Flight Of The Navigator

What is it?

The 1986 American science fiction adventure film Flight Of The Navigator.

Flight of the Navigator (1986) – HD Trailer
Flight of the Navigator/Disney Kids – 1986 featurette

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this movie:

The year is 1978: 12-year-old David Freeman (Joey Cramer), playing in the woods near his home, is knocked unconscious.

He awakens and heads home, only to find strangers living there.

He also finds that the year is 1986, and that he’s been officially missing for eight years.

NASA officials determine that David was abducted by aliens during his blackout, and hope to scan the boy’s brain in order to unlock a few secrets of the universe.

Answering the call of a strange, unseen force, David boards a well-hidden spaceship and takes off, guided by the jocular voice of a computer named MAX (voiced by none other than Paul Reubens, aka Pee-Wee Herman).

Realizing that he can’t fit in to 1986 so long as he’s a child of the ’70s, David hopes to retrace the steps of his alien abductors and get back to his own time.


Dorian Gray And Time Distortions?

I had more dreams last night and there was more to this dream that I forgot because I only briefly woke up a few times and I went straight back to sleep each time, and so I forgot most of the details of my dreams and none of them got recorded.

All that I can remember of barely part of my last dream from last night is being on an upper floor of a building with various people, including the character Dorian Gray (played by Reeve Carney) from the television series Penny Dreadful, and we were inside a somewhat narrow long rectangular carpeted room.

I remember noticing strange things happening with the time being shown on a circular analog clock on the wall that had a white backdrop whatever with black numbers, it seemed that the time would stop sometimes for long periods of time, and sometimes it would move forward or back for long periods of time being stuck back or forward in time.

It also seemed that this was effecting/affecting the dream world and dream characters, well some of them, but I think that Dorian Gray and several others and I were possibly not effected/affected the same as the other dream characters.

It seemed that there was a time distortion (time dilation)/whatever happening where time itself was being affected/effected oddly, so some of the dream characters would possibly not move when the time would stop so they would probably stand there frozen in time, and some of them would possibly time travel when time moved forward or back so if a dream character was not in the room a few minutes ago they would be gone and they would return if time moved forward again.

Unfortunately I focused mostly on the clock and I did not move around much to investigate this strangeness, I mostly thought and glanced around trying to investigate this oddness in my mind, and I did not realize that this was a dream or possibly a dream so I did not do any reality checks or remember that clocks usually do not work normally in dreams for most people.

I wondered how this might effect/affect Dorian Gray who is semi-immortal (immortal), and I wondered if we would stop aging when time stopped or get younger when time moved back or get older when time moved forward.

I can not remember most of what happened in this dream but at some point I remember being outside possibly on the ground level of this multi-story building walking down covered (the rest of the build probably covered it) catwalks that had dark gray stone or concrete walls with only small openings down most of it so it was almost like a first floor that was semi-outdoors, and I was walking with several people including Dorian Gray.

I remember us stopping near a bathroom that you could walk through because was on on the catwalk, I needed to urinate in the real world so that is probably why I dreamed of the bathroom, and I urinated in the bathroom but I realized that I would never stop urinating so I stopped urinating because it would never end if I did not stop.

We were approached by my brother CC and my sister-in-law JC who was pregnant oddly, and this confused me because they recently gave birth to my first nephew CC so I asked where was my nephew CC and for some reason I feared that they put him up for adoption.

I can not remember how they responded to this question, I know that time was still being distorted because there was another clock on the wall in this area, and I saw the time distortions happening still so it is possible that time had moved back before my nephew CC was born but I am not sure.

It is also possible that time had moved forward to where they were going to be having another baby, that still does not explain where my nephew CC was though, but I can not remember how they responded to my question.

Dorian Gray had a bigger role in this dream but I can not remember his role or our conversations, I just know he was in the dream a lot, and he was one of the special dream characters who were able to move differently among the time distortions than other dream characters.

Several dream characters like Dorian Gray seemed to share the same ability as myself, my mom was possibly in the dream at this point but I can not remember, and I woke up as I was still talking with the others.

The end,

-John Jr