she runs away angrily after her Mother or whoever.

The next thing that I remember is driving away from the shopping center / mall at night thinking or talking to someone who is possibly on the mobile phone or radio or something about a topic involving fictional television characters, and one character and topic makes me think of the character Alice Morgan from the television show Luther.

I talk about how I think that Alice had a variety of feelings toward the character John Luther, and that she loves him on several levels or in ways that many of us can not understand since she possibly lacks certain human emotions and possibly experiences things like that differently from most people.

I go in detail about this explaining how I see it and how it compares to the character and topic that they mentioned, it feels good to talk about this, and driving at night on this quiet road was nice too.

The next thing that I remember is somehow seeing an American man with light-color skin call his friends at night from a compound in Pakistan where a general or president or someone from that country lives, he feels safe there so far during his visit, and his friends joke that he could get drone striked by The United States.

The dream switches to a comedy skit that shows some intelligence agents and military officers et cetera partying in a command center inside The Pentagon guy, they decide to drone strike that compound in Pakistan for fun, and one of them pulls out a notepad with a vague description of where it is located but another says that he should just use Google Maps.

The first man asks why not use our multi-million or billion dollar system to find the coordinates, and the second guys replies that Google Maps is easier and he texts the location to the first man on his mobile phone which is a Google Maps link to the location that also has a street view of it.

They then quickly fake some evidence to have an excuse to drone strike the compound, and so they take some zoomed in photographs of chicken bones from the food that they were eating to make it seem like human bones to make it seem that the people at the compound were terrorist responsible for killing many people and piling their bones together.

They text the faked images to The President Of The United States who quickly gives them approval for the drone strike, they enter the Google Maps location in the system, and they press the button to do the drone strike.

The missile probably hits the compound as they watch on their screens and it blows up and they celebrate and continue partying, and the skit ends and I wake up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Class Reunion Party + Little Korea? + United States Continuity Of Government Under Attack = ?

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for one long and detailed interesting dream that started in a slightly fictional version of D during the day, and at some point I came across some of my former classmates who probably told me that my high school class was having a class reunion and/or a class reunion party; and they convinced me into going, even though I did not really want to go at first, and at some point I went to the class reunion party.

There were more things that happened in the dream before this part but I can not remember those parts of the dream except for talking with some of my former classmates like AM who was telling me about his life/work/new-found fame from a project that he was working on, I just remember arriving at the class reunion party on an upper floor of a fictional modern building, and many of my former classmates were there; and there was food, drink, music, dancing, games, dares, people making out/kissing/et cetera, et cetera like an amazing college/high school/super/whatever party.

Everyone was having a good time and I mostly talked with some of my former classmates, some of whom kept trying to get me to have more fun, and slowly they helped me to become more comfortable & to start having more fun; and my former classmate K(C)E basically grabbed me and she literally held on to me trying to make out with me, I focused on talking with her at first, but eventually we started making out pretty heavily until we got interrupted by some of our other former classmates who started watching us & goofing around cheering us on.

We then went around the party having fun and at some point some of my former classmates like MT/SS/JB/JC/DH/et cetera probably took me to another area/place/island/country/whatever but I can not remember the details, and I just remember us going outside probably across a bridge to a small island that was like its own country/tourist attraction that seemed to be like a small version of an island in Korea or somewhere like that.

There were people living on the island like they had their own culture/village on the island & almost all the signs were written in a language that might have been Korean, because I saw one sign that had a bit of English on it that had a circular symbol like the North Korean flag with the words North Korea written under it, and at first a lot of the villagers were performing traditional dances/music/et cetera for visitors on the beach; and they also sold arts/crafts/food/drink/et cetera at the back of the beach in a small market area.

Close to the water in this area was a somewhat small natural stadium-like area where people could sit & look at the water & do other things, and some of my former classmates & I went to this area to relax because the weather was very nice & this area had a good view of the water; and at some point some of us walked around the island to explore near the more modern areas that had stores/businesses with nothing but Korean/whatever language text/words on signs/windows/et cetera.

Most of the villagers did not speak English or much English and the modern areas only accepted Korean/whatever money, and so I did not go inside any of the businesses in this area even though I wanted to because I was being cautious because I could not speak the Korean/whatever and I had no Korean/whatever money.

At some point some of us walked back to the somewhat natural stadium-like area by the water on the beach but on our way I noticed that almost all the villagers at the beach had went home/shopping/to temples/et cetera; and I even passed a temple where I heard interesting Asian-style music/chants/instruments/et cetera, and so I assumed that their work for the day was over and/or it was break time and/or something like that.

At some point back at the somewhat natural stadium-like area a few children from the village started playing by & in the water trying to catch fish, crabs, lobsters, et cetera; and I saw huge lobster, and one of the kids (a boy) caught it & brought it near us.

The kids celebrated and the boy’s mother came & she was happy/proud of her son who caught the lobster but she was not happy at her other son who had failed to catch anything, even though she only spoke Korean/whatever, I still understood/guessed some of what she was saying; and she basically scolded her other son for failing to catch anything & she made fun of him/insulted him/called him negative names, which I thought was mean, and she obviously favored her son who was good at catching things.

The boy also caught a large long fish, and after that he caught a strange sticky fish with maybe brownish/goldish/another color colored skin/scales/whatever that reminded me of somewhat thick silly string that had this written/tattooed/whatever on it: Virginia *Something That I Can Not Remember That Might Have Started With A D or A L (Maybe The Word Labs)* , and to me this implied that the strange fish was genetically engineered in a science lab in the state of Virginia; and I wondered how did the fish get here near the island.

Whenever the boy tried to throw the sticky fish back in the water it would stick to the rocks because it was very sticky, and it had pink colored stuff down the middle of its stomach like part of its guts were hanging out & the fish used the pink gut-looking stuff to move/climb on the rocks; and so it took several tries until the fish finally went back into the water.

I walked away for a moment to a quiet area where I might have accidentally over-heard two men talking in a mostly hidden area or I walked across another bridge that connected with the mainland/another country which was the United States I think that led to a modern building that might have been like The Pentagon (where there were high level people from the military, politics, intelligence agencies, et cetera) & I went to a bathroom where I over-heard two men talking, either way I heard two men talking about classified information, I was guessing that one of the men was a spy (maybe from Russia, but that is a wild guess) trying to learn about some classified US intelligence.

One of the men worked at the Pentagon-like building and he was bragging about classified information that he knew about involving the continuity of the United States government (United States Federal Government Continuity Of Operations / Continuity of Operations (COOP)), the other man was taking advantage of the workers ego, and he kept encouraging him to share more information; and as I walked away I had the feeling that the man who I thought was a spy was going to gain access to some or most of that classified information about the United States continuity of government plans, and that information would be used in an attack and/or to carry out an attack on the United States and/or for other purposes.

That information included information about how the United States government would handle an emergency situation to preserve the governmental systems/government of the country such as: safe places where government officials like the President & Vice-President would be taken/hidden/protected/et cetera, how/where/when they would be transported, what they would be transported in, who would replace who, the various protocols/laws/rules/et cetera, et cetera.

I went back to the stadium-like area on the island where the kids were playing still, and a somewhat over-weight military general with whitish colored skin wearing a dress uniform with a lot of badges /whatever showing his rank & many awards & came walking across the bridge from the Pentagon-like building & his adult daughter was with him who looked like Cameron Diaz & they came to the stadium-like area to take a break/relax I guess; and the daughter seemed very spoiled by her father (the general), and she went to play with/talk with the kids from the village as her father the general watched.

I somehow started a conversation with the general as his daughter played with the children & she kept asking her dad to buy her various things that some of the kids were selling, but at some point a United States government agent of some kind came running across the bridge from the Pentagon-like building to the general & he whispered something in his ear; and I assumed that it was news that the classified United States continuity of government files/plans/whatever were hacked/accessed/copied/whatever.

The general looked panicked and he told his daughter that he had to go & he probably told the agent to send someone to take his daughter to a safe location, and the general & the agent ran off to the Pentagon-like building across the bridge on the mainland/in the United States & I went with them for some unknown reason(s).

We ran inside the building as the general gave out orders to agents to move the President, Vice-President, et cetera to safe locations as agents/whoever explain the situation to him, and so there were various calls to different agencies/video feeds/intelligence feeds/agents running around/et cetera; and everyone was on high alert, and the alert level was so high that they activated the current continuity of government plans for the United States.

Because the current United States continuity of government plans were probably accessed/hacked/whatever by an unauthorized person, the general called for new plans to be made/to begin to be made, but until then the current plans were activated; and after taking care of this the general, agent, and I went to go to the bathroom quickly before leaving to take the general to his secure location I guess.

The agent kept rushing us saying that there was no time but we had to use the bathroom, I remember trying to urinate at a urinal, and the agent stood by me annoying me to hurry while I tried to urinate which was annoying & funny; and during this time an idea came to my mind, and before we left the bathroom I told them that they should cancel the current continuity of government plans & the process of making new ones at this time.

They asked me why and I told them my theory/hypothesis/guess/suspicion which was: that maybe the attacker/attackers/hackers/spy/spies/whoever wanted them to activate the current continuity of government plans so that they could attack because they now knew the plans and/or maybe they wanted to trick them into making new plans because they had something/someone in place to copy/assess the knew plans so that they could use those in the future to carry out an attack/whatever.

Basically I felt that they were being manipulated in a clever attack, my hypothesis made sense to them/seemed likely to them, and so they ran out the bathroom to cancel the current continuity of government plans & the process to create new plans until they could figure out what was going on & who was behind it; and I remember the general asking them to find the President’s location to warn them/him, but they could not locate him/them.

The general started to panic a bit and he told them to warn all agencies to cancel the current plans, to put the United States on lock-down, mobilize the military & put them on high alert, et cetera; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr