Comparing Colors

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I went to bed very late last night and I had to wake up very early this morning so I only got about two hours of sleep, and so I did not have much time to dream.

I did somewhat dream and I could have remembered more and voice recorded what I remembered, but I did not get up to use the bathroom and voice record my dreams.

Now all that I can remember is that I dreamed about comparing colors again, but I can not remember if I was comparing the colors of clothing/jackets/coats and/or something else again.

I assume that it was probably me mostly comparing clothing colors so that I can see if I can return/exchange my Sportier pea coat that I bought earlier this year for a new color in a smaller size now that they finally are selling them again, I would have done this months ago, but they had no plans on selling them again and they no longer had any smaller sizes; and so I kept the one that I had waiting to see if they would ever get more in the future in a smaller size.

The new version of the Sportier pea coat looks the same to me except that the tag is slightly different than the old version of the Sportier pea coat, I want to try a medium to see if it will fit me and look a bit less baggy/big, but I am also considering trying either charcoal or navy instead of black; but I have not been able to decide on which color to try yet, but I will possibly try either charcoal or navy this time and so any opinions are welcome.

Here is the new version of the Sportier pea coat:




*Thank you for sharing your opinion / advice on the pea coats Flynn :)*

The end,

-John Jr


A Possible Zombie Threat And Having A Shootout With Two Revolvers And Mrs. VS And The Sportsman’s Guide Magazine?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I slept pretty well/solidly last night except for waking up briefly one or more times drooling a bit (nasty, maybe I was snoring or something like that and/or talking in my sleep), I had to use the bathroom but I went back to sleep instead, and later I woke up from my dream probably because my bladder was hurting badly with stabbing pains because I needed to urinate so bad; and once again my mind was blank when I woke up, but I took a moment to try to remember part of one dream.

My bladder pains and blank mind made it difficult even though I know that I had several clear somewhat long dreams and I had just woke up from a dream, and so I can only remember barely part of one dream unfortunately; and this dream took place during the day in a fictional area away from/on the outskirts a city probably but I probably could not see the city really because of trees that surrounded most of this area, and I somehow went to a medium-sized multi-story civic center/apartment-like building with a field on the back & sides of it with a large parking lot in the front of it.

On part of the large parking lot and on some parts of the field were tents and temporary housing structures where I saw people (young and old, mostly families with kids) camping, and I probably went inside the building on the first floor; and there were some people living on a hallway on the first floor that had apartment rooms on both sides of the hallway, and some people were in a shared dinning room/kitchen/living room/meeting room area.

I came across a man who explained to me that most of the building had been attacked and taken over by threats, oddly I can not remember what the threats were or what they looked like or if I fought any of them or not, but I am guessing the threats were zombies and/or maybe ghost-like creatures and/or something like that; and so most of the people who lived at the building were living outside now, but some of the people were brave enough to stay on parts of the first floor which seemed to be the only safe area.

Something happened that I can not remember inside the building were a gang/group of people and I got into an argument over guns/weapons probably, I probably asked for some guns/weapons to help fight/clear the threats from the building, and I guess the gang/group of people and/or their leader became very aggressive for no clear reason; and I ended up having a gun battle with the leader of the group, and I grabbed two long barrel revolvers that the group/gang had as my weapons in the gun battle.

The two revolvers had blackish colored metal barrels and chambers with reddish/brownish colored wooden handles, they looked pretty good and clean, but I think that the leader of the group/gang had one or more modern guns like one or two pistols; and I remember trying to stop the gun battle but the leader would not listen, and so we ran around the room or rooms taking cover , and shooting at each other as his gang and the man who talked to me earlier watched.

During our gun battle the chamber on one of my revolvers popped out at least twice, which was annoying and it almost got me killed, and so I had to shoot with one revolver while trying to pop the chamber back in place on the other revolver.

