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Seedlet is the newest theme that shows off the versatility of the block editor.

Seedlet: A New, Sophisticated Theme Fully Powered By the Block Editor — The Blog

Anders Norén To Design Twenty Twenty Default Theme Shipping In WordPress 5.3

Recently Sarah Gooding reported some good news at the WordPress Tavern about the upcoming Twenty Twenty default WordPress theme to be released in WordPress 5.3 in a post called Anders Norén To Design Twenty Twenty Default Theme Shipping In WordPress 5.3.

This is great news, Anders Norén has made some good free themes that I would be using today if they had some of the newer features and some options that I need in a theme, and so I am more hopeful that he will make a usable default WordPress theme.


New Theme: Twenty Nineteen

The new default WordPress theme Twenty Nineteen was released on, and The Blog had a post about it called: New Theme: Twenty Nineteen.

I am glad that there is finally another default theme again, but currently I am disappointed in the Twenty Nineteen theme.

It is too minimalistic, less flexible, less colorful, and it has fewer features.

It lacks basic features like: header images, custom fonts and custom font sizes, the automatically display first image in a post option which is a must for me because I use the excerpt option so without that my home page / archives page looks bare and boring and the same without my hotlinked images showing for each post, preset color palletes, sidebar, and more, has more bugs, et cetera than maybe any previous default WordPress theme.


An Attack At A Halloween Themed College / Hotel

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I woke up remembering a variety of dreams and I almost recorded them before going back to sleep but I did not record them, and so now I can only remember part of my last dream.

My last dream took place at a college / hotel-like building where some of my coworkers / classmates (fictional and real, and current and former in the dream world because I seemed to be a student who also worked with some of my classmates so some of them were coworkers as well) and family were, and there was a Halloween theme to some parts of the building to celebrate Halloween I assume.

One of my fictional classmates / coworkers in the dream was a weird man with light-color skin with short-to-medium length yellow hair, and he was dressed in a costume and he was acting weird.

I spent the night in the nice upscale hotel area with some of my family including my dad, and I remember me and my dad securing our nice hotel suite which was like an upscale apartment.

We seemed to be concerned about possible threats (maybe zombies, and maybe my weird fictional male classmate / coworker) so we secured the doors, windows, rooms, and even placed some barriers et cetera to slow down intruders.

The next day there is an attack in the building, maybe a zombie attack or something, and my weird fictional male classmate / coworker also attacks and is probably the person responsible for the zombie attack and / or whatever attack.

As I am moving through the building I possible had a run-in with my weird male classmate / coworker, he is acting weird and we briefly talk (maybe I convince him to stop his attack), and then I shared / gave some glasses that look like safety glasses with / to him and he leaves without attacking me.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Introducing Twenty Nineteen

Today there was a post on’s Make WordPress Core Blog called Introducing Twenty Nineteen that introduced some information about the upcoming default WordPress theme Twenty Nineteen that will possibly be released late November 2018 unless it gets held back to be worked on some more: