Dream Julia Starring Tilda Swinton

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Last night I remembered some of my last dream, which took place in a fictional version of a real city.

I can not remember the beginning parts of the dream, so, some of the key parts of the dream are missing.

All I remember is going to a hotel-like building with my fictional step-mom or soon-to-be fictional step-mom and my two fictional step-siblings (one was a young woman and the other was a young man, and they both appeared to be between 15-18 years old). 😀

This is all very odd, especially since in the dream I had two moms (not in the homosexual sense/way/meaning), my real mom (who was not in the dream, but I did think of her in the dream once) & also this fictional step-mom, but I do not remember ever thinking about my dad or who my dad was in this dream; in real life I have only one mom & dad, and they have never divorced. 😀

I do not remember the details, but I do know that we moved our stuff into the hotel room and I drove my step-siblings around town.

My fictional step-mom was Tilda Swinton as her character Julia, from the film Julia, and in the dream her name was Julia. 😀

She seemed to act almost just like Julia in the film and she had an alcohol addiction & was drunk most of the time, she did not take care of her kids, she would come home late at night with unknown men, she would leave without telling us, etc. 😀

In the dream I had just got/gotten a job in this city and so did my fictional step-mom, who I will refer to as Julia from now on, but I can not remember the job parts of the dream.

But I do remember one part in the dream where Julia came back to the hotel room drunk and I tried to talk to her about that, but she argued with me, but I could barely understand her with her slurred speech & she would say things that did not make sense since she was drunk; so instead of arguing with her I had to help her get to her bed or couch and she went to sleep, and she ended up missing work the next day, while I was gone to my job. 😀

I came back from work and she was still asleep :D, and so I woke her up & tried to talk to her about the situation; she made some excuses & argued with me and so I warned her that she could lose her job if she kept missing days of work like that.

After that conversation, I remember a situation where she would not take my step-siblings/her kids somewhere in the city, so I took them instead.

After my siblings and I returned, Julia was gone, and so we tried calling & texting her mobile phone but she did not respond.

We waited around until late at night hoping that she would call, since we were worried about her, but she did not; so we went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and went to talk to the manager of the hotel/or whatever it was, because I was not sure if Julia had paid for the room or not.

I do not remember most of my conversation with the manager, but I remember mentioning that Julia was my step-mom and not my real/biological mom, and I remember thinking of my real mom; I do not think she was dead or anything, but I do not remember thinking about my real brothers or my dad.

In fact I do not remember thinking about a dad at all, which is odd.

I then walked back to the hotel room to talk to my step-siblings and we noticed Julia leaving her room with two unknown men, and the two men left the room; so I went to talk to Julia about where she had been and about her other problems.

I tried to explain some of the problems to Julia and let her know that I wanted to help her get some help with her problems, but I woke up as we talked/argued. 😀
The end,

-John Jr 🙂

Super Mutants

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I think I had this dream about two nights ago, it took place at a woman’s house with her kids.

The woman was the actress Tilda Swinton, and she seemed to be living in a house that was very similar to my parent’s house and it was under some bridge-like ruins.

The outside area was like the video game Fallout 3, except things did not look as bad, and there probably was more plant life around than on the game.

I do not remember much, but I know I was there and she needed help defending her home from mutated creatures; and so I stopped to help, but somehow we both had assault rifles.

We shot some small mutated creatures and probably some ghouls, but then some super mutants came and things got serious.

We defeated the first group of super mutants, but I think she ran out of ammunition and I almost ran out of ammunition; and so we felt that we needed to probably leave to a safer place like a city or something before the next group of super mutants came, but we did not know where to go & we did not have ammunition or enough supplies for a long trip.

She was very worried about her children, who were inside the house, and so I told her that I would stand guard outside; while she helped her children & looked for supplies.

After a while I went inside for some reason, I think it was because I ran out of ammunition after shooting a few more mutated creatures that were trying to attack, and so I needed a mêlée weapon.

I locked the door and went to a room that looked like my room in real life, and as I was doing that I heard a loud noise; and I found a hammer, right as I heard the noise.

I turned and I saw an angry super mutant that had knocked the door down, and it was standing in the house looking forward.

I heard the children screaming and it heard them as well, and so it was going to run to the back of the house to attack them; I was terrified.

Even though I was scared and I did not think I could win, I felt that had to stop this super mutant from killing the family.

So I ran with my hammer in my hand, like a wild human with nothing to lose, or like a soldier that is about to fight their last battle to save the planet or something.

I ran at the super mutant and I started to hit it as hard as I could in the head over and over and over, like a wild man.

I beat that super mutant to death without it even hitting me and it did not even know what hit it exactly, and for some reason it did not notice me running at it, before I attacked it.

After making sure it was dead, I felt that we had to leave now, so I told Mrs. Swinton to bring the few supplies she had found and I told her to bring her kids; and I said that we would have to leave before more super mutants came.

We went outside but I heard a very loud noise, and I felt that it was a huge super mutant standing on the bridge-like ruins over the house; and I felt that it was waiting for us to run out, and so we stayed inside the house until it left.

We managed to find some more ammunition while we waited and then we went outside, and we heard gun shots; and so we got into defensive position(s).

To our surprise, it was another human, and he said that he knew where a city was; and that he would show us the way to the city.

He gave us more ammunition and we started to make travel plans, but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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