Unlike in some films and dreams, I actually had to reload my guns and I only had a few shots/bullets like in real life, and because I had two revolvers the process was slow; but fortunately the leader had to reload as I was reloading one of my revolvers, my other revolver still had a few more bullets/shots, and so I emptied my chambers of the empty bullet shells and I started reloading as the leader and I talked as we reloaded our guns oddly.

At this point our gun battle seemed comedic and we started to become friends as we talked while reloading oddly, and once we finished reloading our guns we started to have a brief sport-like gun shooting competition with each other instead of a gun battle; and then it seemed like we were friends now and so we briefly talked and we shook hands, and it seemed that the leader and his gang no longer bothered us in the dream after that.

The man who had talked to me earlier continued talking with me about the situation, he introduced me to the council of people who were trying to keep things organized now that the building was mostly taken over by threats, and one of the council members was my former co-worker Mr. VS.

The council members tried to organize things and to keep life as normal as they could for the people who lived at the building, who mostly lived outside now, and so they would hold meetings and have various activities/et cetera; and after briefly talking with some of the council members, who were mostly senior citizens, I went outside to the camps outside for some unknown reason(s).

I noticed that one tent had a small bathroom connected to it and so I went inside of it to use the bathroom, I had to un-zip the door and the tent was made of tan/light-brownish colored somewhat see-through material, and I probably used the bathroom; but then a husband (who had whitish colored skin with short brownish/blondish colored hair wearing a dark-colored plaid long sleeve button shirt with blue jeans) and wife (who had whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair) and their young daughter (who looked like the wife/mother) and maybe a few other kids and their dog were near the outside of the bathroom, and so it seemed that this tent belonged to them and so I tried to sneak away without being noticed.

The husband and wife were busy talking, the kids and dog were playing, and so I tried to sneak away quietly and slowly; but the zipper on the door broke or got un-aligned, which was very annoying and I remember whispering something to myself like: “Really? Is this really happening to me now? Just my luck! Lucky Me! Dang!”, and so I had to try to crawl out of the bathroom which was hard because I did not have much space; and as I crawled out the young daughter was standing there watching me, and I thought that she was going to tell her parent’s who were still busy talking but surprisingly she just started at me.

The young daughter probably pointed at me and she probably looked at her parent’s but they were not paying attention, I probably smiled uncomfortably at the young daughter and I waved, and then I sneaked away once I finished crawling out of the bathroom; and I went back inside the building on the first floor to talk with my former coworker Mrs. VS because it has been years since I last spoke with her, and I went to the open room where she had last been with the counsel but I did not see her.

I did see a copy of The Sportsman’s Guide magazine in her dead husband’s name that was really for me, in the dream I had either a memory from a past dream and/or a false memory and/or a real memory where Mrs. VS used to get copies of The Sportsman’s Guide magazine and maybe I wanted to start getting them too and so she would just give me her copy each time that she got a new one because she did not need/want them (maybe her dead husband used to order stuff from them, and after he died they still sent copies to her house), and all I had to do was come pick up new copies from her house when I would visit her sometimes; but I stopped visiting her after I went to college and we stopped communicating years ago, but copies of The Sportsman’s Guide magazine for me (in her dead husband’s name) were still coming to her house/apartment.

I stood there thinking about this and I felt a bit bad/sad for not visiting her all these years, I also found it interesting that she still had not canceled the subscription to the magazine, and she still seemed to be saving them for me just in case I came to visit her again one day; and so I felt like talking with her even more now and apologizing to her, and I hoped that maybe we could start communicating again and that I could start visiting her again.

I think that in the dream I had my own subscription to The Sportsman’s Guide magazine, and so I was going to also tell Mrs. VS about that so that she could cancel her subscription; and I asked some other council members where I could find her, and I walked off to find her.

And at some point I think that I found her, she looked a bit sad when she saw me like she felt a bit hurt/sad about me not visiting her and about us not communicating all these years, and this made me feel worse but I uncomfortably greeted her; and we both paused awkwardly trying to figure out what to say to each other after all these years of not communicating, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr