A Dream Inspired By The Signal | Several Dream Fragments

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it was inspired by the film The Signal, which I watched last night and it was better and different than I expected but I did not understand the ending, and it involved two young men and a young woman inside a multi-story building and maybe I was there as well but I can not remember; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that I was walking during a gray cold winter day with a strange unknown man (possibly not human, I think that each of my dreams last night had at least one strange man in them who did not seem human, like they were possibly aliens or a robots/androids or something else) with maybe whitish colored skin in the city of D and I think that we were on our way to a fictional hotel that I had false memories of that was further up the road past most of the main businesses on the right side of the road, and I was wearing my current winter clothing layers when I am outside in the yard (a shirt, a sweater, a pull over jacket with hood, my nylon windbreaker jacket with broken zipper that only zips by the zipper itself, winter knit hat/beanie, and winter gloves).

We possibly were going to try to leave the city as well but I can not remember, I just know that we were trying to reach the hotel, and I possibly was not in the best mood with the dressing scenery/environment of the dream; and I remember us walking from before you get to W Park to the parking lot across the street somewhat past Walmart on the right side of the road, and we stopped because the man was going to call the hotel about something before continuing our journey to save time in case there was no point in us stopping at the hotel.

The dream becomes to unclear and strange but it is possibly that as we stood there or when we reached the hotel that something happened in another dream world/dream space/whatever at the same time, like we were possibly in two different places at the same time, and I think that it involved a man running out of a building or the hotel at us with a gun; and the strange man pulled out a gun, I told him to not shoot yet because I was not sure if the man was really trying to shoot us or not, but he shot the man anyway and he died.

I was disappointed but it did seem that he was going to shoot us but I wanted him to at least ask the man or warn him first, I also found it odd that the strange man possibly smiled like he enjoyed shooting him and/or he did not seem to care, I remember talking to him; and he justified his actions by saying that the man was clearly about to kill us, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The third/last dream was possibly several possibly somewhat connected dreams or just one dream with several different parts but I am not sure which, I just remember being inside a building where a WWE entertainment wrestling event was taking place during the day, and various fictional and possibly real former characters and wrestlers from the past were arriving to sit in a special seating area for a special part of the show honoring something/someone/them/whatever/whoever.

Most of the were in character playing to or against the crowd as they walked down to take their seats, two of these people were an upper class man and woman with whitish-colored skin from probably England or somewhere else in The United Kingdom who played against the crowd acting like they were better than everyone, and I remember them taunting/insulting/arguing/et cetera with people in the crowd as they walked out speaking English with British accents (they reminded me of characters from the film The Sound Of Music for some reason).

At some point the event/whatever started with the retired entertainment wrestler Shawn Michaels giving an emotional speech from the ring about how he was going to stay retired and talking about mistakes that he made in the past, a strange man with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair wearing a tan-colored hat and maybe trench coat like he was from an older time period interrupted Mr. Michaels, and he yelled: “What about this mistake!?” and he started to explain the mistake that he was talking about that allegedly happened years ago.

The next thing that I remember is being in another dream world that was possibly showing that alleged mistake from years ago or it was supposed to but I do not remember seeing Mr. Michaels there, and it seemed more like an Alfred Hitchcock-like film to me and it seemed to even take place during that time period of his films; and it involved a woman, her husband, and maybe their son but I can not remember if this is correct or not arriving at a hotel.

During their stay scenes were shown of the woman and a strange man often meeting usually when her husband was around, it seemed that they possibly were having an affair, and the strange man would always have the wife facing him so that her husband could not see what they were doing as he would often talk to her with his hands on her.

The strange man looked like the actor James Stewart, at some point the woman kept trying to tell him that they needed to stop but the strange man would not give up so he kept visiting her when her husband was around, and the woman would keep trying to reject him.

I can not remember what happened other than the husband getting suspicious and at some point the wife and husband and son (if they even had one) left, the strange man tried to get the wife to stay but she did not, and I remember the strange man standing outside the entrance gate and a male employee walked over to him calling him maybe Robot; and then several men who looked and dressed exactly like him walked outside too, and so it seemed that the strange man was really a robot/android and that there were various copies of him at the hotel who worked there maybe but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next thing that I remember is possibly giving a woman with dark-brownish/blackish colored skin with blackish-colored hair, her young son who had light-brownish colored skin who wore a hat, and her boyfriend who had medium-brownish colored skin with short hair a ride in my automobile to a parking lot of a large building (possibly where the wrestling event was taking place, but I am not sure); and the woman and her son were possibly fictional family members of my former male classmate DH, and we seemed to be in a fictional city that was somewhat like the city of LC.

We walked from the back parking lot to near the left side of the building on a tall grassy area near stairs that took you down to the sidewalk so that you could walk to the entrance side of the building, this part of the dream is too unclear, but I think that men with assault rifles attacked us; it seemed that they were on their way to attack the building, we were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and so they started attacking us.

Somehow the young son had or got a gun but I can not remember if the rest of us had guns or not so a shootout took place, we worked together taking cover and moving from cover point to cover point, and so did the men who fought a bit like my dream security but in a more basic organized way; but I can not remember if any of them died or not, it seemed that they probably slowly left inside the building one-at-a-time, while the others distracted us.

At some point only one of the men was left, he had whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair and he used simple smart strategies just like I would expect my dream security to do if one of them was distracting and testing the enemy until it was time for them to move/retreat to a new area, and I remember trying to tell the young son that it was too dangerous for him to have a gun and to be moving forward to fight; but he would not listen, and he was doing very good like I would expect my dream security to do which was strange because he was only a boy and I am not even sure how he got/had a gun (he possibly was the only one among us who had a gun the entire time, he probably did the shooting, and we probably moved around distracting the enemy as we moved from cover point to cover point in an organized way).

Eventually the last man was gone like he also entered the building once he realized that we were not there to stop them, he probably was going to defend the entrance, and so we started to leave back to the parking lot so that I could take them home either somewhere in the city or back in the city of D; I think that the boyfriend had an automobile, but they were going to ride with me like maybe he was low on gasoline but I woke up.

Later I almost had several wake induced lucid dreams (WILD) when I tried to go back to sleep while thinking about this dream, reminding myself/telling myself that I want to have a lucid and reminding myself to ask myself am I dreaming and reminding myself what I want to do if I do have a lucid dream, and I imagined that dream and myself having a fictional dream where I did all of these things.

I started to almost go to sleep, it is a strange feeling to be conscious and feeling yourself going to sleep and about to switch to another state of consciousness, it is very hard to describe almost like feeling like you are moving about to go through a tunnel/portal/barrier like you are about to warp somewhere else maybe; and this strange feeling caused me to lose focus and stop each time, and so I failed and I accidentally went to sleep and overslept without remembering anything.

The end,

-John Jr


School Dance Videos | A Reality TV Show Lunch

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Dream 1

I remember part of two dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place in D where B Park should be during a cloudy/gray afternoon, and I was there with former classmates of mine; and it seemed that we were in this park as part of a class, like we were in 12th grade again & the school year was almost over or something like that.

Most people were divided around the park by social class as usual, with the lower-class area being more diverse with some people from the middle class & upper class being there along with the lower-class, but most of my upper-class classmates kept to themselves as usual while about half or less of the middle-class kept to themselves; and I walked around talking with people from all areas, but I spent most of my time in the lower-class area which was more diverse as usual.

In the lower-class area there were mostly people from Eastside like J, LT, DH, et cetera who were playing sports, and I joined them at some point playing basketball & maybe a few other sports; and at some point we took a break and J and/or several people started to show us some videos on a mobile phone which was a Kyocera Brio (which only comes in a dark gray color).

I am not sure who the mobile phone was for exactly, my guess was J but I am not sure, and on the mobile phone were video clips from one or several school dances/parties which were taken illegally since recording videos at school dances/parties was not allowed & no one else knew they were being filmed; and on the videos were mostly upper-class students who made up most of the people at the dances/parties.

The videos were nothing extreme, just mostly our upper-class classmates partying/dancing/drinking/talking/having a good time, and trying to find ways to have fun in the boring town of D; and some of the people in the videos were WT, JT, BS, and et cetera.

Somehow the mobile phone got left with me and the others walked off & left somewhere, they were going to come back but I did not know who the mobile phone was for, and so I decided that maybe some of my upper-class classmates might want to see the videos too since most of them were in the videos; and I thought they would enjoy seeing those videos.

I walked over to their group and I started talking with them, and at some point I showed them the videos; but WT and maybe a few of them were not happy with the videos, and they wanted to show them to a teacher & try to find who the mobile phone belonged to so that they could get in trouble.

I was surprised by this reaction and I felt bad for showing it to them, and I was somewhat afraid of getting the person who owned the mobile phone in trouble by accident but fortunately I did not know who it belonged to; and so WT took the mobile phone, and went to show the videos to a teacher but the videos would not play & they did not show up on the mobile phone like they had been deleted or something.

