Fleur-De-Lis | Getting A Haircut & Shave

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in maybe a slightly somewhat LC-like city, there was some kind of French / maybe Louisiana / maybe United States-like event taking place, and I remember there being a parade along a road that went past businesses and homes et cetera.

Some people at the event and parade with dark-color skin and light-color skin were wearing maybe medieval-looking armor (including shields for some) and clothing and weapons and maybe some other time period clothing / armor / weapons were featured too that were mostly white and blue, and the fleur-de-lis symbol was used on them; and some of them were on horseback, and their horses had clothing / accessories / armor with the same colors and fleur-de-lis symbols.


A Malcom X Assassination Documentary | A Marc Rebillet-Like Live Performance | The BP Library Looks Different

Dream 1

I am not sure if this dream involved time travel or not, it possibly took place in the past and in the present, but I am not sure.

I just know that the dream involved a man and woman who were dating and who went on a date to an event that the man had two tickets for, and this happened around the time that either Malcolm X or another male civil / human rights activist got assassinated; and so the woman and man got interrogated by the police during their investigation into the assassination.

There were some unanswered questions involving the couple, the man claimed to not remember certain details, and even many years later the couple still could not answer certain questions and claimed to not know certain things.

Maybe someone was doing a documentary / investigation about this, the couple were part of it, and so the dream jumped between the past and present with interviews with the couple and moments of them back at the scenes of some of the events from that day when Malcolm X / whoever was assassinated either during or after or before their date.

The couple claimed to not remember who they got the tickets from or who got them or where they got them et cetera, they claimed that the tickets were not for a specific event but would allow them access into either of the events taking place inside the building that day, and that the event that they went to was a stand-up comedy show with a male comedian whose comedy style involved complaining about current generations et cetera compared to those in the past.

Some people were possibly a little suspicious of the couple, and so who ever was doing this documentary or whatever were taking extra time trying to see if they could learn something new from them that may help in solving some unanswered questions into Malcolm X’s assassination.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved a Marc Rebillet-like musician having a live musical performance that kept getting wilder and crazier as time went on, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream involved me going to work at The BP Library but the building looked completely different so I was not sure where things were or what I was supposed to do, and many of my coworkers were there.

I remember walking around confused and trying to find where everything and everyone was while trying to figure out what I was supposed to work on.

Our work areas were spread around the building and were not completely closed off and the work areas were more like a combination of the patron areas combined with the work areas, and so I was able to walk from open room to open room finding coworkers and work areas.

My coworkers Mrs. J and Mr. JM were working on computer / internet stuff, I remember Mrs. J trying to help our coworker Mrs. MW with a computer problem, and they were mostly in one or more computer lab-like areas.

Some other coworkers I saw included: Mr. CF, maybe my female coworker JB, my supervisor Mrs. JM, my female coworker CR, maybe my female coworker DT, maybe my female coworker TR, maybe my female coworker MA, maybe Mrs. RB, maybe Mrs. MB, et cetera.

I remember finding CR in maybe a computer lab-like area, she was seemed distant and dismissive, and I asked her what was I supposed to work on but she dismissively told me that she did not know and she went back to what she was doing.

Eventually I started walking through maybe a store-like area that had a hard floor, the next thing that I remember is being outside riding on a tall and wide vehicle that looked like some kind of city vehicle / farm vehicle, but I am not sure who was driving it.

The weather outside looked like a storm was coming, the vehicle was so tall and wide that it was hitting some tree branches and knocking some down, and eventually it knocked a power (electric) line down either on my uncle WC’s street or my parent’s street which caused the electricity at The BP Library to go out.

But I woke up as we approached my parent’s yard.

The end,

-John Jr


Assassin(s) & A Boat Station & Nora (Norah) & An Obstacle Course?

Last night I got more sleep than any day this week and I slept pretty deeply, and I had some very detailed dreams but I am only able to remember some parts of some of them because of how deeply I was sleeping and how I went back to sleep several times.

Dream Fragments

I am not sure which dream or dreams that these dream fragments go with so I am typing them together in this section, but I do know that the second and third dream fragments were featured in at least the two dreams that I remember part of from last night but I am not sure where in those dreams did they take place.


A Baby Is Born In My Former Classmate JC’s Family

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place inside a Walmart-like store that looked like a larger fictional version of the Walmart in D that is sometimes in my dreams, but I only remember a small part of this dream.

I remember walking through one of the entrances of the store by the jewelry section and two former female classmates of mine stopped & talked with me briefly, and then they walked off; and then my former classmate DH saw me & he stopped to talk with me.

I am not sure what we talked about but I think that one thing that we talked about was how my right knee is messed up, and I have not been able to jog for about three weeks (which is true, unfortunately); but that is all that I remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The next dream took place inside of a hospital-like building, and I think that a family member of my former classmate JC was having a baby; and so people were coming to the hospital.

We went into a small private waiting room outside of the birthing room, and I was asked to prevent anyone from going into the birthing room without permission & anyone who came to the private waiting room needed a ticket; and so I was basically asked to temporarily be a security guard/ticket collector.

Everyone who was invited to the birth had already been sent a ticket, and that allowed them to know who was supposed to be there and who was not supposed to be there; and so I stood in front of the double doors that led to the birthing room, and each time someone came into the waiting room I would ask to see their ticket.

Family members, co-workers, former classmates, friends, et cetera came to the waiting room which had chairs & a TV screen; there were more people than I have ever seen at a birth, about thirty people came or more.

Everyone had a ticket and they sat & stood around talking and/or looking at the TV screen; and every so often someone would ask to go into the birthing room, and so I would have to go into the birthing room to see if this person had permission to enter the birthing room.

Only a few people were allowed into the birthing room, which was a large operating-like room, and the birth was taking place behind a curtained-off area; and behind the curtained-off area I briefly saw someone open the curtain to come out & so I saw that the woman was in a metal tub-like thing to help with the birthing process I guess.

I saw a doctor, a nurse or two, and the woman’s parent’s & grandparent’s behind the curtain; and my mom & a few other people were in the operating-like room to help when needed and they were the ones who I would ask if a certain person had permission to enter the room or not.

I would go back to guarding the door and checking people’s tickets in the waiting room, and I remember talking with JC and several other people in the waiting room; and at some point the baby was finally born, and after the woman & baby were cleaned & dried off, they were moved to a bed in the operating-like room.

Then people in the waiting room were allowed to visit them briefly one-at-a-time or in pairs under the supervision & guidance of several people and I, and so I was still guarding the door & letting in people as they were approved to enter the room; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