A Dream Ends Lucid With Zombies? | Taylor’s Mixed-Sex UFC Fight

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I woke up from my dreams and went back to sleep several times so some of my dreams were lost, and some parts of the dreams that I do remember were lost.

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place during the day and maybe I rode with my former male classmate JC in his truck to maybe a college-like place, we parked in a parking lot, and he went on campus while I stayed in the automobile at first.

I got out at some point and something unclear happened were I somehow opened one or two automobiles that were parked in the parking lot, and then I locked and closed them.

After this a large black extended cab truck with two men with light-color skin drove up and parked, they went to the campus, and then I somehow opened their truck and then locked it and closed it again.

The two men returned and got in their truck and left not long after this, then I needed to urinate or something so I walked on campus, there was a sidewalk on the left side with some house-like buildings along it so I went inside one of them.

The building was like a combination of a fictional house, The E House and the yard of The E House, and maybe a small college building.

I found a bathroom and I urinated, while doing this maybe a man with light-color skin was using the bathroom, and either Gillian Anderson or Mrs. Anderson as her character Dana Scully walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

After urinating and washing my hands I left the bathroom, I briefly walked to some other rooms, and then I walked back outside maybe to the parking lot but I am not sure if I made it there before the chaos started.

I can not remember the details other than me seeing one or more zombies chasing some people on the campus, and I probably fought my way back to the house-like building.

I knew that the situation would get worse as more people got infected, which seemed to be true because slowly more zombies kept showing up, and so I made it back inside the house-like building to warn the others.

Mrs. Anderson / Scully was still taking a shower so she hurried up to finish and get dressed, if the man was still there he was mostly in the background so I can not remember him much or at all, there was an actress with light-color skin with long dark brown hair wearing a slip whose name I can not remember who was sleeping on a bed so we woke her up, and Michelle Obama was in one of the rooms so we all joined together.

The others possible did not fight much or at all but I know that me and Mrs. Anderson / Scully fought some zombies that were in the house and we closed and maybe locked the doors et cetera, after clearing the house we ran outside in the front yard or back yard that was like the yard of The E House, and I remember grabbing a wooden baseball bat.

Zombies started trying to enter the gate near the boat port so I ran over to fight them back and secure the gate, a male zombie with light-color skin was super durable and survived many hard hits to his head with the baseball bat to my surprise until he finally died, and then I asked the others to find something to barricade the gates with.

I ran to the storage building on the left that they were looking inside, I saw some tires so I asked them to hand them to me, and then I used the tires to barricade the gate on the left side.

We then went to barricade the gate by the fig tree, and then I told them that we did not have much time before they broke in and that we needed to barricade part of the inside of the house and be ready to escape the house out the back toward the parking lot or something.

I told them that the wooden baseball bat was not good enough so we needed heavier and probably metal weapons, and so I told them to find some quickly.

The zombies were trying to break into the gates so we did not have much time to find weapons and get inside to barricade the inside, and so I felt that I would need to stay behind to fight the zombies long enough for the others to get ready until it was time for me to fall back into the house and then we eventually escape the house once the zombies breach it.

After seeing how durable some of the zombies were I started trying to think of better ways to fight them, and then I thought why not use an energy blast or something and then I probably remember that I had other dream powers too and maybe I started to somewhat realize that this was a dream or I realized that it was dream or maybe I did not realize that it was dream yet but I am not sure.

I told the others about my plan and Mrs. Obama said that it was a great idea, the way that she said it made it clear that she was mostly saying it because it improved her chances of living and she would not have to fight, and so me and Mrs. Anderson / Scully pointed this out and we all started laughing.

I was not sure which dream powers I would use yet though so I had them start the plan as I stood there trying to think of my dream powers and decide which to use et cetera, I remember thinking that I could just made them disappear from the dream but that would be too easy and I could fly but the others would be at more risk (I considered telling them that they could fly, but it might not work for all of them), but as I was thinking which was hard because my mind was cloudy so it was hard to think the dream must have become unstable as I struggled to think but I did not notice so the dream collapsed before I could use my dream powers and I woke up possibly also because I really did need to urinate and maybe I partly felt that when the dream went lucid I assume.

Dream 2

The end of this dream involved a Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) mixed-sex mixed martial arts (MMA) fight that was being promoted and that was going to take place soon between a small thin young man with light-color skin with long yellow hair who I thought was a woman at first from a distance and a woman with light-color skin with long yellow hair named Taylor who was friends with Taylor Swift and who was taller than the young man.

In the forgotten parts of the dream I got to meet them and probably train them a bit and / or give them fighting advice (I think that I remember showing them some quick simple blocks and counter strikes, clenches, takedowns, submissions, and strategies) and I was there when the press were taking their photographs together and with Taylor Swift at their press conference event.

After this I went to work at The BP Library and I was mostly cleaning up instead of shelving oddly, I remember sweeping up some dirt and dried feces-like stuff that was on the carpet near the printer, and while doing this I remember seeing a somewhat older man with dark-color skin wearing a baseball cap / hat who was sitting down to the left of the printer and he glanced at me.

My coworker Mr. CF probably walked by on one of his security patrols, and to my left sitting at a table near the magazines was a somewhat older woman with dark-color skin who I heard talking on her mobile phone about someone who was possibly my former male schoolmate SW.

The woman was talking about some of his problems and how her and some other people were trying to get him help, and how she was trying to get something set up to help him and other people like him with problems.

She talked a bit about his life and how he used to try to help take care of his family and how some people took advantage of the little money me made and tried to use to help them, how he developed one or more mental disorders and left or was forced out of the military, how he was jobless and maybe homeless, and how she felt that he was a good man who just needed help.

Then I saw and heard some other patrons listening to and watching the opening of the UFC mixed-sex fight between Taylor and the young man and Taylor Swift was at the fight supporting her friend Taylor, the fight started, but I only got to see bits and pieces as I walked around cleaning and glancing as people watched it.

Taylor started out winning but the young man had experience so he stayed calm and recovered and the fight became even, and maybe the young man was starting to win as I woke up but I am not sure.

The end,

-John Jr


Whac-A-Mole? | My Cousin DE And Bathrooms | Strange Weather With Music From Under The Skin

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is a Whac-A-Mole-like game or situation where there were things/objects that I can not remember which would probably pop/move up and down from holes/openings (I can not remember if it was outside on the ground or inside somewhere, but it probably was outside during the day near the BP School Board Shop that my dad works at used to be located), but someone kept knocking them down (probably without permission); and so someone else who I can not remember (maybe a woman) and I had to keep picking them up, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I can not remember most of the second dream either but I think that it took place during the day at a fictional fairground-like place in maybe a fictional version of the city of D in an area that was like a combination of the D/BP Fairgrounds and the area between the old FB Church Gym and the BP School Board Shop, and maybe a fair-like event was taking place.


Verbal Conflict Between Kingdoms Ruled By The Same Family | A Floating Shack Falls Apart In A Small Pond

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams last night but I forgot most of them after waking up several times probably because I was using too many pillows, and so I only barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream was pretty clear but unfortunately I have forgotten most of it and so it is so unclear that it does not make sense to me now, but I think that the dream took place during the day in a slightly familiar dream world that is sometimes in my dreams with slight variations each time; but usually this dream world almost always has warring small factions/groups/kingdoms/countries/et cetera who live next to each other.

I think that in this dream several members of the same family probably ruled separate small kingdoms that were next to each other and as usual there was a conflict between the ruling family members, but the situation was probably mostly verbal warfare instead of physical warfare between their kingdoms because they were part of the same family; and their family’s code helped to prevent warfare between family members from occurring so easily.

I was in one of the kingdoms at a building that might have been a castle and/or a public building with a large modern cafeteria on the first floor, and I remember eating/drinking/talking in the nice large modern cafeteria with other people; and I think that my former classmate DH was there and maybe a few other people I know.

During parts of the dream I remember hearing and/or seeing guards and ruling family members talking about the verbal conflicts, and I even heard/saw some verbal arguments between ruling family members; and I think that the ruling family had a slight Saudi Arabian-like style or something like that but I could be wrong, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the day in my parent’s yard and I was in the yard, and the outside of the yard in the field where my parent’s garden should be was a small pond; and some fictional kids with medium-to-dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair were playing not far from the fictional pond.

My parent’s had an old floating shack in the pond that was made of wood and tin and maybe a few automobile tires probably, and at some point I went to look at the floating shack to see if I could maybe live inside of it probably; and I remember a few of the kids in the area walking over to talk to me, and so I briefly talked with them until they ran off to continue playing with their friends.

The floating shack was moving around like it was not anchored anymore and so something seemed to be wrong, and so I could not reach it open the door to look inside; and so I waited as it floated around the pond depending on which direction the wind blew, and then the floating shack started to fall apart in the water.

I was a bit surprised by this even though the shack did look old and a young woman/female teenager with light brownish colored skin with dark brownish colored hair walked up to me, and she stood there with me as the floating shack fell apart; and she told me a few things about the floating shack, maybe she was my fictional sister or a fictional family member or a fictional person I knew, but I am not sure.

I was disappointed that I did not get a chance to look inside of the floating shack and I started trying to collect the pieces of the floating shack so that maybe we could rebuild it or at least use the pieces to build something else, but I woke up as we tried to collect the pieces.

My memory is unclear but this dream seemed to be very symbolic and there was something about the pond, about how the environment looked (maybe like a slightly cloudy/might rain day that looked a bit dream-like/surreal, but I am not sure), about what happened to the shack, about the young woman/female teenager and what she said, et cetera that makes me think that this dream was symbolic and was not literal.

The end,

-John Jr