An Assassination Attempt Against King John Jr?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I was inside a large building, and there was a job or something that needed to be done that required one or more tools that were big enough for the job or task; and so some people were going around asking everyone if their tool or tools were big enough.

Someone asked me if my tool was big enough, I had a somewhat larger than average silver metal tool (maybe a wrench), and I replied yes; and then they moved to the next person.

Going Back In Time Through False Memories?

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I had some more dreams and there was more to this dream, but I did not voice record my dreams and I went back to sleep several times so I can only barely remember part of one dream from last night.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that I think that I was thinking about old memories, except these were false/fake/fictional memories as far as I know, and while thinking about these false memories I think that I would somehow end up being taken back in time to the moment when each false memory took place.

It seemed that I would really be there again in those moments reliving them briefly before them ending, and then I would be brought back to the current time period of the dream it seemed; but I could be wrong.

I can not remember all the false memories that I thought about and got to briefly relive, one that I can not remember possibly took place at a school but I could be wrong, and one took place at The B Parish Library.

I remember looking at the books in the new books section of the library near the front desk(s), I probably was comparing how things used to look back then to how they look now, and how things were organized but that is all that I can remember of this one.

Another involved me thinking about false memories that possibly took place at a fictional college during the day, this college seemed to be located where the HD Head Start school building in the city of D should be, and I briefly relived some of these false memories at this college.

I can not remember the parts that took place inside the college, but I do remember part of the end when I was outside the college.

My former female classmate CW and some of her fictional friends and I were under a one-story building at the college, it looked like the abandoned building at the HD Head Start school, and the building was off the ground enough to have a good amount of crawl space.

We were under the building talking and hanging out possibly because it was a shaded and more private area with dark somewhat soft dirt (that would probably be good for farming if sunlight could reach this area), I remember being interested in my former classmate CW and I was trying to get to know her better by some spending time with her and her friends, but it did not seem that she was interested in me really.

As I briefly relived this false memory I noticed some small tool kits (sets) with small tools in them, the kind in plastic cases with small screwdrivers and things like that, and I noticed at least one person (maybe my former classmate CW) had a small carton of milk like you have a school.

After briefly reliving this false memory I decided to go back to that area under the college building, I am not sure if I found any of the tool kits or not, but I did find a small carton of milk (school milk) to my surprise.

It seemed to be the one from my memory, I smelled it and it did not smell spoiled or rotten to my surprise, and it only had a bit of separation where you could see some of the water separated from the rest.

I tasted the milk and it tasted like it was still possibly good enough to possibly drink to my surprise (old with some separation and slightly odd taste, but not that bad like you would expect), which made no sense (I assumed that maybe this area under the building and some good bacteria had kept it fresh enough somehow or that this was a more recent milk that someone else left), but I spit most of the milk out after the first sip realizing how stupid it was to drink a milk that has sat under a building for many years.

It then seemed that I really was going back in time to briefly relive these false memories, I wondered how this was even possibly and how and why was this happening and if I could change things and would it effect/affect the present and/or future, and then I started thinking about all of this.

I started to get closer to realizing that these were not real memories as far as I knew, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

A New House & Unstacking Babies & Fighting Dustin Diamond

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired by the 1985 film called Fright Night, I watched half of it before going to sleep and I will finish the rest of it later today, and the dream probably was like the film itself with some of the main characters but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I remember three parts of my last dream from last night with all three parts taking place during a nice sunny day (there was more things that happened during the dream before this point, but I can not remember those parts), the first part of the dream involved most of my family and I going to and starting to move into a nice old multi-story house in a nice quiet upper class neighborhood, but I have no idea how we got this nice old house that was already mostly furnished.

Gang Members Disguised As Prison Guards And Prisoners?

I did not voice record any of my dreams from last night and I woke up and went back to sleep several times and I slept in a way that caused my back to hurt and/or my messed up bed mattress that needs to be replaced caused my back to hurt so I ended up forgetting most of my dreams except for barely part of my last dream.

All that I can remember of the dream is that it took place during the day and I was with most of my family (except for my brother CC and his family), at some point during the dream I remember my family and I parking our automobiles in a field, but I can not remember what we were doing or where we had arrived from.

At some point we left in most of our automobiles but my dad left his automobile and some of his stuff (a generator, tools, and maybe a few other things) behind, and we drove to another location to a house or building; and I forgot to mention that the field and the new location that we went to were both in the countryside or country, and they both were not that far from each other.

I am not sure what my family and I were doing inside the house or building but at some point I remember maybe using my mobile phone to look at a blog and possibly a blog challenge where you were supposed to make a special tea and gather a few more objects and use those while reading a blog post and maybe doing a blog challenge post of your own, and maybe the tea mix was sent to me but I needed to get the cream or milk and sugar and other supplies to make the tea.

My dad was probably fixing something and he needed some of his tools that he had left in his automobile in the field and so I left in my automobile to get his tools and to get the supplies that I needed to make the tea and the other objects I needed for the blog challenge, and once I reached the field I started looking around for my dad’s tools.

Slowly other people started arriving to the field to hang out, I remember finding some of the supplies that I needed to make the tea, and I remember thinking about bringing my dad’s generator and other tools and a few other things to avoid them possibly being stolen because my dad had some of these objects scattered around in the field.

As I was collecting these objects I remember a group of men with whitish colored skin who looked and dressed and acted and looked at me like they were the somewhat dangerous country racist type driving to the field in trucks, I felt that they were dangerous and possibly armed and that they might attack anyone who did not have whitish colored skin, and that they might steal and/or vandalize your property; but there were other people around, and so it seemed that would help to prevent them from doing anything like that.

I still kept an eye on them as I continued searching for all the things that my dad had left scattered in the field, as I was doing this another suspicious and dangerous group arrived, and it was several armed men with light-brownish colored skin who seemed to be pretending to be prison guards who were escorting a group of chained up prisoners who seemed to be from different countries because I heard some of them speaking various languages including Spanish.

I felt that the prison guards were really gang members in disguise because of how they walked, talked (their accents, curse words, tone, and they were using one or two languages that were possibly Spanish and/or an unknown language spoken in a country in the Middle Eastern parts of Asia), looked and their tattoos on their necks and other parts of their bodies, body language, facial expressions, their weapons and how they held them, and more.

To me it seemed that the prisoners were probably really rival gang members in disguise who they had defeated, and who they were now keeping as prisoners for ransom and as slaves for their gang; and they seemed to be transporting them somewhere, but they were stopping to get some exercise and fresh air after driving for a long time.

I remember one of the prison guards or fake prison guards having a long barrel revolver and another had a pistol or submachine gun, and they all had their weapons out and they were carrying them casually in their hands.

They walked the prisoners to the middle of the field and they let them play maybe soccer (football), I remember trying to avoid getting hit as I walked around searching for my dad’s tools and other objects, and I remember having difficulty finding some of the objects that I had found earlier.

The prisoners seemed happy and excited to be able to relax and play a sport finally, but I woke up as I was trying to finish gathering the objects into my automobile to return them to my dad because I was taking to long.

The end,

-John Jr

The Science Of Sleep Guru Dream Scene | The Vanishing And Instinct Blues

Source: YouTube

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved what some people call the guru dream scene from the film The Science Of Sleep and the music in that scene (Instinct Blues by The White Stripes), I watched this scene on YouTube before going to sleep, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This was an interesting short dream but my memory of it is messed up so a few important parts of the dream are missing leaving me confused about parts of the dream and the order of certain events in the dream and I have a memory of a strange thunderstorm-like storm that happened, but I can not remember if this happened in another dream or if this happened in this dream; and I can not remember when this strange thunderstorm-like storm happened, and so I will have to make a wild guess about this part.

All that I can remember is the dream starting during the day in a fictional dream world/planet/time period or a fictional version of our world/planet in maybe a near future time period in a mostly fictional area that looked like my parent’s house and yard in some parts and/or during certain parts of the dream, and in this world/on this planet there had been an event that happened in the past called The Vanishing where for unknown reasons some people’s body parts slowly started to fade away until one day the person eventually fades away completely (the fading process varied for each person, but eventually they all fade away completely whether it takes days or weeks or months or years to happen).

The Vanishing was continuing to happen/possibly spread around this world/planet with no one knowing the cause, those effected/affected/infected by The Vanishing were called The Vanished but I can not remember what those not effected/affected/infected were called, and both groups chose a person to represent them/whatever; and the person representing The Vanished was a man with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair maybe wearing a dark-colored suit and parts of his head and body had faded away already who had a less outgoing and more serious personality, and the person representing everyone else was a woman with whitish colored skin with maybe reddish/orangish-brownish colored hair who had an outgoing and relaxed and independent personality.

I think that I met both leaders/representatives/whatever as I was entering the yard where my family lived (a mostly fictional version of my parent’s house I guess) and they probably were explaining things to me, the man representing The Vanished had different beliefs/opinions/et cetera than the woman representing everyone else and he seemed to not like her at all, and he became angry and they had an argument/debate about how to handle The Vanishing and about the things that he did not like about the woman; and the man left in anger, and I continued walking and talking with the woman inside my parent’s house/building.

Some of my family was inside the one-story house/building and at some point I think that we walked through a room that had a walk-through bathroom before you got to the bedroom, we talked in both of these areas, and while talking I think that my family had a strange fictional female emu-like animal that possibly was a purplish color and was in the yard; and I think that they/someone told her to start trying to knock down part of the wall of the bedroom where the woman and I were talking for some reason (maybe to remodel it or something, and I guess the emu-like animal could understand some basic commands because they probably trained it), and so we heard the female emu-like animal running and hitting the top of the wall slowly making a large rectangle shape at the top of the wall that would eventually burst open into the room.

We continued talking and I remember asking the woman questions about The Vanishing, The Vanished, et cetera trying to learn more and something happened that I can not remember; but my wild guesses are that suddenly a strange thunderstorm-like storm started and I got struck by lightning/whatever (this was a very strange storm that looked like nothing that I have ever seen before, it did not even look like a real storm, but I can not remember the details) and then I became one of The Vanished where part of my body started the slow fading process or I became one of The Vanished after the emu-like animal knocked the wall in and I had to stop her when she would not stop running around the house or I became one of The Vanished after both of these things happened during a strange event but I can not remember.

I just know that someone changed their minds about having part of the wall knocked down and they commanded the emu-like creäture to stop but she would not stop (she had a name but I can not remember it), and so she eventually knocked a large part of the wall down forcing the woman and I to dodge it and the female emu-like animal ran around the house crazily not following commands as the song Instinct Blues by The White Stripes played out-loud as I chased her around the house trying to stop her from destroying it because she was still in destruction mode; and so eventually I had to tackle her to stop her and I had to put her in a rear naked choke using my legs to try to stop her from kicking and getting up, she was very strong, and my dad probably helped me take her back outside and she finally calmed down again.

I remember talking to the woman about my situation now that I was one of The Vanished and asking her questions but there was nothing that she knew that could help me except that they were trying to experiment with using the power of the mind to stop The Vanishing (the leader/representative of The Vanished thought that this would not work, but she had hope that it would work), where each of The Vanished would have to try to see if they can use their minds to stop the fading process for themselves, and I remember her telling me that she was sorry about me being one of The Vanished now and she wished me well before leaving; and I did not know how long I had until I faded away completely because it was different for each person, and so I decided to try to use my mind to stop it and maybe this worked but I can not remember.

I know that I told my family about my situation and about my experiment but I just can not remember the results, I remember going outside near my parent’s storage buildings and this part of the yard looked normal except that there were some metal shelves in the yard with tools/equipment, and my uncle CE was at E Manor and he saw me and he walked over to talk to me.

I wanted to see if he wanted something on the shelf and I would ask my parent’s if he could have it, we talked while he looked at the items on the shelf, and then I heard my uncle CE say: “She is signaling for me to leave.” and then he walked back to E Manor angrily; and I looked up to see my mom and then maybe my dad, and I talked with them asking them if my uncle CE could have something on the shelf and I asked why my mom signaled for him to leave; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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