New Theme: Twenty Nineteen

The new default WordPress theme Twenty Nineteen was released on, and The Blog had a post about it called: New Theme: Twenty Nineteen.

I am glad that there is finally another default theme again, but currently I am disappointed in the Twenty Nineteen theme.

It is too minimalistic, less flexible, less colorful, and it has fewer features.

It lacks basic features like: header images, custom fonts and custom font sizes, the automatically display first image in a post option which is a must for me because I use the excerpt option so without that my home page / archives page looks bare and boring and the same without my hotlinked images showing for each post, preset color palletes, sidebar, and more, has more bugs, et cetera than maybe any previous default WordPress theme.


Introducing: A Diverse Free Stock Photo Library

Source: The Blog

The Blog had a post called Introducing: A Diverse, Free Stock Photo Library where they talk about how users have access to free images that they can use in posts / pages that can be accessed directly from the Add Media option under Free Photo Library on itself when you are making a post / page, and how they are working to be more inclusive and increase the diversity of those free images:

Unfortunately using these images requires that they be added to your Media Library when you select them so I can not use them because I use hotlinked images from sources that allow hotlinking when possible because free accounts have a limited amount of storage in the Media Library so I do not want to risk running out of space because I make posts for every day, but these images can be a great resource for those who do not have this concern who want to start adding free images to their posts / pages that can be added directly from itself now without having to find them somewhere else.

It would be nice if these images could be hotlinked as well and / or if they did not count against our storage limit because then I would use them too when possible.

Thank you

The end,

-John Jr


The Twenty Seventeen Theme Is Finally Available On 👏

After what felt like half a year the free default WordPress theme Twenty Seventeen has finally been released on over Four (4) months late, which as far as I know is the longest that it has ever taken for a default WordPress theme to be released on after it had already been released on, but I could be wrong.

The Twenty Seventeen theme is probably the first free theme to ever have a video header option.