Daydreaming/Dreaming/Thinking/Memories Of Different Countries

I forgot most of my dreams last night since I slept better/deeper than usual, not that I do not sleep well most of the time, which I do sleep well most of the time; but I remember a few parts of one dream.

I can not remember most of the dream but at some point I was in a house that looked just like my grandfather’s house, and I was in the living room with some other people; and I think that someone who I knew (probably a family member or friend) was making a film, and this person job was probably in making films.

They were working on their latest film and they were trying to find people to hire to play the various roles in the film, and they were looking for people from different countries & the film was probably going to involve several countries.

I was hoping to get a job helping with the film, I was thinking of something simple like janitor/laborer/someone who does the simple background stuff, but at some point I started talking with one or more people who were auditioning for roles in the film; I know one person was a woman from somewhere in Europe or Asia (The parts of Russia that are in Asia).

I remember talking to people/her about what countries that they were from, what countries they had been too, what countries that I have been to, and what countries that I would like to visit.

In the dream I felt that I had been to two or more countries but I was not sure, so I started thinking/daydreaming of various memories/fake memories of the one or two countries that I had visited; The United Kingdom Of Great Britain was one of them & maybe France was the second, but I am not sure.

My memories seemed real but I was not sure, and I started to re-live some of my memories/fake memories; which was nice.

Each memory of each country that I had visited had its own unique feeling associated with them, the area/buildings/people/et cetera looked/seemed different from my birth country so it seemed realistic & not like my mind was recycling what I know of my area, I probably could even feel the temperature and/or wind, and more; it was amazing.

After re-living some of these memories/fake memories & talking with the people auditioning for parts in the film, I also started to daydream of countries that I might want to visit, and so I had short daydreams/dreams within the dream about that; and after that I considered trying to audition for a part in the film and/or for a job that was more involved.

I forgot most of the details of my memories & daydreams & dreams of the various countries, but I do remember part of one where I was standing in or near a street that was made of what seemed to be stone; and I probably saw a few automobiles of a certain style, a few people walking, and the country seemed familiar like I had been there and/or dreamed about it before (I have dreamed about it before) & it was an amazing & realistic/familiar moment where I took the time to look around & enjoy the moment, the sights/smells/feelings/memories/et cetera.

It was an amazing experience, I wish that I could remember more.

Anyway, I wanted/needed a job, and since I knew the person making the film; I hoped to be able to get a job doing something, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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