Catching A Big Fish In France?

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it started during the evening or night in possibly France or another country, I arrived in this country as a tourist I assume, and I remember going to a one-story building that was next to water and that had a small walking bridge across the water to get to the building and to the other side of the water where there was possibly a small beach.

I remember two different music groups performing but I can not remember if they performed outside the building or inside the building, and I think that these two different music groups were called maybe The Stalks and The Yippies or The Hippies or something like that maybe.

After the live performances I remember sitting inside the building at a long rectangular wooden table to the left of the entrance, there was one other table in front of my table on my row, and the row to my right had a table next to my table and one table ahead of it where several young women with light-color skin with mostly long yellow hair were sitting.

These young women seemed to be from France (French) and they were speaking French, and they seemed familiar to this place like they were locals who came here often instead of an assumed tourist like myself who was visiting for the first time.

This building seemed like a library (that was possibly combined with a quiet restaurant, but I am not sure), and so it seemed that you were supposed to try to be quiet when you talk.

I remember leaning back and relaxing in my chair at my table (I possibly greeted the young women in French before this, but I can not remember), and then some of my former classmates (like my former male classmates AM and JS, and several other male and female former classmates of mine) entered the building like somewhat loud stereotypical tourists.

My former classmate AM started talking to (possibly flirting with) the young women, he did not know any French but they knew some English, and my former classmate AM was wearing a gray knit hat of some kind and medium-to-dark jeans but I can not remember what kind of shirt he was wearing (he was dressed somewhat stylish like the last time that I saw him in real life years ago at a high school basketball game for my male cousin ME).

My former classmates then sat at the table on my row in front of my table, my former male classmate AM was at the far end of the table facing in my direction, and I was at the far end of my table facing in his direction.

At some point my former classmate AM noticed me, we greeted each other and I greeted the others, and I tried to talk quietly while they continued to talk more loudly.

My former classmate asked me how I have been doing all of these years since we graduated from high school, I started to explain, and then he asked me how was I doing in regards to my problems with anxiety.

We were making too much noise and so I suggested that we talk outside, and so we started walking outside talking as I explained that my problems with anxiety were not as bad as they were back when I told him about it (which happened in a past dream and not in real life, and so the dream character version of my former classmate AM remembered our previous conversation from a past dream from years ago).

The others joined us outside as we walked across the bridge, and then they started hanging out along the water on what was possibly a small beach.

They possibly even started a small fire that they sat around talking, and I remember fishing and it was night now.

At some point I caught a large fish that was probably a Freshwater Drum, like some of the fish that my uncle CE caught last week, and this fish was larger than any fish that I have ever caught in real life.

I remember reeling the fish in and getting it on the beach, I could feel its weight, and I wanted to take some photographs of it to share on my blog.

I wanted to take some photographs that would give the viewer a size comparison with normal objects but we really did not have much to use for a size comparison, and I did not want to show myself in the photographs so I stopped to decide how to photograph this fish in the way that I want.

Also we had no bucket or cooler to put the fish in, and so I was not sure what I was going to do with it but I woke up as I tried to decide what to do.

Dream 2

I did not remember part of this dream until I was walking outside today.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a dimly lit fictional school that is sometimes in my dreams that is like a fictional large version of the D Junior High School combined with another school, and school was over so it was probably evening.

I remember walking around the school recognizing some areas but I kept getting lost as I tried to search for something, maybe the bathroom, and I probably saw a male coach and / or teacher or janitor who may have given me some directions at some point but I can not remember.

It was interesting walking around this dimly lit and dark quiet school that was somewhat familiar to me, and I had some memories of this school that I thought about as I walked around.

This school had at least two gyms and a variety of halls that made things a bit maze-like, there was possibly a swimming pool in the school, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr