Making Happy Wheels Levels And My Cousin DE | Dashie (Charlie Guzman) And Other Joe (Joe Lopez)

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it probably took place during a somewhat gray day in my parent’s yard, I was in an outdoor classroom with other students who were all high school age(d) so I was older than everyone, and my former female ACT Prep teacher was the teacher of this outdoor class.

The class seemed to involve gaming/game design/computers/the internet/and/or something like that because I remember at the end of class we were given an assignment for Monday, so it was probably Friday in the dream, where we had to make three levels for the free online video game Happy Wheels using the level editor for that game.

I was not sure if we were supposed to start now and during the weekend or wait until Monday, I decided to start now but first I waited for a male student with medium-dark brownish-colored skin wearing a baseball hat/cap to finish with the computer first while we talked a bit, and when he was finished I got on the computer to log-in to Happy Wheels.

When I logged in it showed an account/username that I did not recognize, I was confused by this but I made a level anyway, but then I decided to stop and ask the other student if this was his account/username; but he had already left, so I assumed that it was his account/username because he probably did not log-out first, and so I was going to explain this to him Monday and recommend that he always log-out when he finishes.

I decided that later I would try to log-in or create an account for Happy Wheels and then make my three levels for Happy Wheels but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream, and later in the dream everyone in the class was gone; and I was outside talking to my dad near the storage buildings.

My dad’s storage building had a fictional covered garage/carport over the back of it and there was a door or opening on the back of the storage building where you could walk through it to reach the covered garage/carport, and a fictional version of The G House next to my parent’s yard looked better and it was several times higher in the air and the front and back porches looked better than in real life.

My male cousin DE was still squatting/living there and he was mentally/emotionally/socially/financially/physically/et cetera unstable still/again talking/arguing/yelling very loudly with himself and people/things that are not really/even there, and my dad and I walked in the storage building still talking until we reach the covered garage/carport; and we heard a female voice coming from The G House along with my cousin DE’s voice.

We were confused/surprised by this and then we heard the female voice screaming and we heard loud noises like she was being chased around The G House while screaming for help, and so we ran toward the back gate to help; but we stopped when two men with brownish-colored skin walked on the back porch with a woman who had light-brownish colored skin and my cousin DE.

They seemed to be family members of the woman and they were blocking my cousin DE from reaching her telling him to stay back, my cousin DE was acting crazy and he had chased her, my cousin DE ran at them so one of the men pushed him; and my cousin DE flew off the tall porch, he was lucky to fall on something soft, and so he did not die or get injured.

My dad and I walked over to see if he was okay and he was, we talked to them as we all walked through The G House, and it seemed that the woman and the two men were going to move into The G House with my cousin DE; but after seeing how unstable and aggressive he is/was, they told the woman that was not a good idea, and so they canceled those plans.

We tried to talk to my cousin DE and we explained to him that he needs help but he still refused to get any help, the two men and the woman left, and my dad and I started to leave toward the back door after giving my cousin DE some more advice; but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second/last dream is that it took place during a gray somewhat wet day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, I think that I was at a two-story building that maybe looked like/was a combination of a tool store at the front with school-like offices/warehouse at the back, and I was visiting the people who owned it and worked there and their friends/family.

It seemed that the family of Dashie (Charlie Guzman) from YouTube owned it with maybe his sister as the manager, Dashie was there, Other Joe (Joe Lopez) from The Angry Joe Show was there, my former male classmate MB was there, some of their friends were there (maybe Sport was one of them), and some other workers who possibly only spoke Spanish.

Almost everyone there could speak Spanish except for my former classmate MB, Other Joe, and me (we probably only knew a few words and phrases); but mostly everyone could speak English, and most of the other people made fun of Other Joe for not being very smart and for not really knowing much Spanish (they expected him to know more Spanish).

An unknown man and I were sent to get and bring back a car so the man and I left to get the car that was somewhere near W Park I think, the man said that they were testing the car and that I did not have to worry about damaging it, and that if it made it back it would pass the test; but if it broke and did not make it back it would fail the test, and so trying to damage it was part of the test to make sure that it was durable/reliable enough.

I did not like this but he convinced me that everything was okay and he had me drive I think but I could be wrong, I remember having to drive over the wet grass and mud of W Park, and then drive over a concrete drop into the road that made a loud noise and shook the entire car; and then the car almost stopped working, but eventually it started moving normally again.

I turned into the main road and we started driving back but as we got near McDonald’s traffic had suddenly stopped so I pressed the brakes but they were not really working much or at all, and so I had to drive around traffic to avoid hitting anyone; and I could not stop so I had to turn into the Popeye’s parking lot to try to slow down the car, but I could not stop the car and  I could no longer dodge so we crashed into the protective area around their dumpster without causing much damage surprisingly.

The car was broken but the protective area around the dumpster was barely damaged, the man told me that he would wait around if the police came and that I should return to the others to tell them what happened, and have them come get the broken car and him; and so I left to do this, I returned to the back of the tool store/whatever, and everyone was moving and organizing things like they were about to close for the day/weekend to go out-of-town.

This back area had places where they could neatly organize items so that they would know where every thing was so that they could quickly and easily find every thing to refill the front of the store as people bought things, there were also some classroom-like offices and other rooms for the workers, and Dashie’s sister had an office on the second floor which overlooked this back area so it was not a full second floor exactly and there were metal stairs leading to it.

They were still making fun of Other Joe by giving him specific instructions and they would laugh and make fun of him as he struggled to follow them, and they would talk to him in Spanish and make fun of him as he struggled to understand them and try to respond or do what they said; and I probably told them that was not nice, and that I also did not know much Spanish at all either but I do know more French than Spanish.

I told them about the car situation and we talked as they finished their work before going to pick up the car and the man, and I was going to help them and then go out-of-town with them; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr