Déjà Vu Of Walking Through A Forest And Then W Park Across The Twenty Fourteen Theme?

I got awakened out of my dream by my alarm clock early, I went to bed late last night and so I only got almost four hours of sleep, and so I barely remember part of my last dream; but if I get a chance to go back to sleep later maybe I will have a chance to have one or more dreams, but for now I will type what I barely remember of my last dream.

My memory is unclear now that my alarm clock woke me from the dream suddenly, but I think that the dream started during a gray almost foggy somewhat surreal-like day in a fictional place; and the dream followed a man who was somewhat like my former bus driver Mr. RH, maybe a woman with whitish colored skin, maybe several other people, and I.

The dream is confusing and it seemed that maybe I was myself but I was also somewhat Mr. RH and/or I could see/hear/sense/et cetera things from his point-of-view, and the dream may/might have started when Mr. RH and the others were kids showing some moments from his/their lives; but eventually the dream moved to them as adults, and Mr. RH was late middle-aged or older.

At some point I remember Mr. RH, maybe a woman, and I walking through a fictional but familiar forest that was probably in the dream earlier when they were kids; and maybe we came across a few threats like one or more wolves and/or other wild non-human animals, but we did not have to fight it/them and no one got hurt.

I remember us walking and talking and I remember there being thoughts/flashbacks/et cetera of past memories of each of us, it was a nice and relaxing and thoughtful walk through the woods, but I kept remember there being feelings of déjà vu like we had done this before years ago or earlier in the dream..

There was a lot of internal thoughts / flashbacks / et cetera between us that I remember being able to see/hear/sense but I can not remember them enough to type what they were unfortunately, but I do know that some of the flashbacks were of Mr. RH and the others playing together when they were kids and Mr. RH’s dad would sometimes be there watching and/or playing with and/or teaching them things.

At some point we reached a slightly fictional version of W Park in the city of D, and we reached a fictional area almost near the road that has a field/open land with a house at the edge of the forest.

The fictional area had a small pond with some tree logs and some other objects that you could cross, and oddly I think that two of the objects were parts of the WordPress theme Twenty Fourteen; and as we were crossing one part of the Twenty Fourteen theme Mr. RH/I sensed that this was familiar/that it happened before/that we knew something but we could not remember what exactly/et cetera.

Eventually Mr. RH/I remembered that we had crossed the Twenty Fourteen theme before and/or that we knew the layout of the theme and/or something like that, we remembered what area we were crossing; and we used that knowledge to cross this object, and then we reached the second object which was the menu area of the Twenty Fourteen theme.

We remembered that the menu/object was adaptive/whatever and so we knew that it would move with us as we walked across it, and we used this knowledge to successfully walk across it to the land near the road; and we were a bit excited and this helped bring back old memories from the past, and so we walked back and forth across the objects on the pond for fun but I got awakened by my alarm clock.

The end,

-John Jr


Getting Cursed At By Cate Blanchett | Thinking About Header Images For The Twenty Thirteen Theme

Dream 1

I forgot most of my first dream and my second dream because I woke up and I went back to sleep without voice recording my dreams because I am sick/getting sick, but I know that the first dream took place during the day at a public school and/or college (it was probably a combination of the two, but I can not remember).

I could be wrong but I think that the beginning of the dream starting inside the school area where maybe I was working/helping with the students and maybe some of my former classmates were working/helping there too or maybe we were students, but I can not remember.

Eventually maybe we went to the college area for a school/college assembly that everyone had to attend in a nice small auditorium building, and for some reason there were celebrities there as well like maybe the actor Brad Pitt, the actress Cate Blanchett, and various other actors/actresses/music artists/et cetera; but most of them tried to avoid being seen by blending in with the crowds, and most of them did not talk to anyone.

I can not remember most of the assembly but I know that we only had to stay for part of the assembly, I remember sitting down in an area with tables and chairs where no one was sitting in front or behind me at first, and I had some of my school/college stuff on the table like I was doing homework or something like that.

I remember seeing and talking to my former classmate DF several times in the dream and she was sitting at a table on the right side of me slightly further behind where I was sitting, and a few of my other former classmates were sitting in this area as well.

Eventually I decided to move to the empty table/chair behind where I was sitting to see if this was a better place to sit, I left my school/college stuff on the other table, but as I was testing the new table/chair the actress Cate Blanchett walked over to the table/chair where I had sat a few seconds ago.

Mrs. Blanchett looked like she did not want to be bothered and she had a negative-neutral facial expression, I probably tried to get her attention to let her know that I still had my college/school stuff on the other table, but she did not notice me and she sat in the chair where I had sat.

I heard Mrs. Blanchett complaining and cursing quietly out-loud to herself as she sat down noticing my stuff on the table and she was cursing about something else, I waited for a moment, and then I walked over to Mrs. Blanchett to quietly tell her that the stuff on the table was mine and that I was going to move it out of her way; and I told her that she did not have to move because I was going to continue sitting at the table behind her, and I apologized.

Mrs. Blanchett started cursing at me angrily but quietly and she stood up, I once again told her that she did not have to move but she was not listening because she was too annoyed/angry and focused on cursing at me, and she moved to another table; and so I sat down in the chair where my stuff was feeling a bit embarrassed after being cursed at in front of everyone, and I could still hear Mrs. Blanchett quietly cursing/complaining about/at me in the distance.

I remember briefly talking with my former classmate LJ about the situation, I remember the assembly having different quest speakers/presenters/singers/salesmen/et cetera, and at some point the mandatory parts of the assembly ended; and so many people started to leave, but I decided to stay a bit longer.

At some point the assembly relaxed and it became more like a quiet party and there were various music artists performing, and one of them performed the Jeff Buckley song Everybody Here Wants You:

It was a good performance but most people there had never heard of Jeff Buckley and so they did not know that it was one of his songs, and so I remember talking with a few people about Jeff Buckley; and eventually I left the assembly with some of my former classmates like DF.

I remember us walking and talking as we walked down the steps of the auditorium, and eventually we came across a group of our former classmates and we stopped to talk to them; and my former classmate MK walked into me by accident, she was not as skinny as she used to be and so she looked healthier now, and I was not sure if it was her or not at first.

I asked her if she was my former classmate MK and she said yes, she remembered who I was, and we smiled/laughed; and then we started talking, but I woke up.

Dream 2

I can not remember most of the second dream but I know that part of the dream involved me thinking about header images for the Twenty Thirteen theme, I focused on the default header images including some of the default header images that did not make it to the final version of the Twenty Thirteen theme, and various versions of the default header images that have different color schemes; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Stopping A Fight With My Former Classmate JC And Snakes On A Bridge And Holding An Object And / Or The WordPress Twenty Thirteen Theme Inside A School?

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams last night and I slept well, but for some reason I forgot all of my dreams except for part of one dream that I somewhat remember.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional place and I was walking from a building across a field toward a parking lot, near the parking lot was a small maybe yellowish colored metal walking/crossing/whatever bridge like the bridges at W Park in the city of D that you use to cross/walk over the water/stream(s)/river(s), and this bridge was over a small stream/river and the bridge connected to a small piece of land that was like a hill that was taller than the land that the parking lot was on.

On top of this hill was my former classmate JC arguing with a somewhat short man with whitish colored skin and short hair, the somewhat short man had a tall/big somewhat obese male friend who was taller/bigger than the rest of us and he had whitish colored skin and he was wearing plaid shorts and a large whitish colored t-shirt with some blackish colored designs on the front of it with a baseball cap/hat, and the big man seemed/looked/acted like someone who likes/follows Southern American-Style Country and Rap / Hip-Hop music / culture.

I walked across the bridge to the hill to try to stop my former classmate JC and the short man from fighting, I remember trying to get my former classmate JC to calm down but it was not working, and at some point my former classmate JC and the short man started fighting; and then I heard the big man say that he was going to attack my former classmate JC as well, I told him not to interfere and that we should try to break up the fight, but the big man did not listen to me and he ran toward my former classmate JC to attack him.

I was not going to let the two men jump/double-team my former classmate JC and so I ran at the big man, and we probably started fighting; but I quickly/easily defeated the big man, and I did something that I can not remember that caused all the fighting to stop and somehow we all started laughing and we started acting like friends.

We started walking across the bridge to get to the parking lot so that we could drive somewhere to hangout and/or to do something that I can not remember, but as I was trying to walk across the bridge they told me that a snake was on the right side of the bridge on the rails/arm rails/safety rails/whatever; and so I stopped to look at the snake and it was a small snake wrapped around the rail on the right side, and so I tried to walk near the rail on the left side but then the same snake or another snake was on the left rail also.

The common dream theme that I have sometimes involving snakes slowly appearing out of no-where started, I saw several more snakes on both rails and on the bottom sides of the bridge, and so I slowly and quietly walked down the middle of the bridge trying to avoid them; and I made it across the bridge without any problems, because normally the snakes in my dreams do not bother me if I avoid them.

We got into our automobiles and we drove down a highway in the country and we stopped at what maybe looked like the abandoned H High School in BP, we walked past a small abandoned building to find a modern school or college building that was somewhat above-ground and underground, and we went inside the building; and at some point we got separated as we walked around, and I remember seeing students and teachers doing various things.

I was walking around carrying one or more objects but I can not remember what the object or objects were except that I know that maybe one of the objects and/or the object might have been the WordPress theme Twenty Thirteen because I remember walking around editing a blog theme that seemed to be Twenty Thirteen, but I am not sure if I somehow was physically holding the blog theme or was I editing it in my mind or was I editing it on a tablet-like device; but either way I was holding something as I walked around editing the blog theme, and I seemed to be trying to find a certain place and/or person in the school or college to give them the object or objects and/or the blog theme and/or to ask them one or more questions about something that I can not remember.

The school or college building was pretty nice with lots of windows allowing natural light to fill much of the building with nice views of the outside and an open modern style with various open areas to sit/study/hangout/et cetera, and at some point I walked down some stairs to the underground parts of the building but you could still somewhat see the above-ground areas near the stairs which allowed some of the natural light to reach the underground areas.

I found the school or college library and it had mostly glass walls and so you could even see it from the above-ground areas, I wanted to go inside the library to ask someone for help/direction but for some reason I was hesitant, and I walked back to the above-ground areas; and maybe I finally came across my former classmate JC, the short man, and the big man.

I probably talked with them about the situation involving me trying to find someone and/or a certain place to give them the object(s) and/or the blog theme that I was holding and/or something like that, and we probably were going to ask someone for help/directions; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Forgetting A Dream With A Common Dream Theme

File:Cave of forgotten dreams poster.jpg
Source: Wikipedia

I forgot what I dreamed about last night but I think that it must have been a common dream theme, because I know that I had a dream that was somewhat long, but it did not stand out / get my attention enough for me to remember the dream after I got awakened by people making too much noise.

I probably remembered some of it when I got awakened but then let the memory of it fade.

I had to get up earlier than I wanted to and so I did not have the chance to go back to sleep to dream again, and then remember that dream or those dreams.

I will not get much sleep tonight either.

The end,

-John Jr


Moving Into A Small Free Shelter / Free Housing Building

Last night I remember my mind going over several things, one of which was various ways I could adjust my Menus on the Enterprise Theme for my blog, and then I remember having a dream.

I can not remember most of the dream, but I remember it taking place in the day, and I was trying to get signed up to stay at a small free shelter/free housing building in a fictional city; and oddly my parent’s lived in this fictional city I think, and I was staying with them, but I think that I was trying to move out to go back to college & that I was still trying to find a job.

I remember going to the free shelter which was a small building that had an office, living area, kitchen, shared bathrooms, and a few suites that each had three bedrooms; but the manager/person that registered/signed-in/up people was not there, and so I talked to some people living there, who were all from Mexico.

They did not speak English very well, but I was able to understand them good enough, and they told me that they had space for one more person; and they said that I could start moving my stuff/things into the only spare/empty bedroom left, and so I thanked them & I started to move some of my things/stuff into the spare bedroom.

I remember there being a pet dog or two inside the suite, and one person had three pet Gold Fish in three separate plastic bags; and so I decided that I would try to go buy a fish tank for the fish later, and some fish food.

After unpacking some of my things, I decided to leave until later and I went outside to where my parent’s were waiting in an automobile to drive me back or they were in my automobile waiting for me to drive, but then the manager for the free shelter came; and I stopped to talk to him.

He was from Mexico like the other people in the shelter and he did not speak English that well either, but I was able to understand him pretty good, just like I could with the other people at the free shelter; and I remember him being nice and he said that it was okay for me to stay at the free shelter, and he asked me if I wanted to stay to eat some food & I thanked him but I told him that I was going to go back to my parent’s house for the night & that I would be back the next day.

Then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