I was a bit happy about this but also confused about what happened to the videos, I wondered if my hopes/wishes had somehow caused the mobile phone to malfunction or something, and an angry/disappointed WT was left with no evidence & so he gave me the mobile phone back & they walked off.

At some point J and the others returned and I told them what had happened, and I gave them the mobile phone warning them not to illegally film videos again and that they might want to destroy any evidence if there is any left on the mobile phone; and I remember them or I opening the back of the phone and the two memory cards were still there & so I still wondered what had happened to the videos earlier when they had failed to show up, and then I walked off & woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream took place during the day in a fictional area and it started by talking about a single mother with short blondish colored hair with whitish colored skin with a teenaged daughter with medium-long blondish colored hair with whitish colored skin & a young son with dark blondish & brownish colored hair with whitish colored skin who had a reality TV show, and I was seeing things from the outside of their house hearing/seeing information about their show as my vision/I moved closer to their house which was a one floor brick house.

And then I somehow went through a window to a bedroom where the mother was complaining about a family problem, so now I was in the room too, and I assumed that the cameras were recording an episode of their reality television show even though I saw no cameras or crew members.

The mother told me that her daughter had an older friend or boyfriend who was interested in & had some tattoos and liked rock music, and her daughter & young son now both were interested in tattoos & rock music; and I think that he daughter had gotten a tattoo without permission, and she also started to act different due to the influence of her older friend or boyfriend and the mother did not like him or the changes in her kids.

The mother felt that her daughter was being distant from her and her young son was being effected/affected as well, and so she wanted her daughter to end her relationship with her older friend or boyfriend.

The mother told me that she wanted her daughter to start listening to other types of music like classical music, and she pulled out The Sound Of Music soundtrack which was probably an old LP record; and she wanted her daughter to listen to it with her, and maybe sing some songs with her.

Her daughter and son came into the room and the mother mentioned this to her, and she started playing the soundtrack; but the daughter & son did not seem interested, and they would not sing along & I might have tried to sing a bit to encourage them but it did not work. 😀

The mother stopped the music and started telling her daughter & son about some of the things that she had told me, but the daughter argued with her/refused and walked off; and the son said that their moms music was boring, that he liked rock music, and that he liked tattoos & wanted a tattoo one day & that he liked other cool things instead of boring kiddy stuff.

The mother did not know what to do, the older friend or boyfriend of the daughter came over, and we briefly greeted him; but he acted annoying/untrustworthy and tried to act all cool/cold/quiet/dark/fake like a greaser joined/combined with a hipster/emo/gothic-like stereotype, and I did not like him from those first impressions.

I came up with an idea to make food and invite her family, the older friend or boyfriend of the daughter, and the crew of the reality TV show to eat lunch together; and that would be a chance for everyone to communicate/spend time together/and maybe some compromise/improvements could be made.

The mother thought that was a great idea and so we decided to do that, I did most or all the cooking and I made the plates, and she invited everyone; and I made sweet corn, beans & rice, a main dish which I forgot what it was, and maybe some cornbread or something with water or some juice or tea to drink.

After I made the food and made the plates, I went to start taking the plates to everyone & I sat my plate somewhere in the kitchen I think, and I walked into a dimly lit very large room that was their dining room but it looked like a large empty gym-like room with a tall ceiling that had reddish & orangish adobe-like floor tiles & was uneven in some areas; and I stepped in a puddle of water that was oddly in the room, it was much deeper than I expected & it covered my shoes/feet making my shoes & feet wet & soggy (which I hate), and I said that out-loud & some of the reality TV show crew heard me.

The reality TV show crew had about one camera man, a sound guy, a male director(?), and a woman who was high-level person with the TV company; and brought them their plates, and when I was walking back to the kitchen I slipped on the wet floor & fell and I got my red & black B windbreaker jacket a bit wet but it is a bit water-resistant so it did not matter that much.

I am not sure if there were tables in the large empty/dimly lit gym-like dining room, everyone might have sat on the floor but I can not remember, I just remember giving everyone their plates and the older friend or boyfriend of the daughter was being annoying/ungrateful & he annoyed me again; and I could not find my plate, and so I walked around asking people if they had seen my plate but no one had, and I suspected that the older friend or boyfriend of the daughter might have done something with my plate from how he acted when I briefly talked with him again in the large dining room.

I walked into the kitchen to look for my plate again, I forgot to mention that earlier I got a few compliments on the food that I had cooked to my surprise, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr