My Former Classmate Jeff And Walking Through A Catholic Church

The end of this dream or my last dream was forgotten as I made my way to the living room to voice record it, but I do remember part of the rest of the dream or part of the dream before it. This dream was possibly partly inspired by a video that I watched before... Continue Reading →


6-29-2014 | Dream Fragment | Going To A Public Bathroom With Lady Gaga And A Man

Once again I forgot most of my dreams after waking up to use the bathroom without voice recording my dreams before going back to sleep, and once again I got scared a wake by someone's alarm clock on their mobile phone; and so now I only barely remember part of the end of my last... Continue Reading →

2-5-2012 | Dream Fragments | Bathroom Alert, And The Local Movie

*Warning viewer discretion is advised* Last night I remember part of two dream fragments & what happened in real life after my first dream, which took place during the day at a slightly fictional version of W Park in D, and I went to the park bathroom because I had to use the bathroom very... Continue Reading →

7-12-2011 | Dream Journal | A Nasty Bathroom Experience

Lazy Overview (Warning, do not read this dream while and/or before eating, and reader/viewer discretion/caution is advised/recommended due to nasty content!) 😀 : I can not remember most of the dream, but I remember being with a group of people and we were running from something and/or looking for something, in a strange large house/building.... Continue Reading →

3-28-2011 | Dream Fragments | Trying To Steal A Research Project

The last week or so, I have had several dreams as usual, with one that took place in an apartment/dorm-like building. I think I was sharing a room with several people, the room was just one big open room with no privacy. 😀 The toilets were actually holes in these long wooden benches in the... Continue Reading →

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