The Ultimate Weapon Of The Trisolarans | Three Body Problem Series

The Ultimate Weapon Of The Trisolarans | Three Body Problem Series

What Is It?

The YouTube video The Ultimate Weapon Of The Trisolarans | Three Body Problem Series by the YouTube channel Quinn’s Ideas.

Here is the description for this video:

It’s not every day that I encounter a series of books that I just love. Especially science fiction. Since I read The remembrance of Earth’s past aka the Three-body problem series last year, I have not stopped thinking about it. The scale of this series is enormous, the ominous mysteries it invokes are intriguing and chilling to the core. In this video, we discuss some of the major events detailed in book two of the series, The Dark Forest, The Great Ravine, and the Trisolaran invasion of the Solar System. By Year 205 of the Crisis Era, humanity at large believed that they had nothing to fear from the Trisolaran Fleet, which had more than 200 years before it would reach the solar system. Fear of the Trisolarans, whose sophon technology had crippled humankind’s understanding of physics, and allowed the aliens real-time knowledge of events on earth, had once nearly destroyed humanity, plunging them into the devastating period of time known as the great ravine. One might be tempted to compare the great ravine to the great depression of 1930, but the great ravine in no way compares to the depression…it is far worse. In the year 1930 there were about 2 billion people on earth, at the start of the great ravine there were 8.3 Billion people on earth, and when there was no more food, billions starved. FOLLOW QUINN ON TWITTER: Twitter: Three-Body Playlist:… H.P. Lovecraft Playlist:… Hyperion Playlist:… Dune Playlist:… Foundation Playlist:… MY GRAPHIC NOVEL IS ON SALE NOW!:… Quinn’s Website: Thanks for watching! Please consider supporting this channel on Patreon:… or PAYPAL –…. I NOW HAVE A SUBREDDIT:… Twitter: Like me on Facebook!: Feel free to leave a comment like and subscribe! Thanks For Watching!