Getting Teased By Some Women?

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside my parents house, it felt like it was possibly dark outside, but I never got to see the outside.

At some point I went walking from the living room toward my bedroom, and when I passed the open bathroom door I saw my dad & one of my brothers naked in there like one of them was about to take a bath while the other was probably drying off after taking a bath.


Avoiding Superman | Malwarebytes

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and at the end of the dream I remember being inside The E House.

I remember noticing that I was shirtless somehow and so I was trying to find my shirt or any shirt, outside in the yard were a group of people doing something, and flying and walking around outside and maybe sometimes looking around inside the house was Superman or a Superman-like man with light-color skin with powers wearing a Superman-like outfit with a cape.


Becoming Part Of The British Royal Family | Dying To Avoid Zombies | Goam Foam

I do not feel like typing my dreams and so I might give a super lazy overview of these dreams.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and someone in my direct family (maybe one of my brothers) either was going to get married or had recently gotten married to a member of The British Royal Family, and I was traveling by automobile into the countryside to attend an event that was possibly connected to the wedding in some way.

As we drove I remember seeing some other vehicles including automobiles and one or more boats being pulled, and they were probably some family members of Princess Kate Middleton and their entourage.

At some point we arrived to the event that was outside, there were some chairs set up, and in front was a special seating area for The Middleton Family and my family now that we were or were about to be part of The British Royal Family.

Some members of The Middleton Family were already sitting down, most were children from young to teen and then a few adults, and we sat next to them; and there was a small crowd in the seating area, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I am not sure if this was a what-if type dream where another person and I were talking about what what-if we were in a certain situation and we had to try to survive and what would we do or if this was really happening in the dream and someone else and I was talking about the current situation in a similar way, either way, the dream took place inside a windowless locked warehouse with a tall ceiling.

At least one other person and I were trapped in this warehouse with an increasing number of wild, fast, climbing, jumping, smart, and dangerous zombies trying to kill/eat us.

We had no weapons or armor or anywhere to hide et cetera, it was a worst case scenario, and so all we could do was keep running and dodging and climbing and jumping et cetera to avoid them.

At some point I ran out of places to go so I kept going up climbing and jumping until I reached the ceiling where there were metal beams, I had climbed on top of stacks of things, but the zombies could climb and jump very well so they were right behind me the entire way no matter how cleaver I tried to be to avoid them.

At some point I reached a ceiling beam that was separate from another, I would have to jump but it was too far away and I did not have time to get a running start, the zombies were right behind me so I had to decide between getting killed/eaten or making a weak attempt to jump to the other side/jump to my death.

I chose to jump, I did not reach the other side as expected, and I fell to my death.

When I hit the ground I felt the start of the impact but I either woke up immediately or there was possibly a moment of darkness where I was possibly thinking and/or communicating with the other person who had been trapped in that situation with me, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream is unclear now and was all over the place, part or all of the dream possibly took place somewhere in Africa and/or Africa was talking about in one or more parts of the dream, and I remember walking around outside in a somewhat wilderness-like area with groups of other people talking.

There were some sunken dirt and mud areas, some areas with vines and trees, and various other areas as we walked through this possibly African wilderness-like area talking about Africa and various other things.

I remember telling someone that Africa was not as bad as many people think.

The next thing that I remember is reaching a city with various areas including sunken concrete areas with steps that you had to walk down, there were sidewalks et cetera, and I went down some steps to reach a building with some other people.

My coworker Mr. CF was the head of security in this building and he joined me and a fictional male employee and several other people as we hung out in this building, which had some tables and several different areas, and I remember the man with us trying to prank the others and somehow I got involved and I remember hiding at some point during one of his pranks.

The next thing that I remember is going to another building or outside where I met my coworker Mr. JM, he was working on some IT related stuff, and I remember having a somewhat profound conversation with him that felt like he was my subconscious or part of myself communicating with me.

I remember Mr. JM mentioning that some of the previous IT Assistants had more experience et cetera than me and knew more, he said that I was doing a pretty good job but that I still had a lot to learn, and he asked me if I really wanted to be doing this job and did I feel that I would possibly be better fit for a different job or something like that.

I responded that I did not feel that I was the best fit and that I probably did not know more than the previous two IT Assistants, but that I probably had more potential and that I just needed someone to help teach me what I needed to know in a more hands-on way; and I felt that I would possibly reach my potential or then we will know for sure if I had what it takes or not.

Mr. JM told me to really think about his questions and my responses, and to decide what I really want and feel; and that I should take time to really think about this.

The next thing that I remember is leaving in an automobile with a man, it was his automobile and he was driving, and I was possibly in the back seat; and it was evening or night now.

We parked in a parking lot of a gas station because we saw my former male schoolmate/baseball teammate TC, TC’s fictional younger girlfriend with light-color skin with yellow hair wearing a white tank top, and an older man with medium-to-dark color skin standing outside and maybe they needed something.

I stayed in the automobile while he talked with them, I waved at them though, and as they talked I realized that TC’s girlfriend had her breasts out even though she had a tank top she had it adjusted to where her breasts were showing oddly; and I tried to avoid looking in that direction as they talked.

Eventually TC and the older man stood outside talking while the man and TC’s girlfriend got in the back seat of his automobile and I moved to the driver’s seat, they started kissing and making out while TC and the older man were not looking, and I remember saying something to stop them.

When I stopped them it was perfect timing because TC and the older man were walking to the automobile, they did not see what had happened though, but that still bothered me and I wondered what was going on and why would they do that and should I tell TC et cetera.

They said goodbye and the man and I left.

The end of the dream or as I was waking up there were several people talking about something that I can not remember, whatever they were talking about did not happen in some environments because of the weather/climate, and one example they gave was in hot and humid environments and swampy-like areas.

In areas like that whatever they were talking about would lead to something called Goam Foam, which was some kind of foam-like stuff that would build up on the water, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Getting Lost In College-Like Buildings

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is being at a college-like campus that possibly had a few areas that were like a fictional military academy/base/location/place that is sometimes in my dreams, and I remember walking around exploring and getting lost in the various connected buildings.

Some of the buildings had classrooms, some had dorms and/or apartments, et cetera and I possibly had a dorm room or apartment in one of the buildings, but I got lost; and I remember walking into a tall/narrow tower-like multi-story RV (recreational vehicle) which few people seemed to pass through.

I walked down the various small/narrow floors of this RV, each was a very small room, and one of the rooms had a woman with medium brownish colored skin with blackish or dark brownish colored medium length hair who possibly lived in it or used it; and she had entered the room as I was passing through it, she possibly used several other floors as well, and I probably greeted her.

I continued walking down until I reached the first floor which was the RV itself and I saw the drivers and passengers seat and the windows to the outside, it was a nice day outside, and then I walked back up each floor until I reached the area where I had originally walked from; and I walked around to several halls that I walked through several times, and I went down some stairs that I went down several times that led to a room with a door on the left side that led to another hall.

This room was had a television, some chairs, and some more stairs on the right side of the room and this room was a room that you would pass through when trying to reach one of the halls; and so many people passed through this room, and I had passed through it several times in the dream.

I got tired of walking around lost and so I decided to watch some television so I sat on the stairs on the left side, I remember reminding myself that I needed to tell my dad that we should check the heater outside of the bathroom for a possible small gas leak, and I remember a news report on the television talking about the actor Bill Cosby.

A few other students sat in chairs and on the stairs to watch television and talk and do their homework et cetera, and the next thing  that I remember is being outside in a field near a garage/storage-like building where some soldiers and some other people were; but I can not remember what was going on exactly, maybe something was being filmed here and we were part of it, but I can not remember.

The soldiers were wearing their combat uniforms with no armor or weapons and they were standing against the garage/storage-like building, they seemed pretty relaxed and one of the soldiers was possibly Mr. MH the father of my sister-in-law JC, and he walked over to me to show me something on his mobile phone.

He was smiling and he showed me an image that one of his fellow soldier friends sent him, it was an image of a long-haired and bearded statue head of a man who looked like maybe a Greek god (or in that ancient style) with a non-statue/flesh/normal topless woman with whitish colored skin female upper body, and I thought that this was inappropriate especially because it seemed that him and the other soldiers were on duty but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that I was once again lost in some college-like buildings, possibly at the same college campus-like place from the first dream, and school was over for the day and the building was supposed to be closed/locked; and so everyone was gone, and I was trying to find the exit before someone thought that I was a burglar/robber/et cetera.

I was wearing a reddish and blackish colored nylon jacket, dark-colored winter gloves, a winter knit hat, pants, shoes, et cetera and at some point I reached some stairs that led to a room where the wall on the left side was windows/glass; and I remember trying to climb up on the rail a bit to see if I could see and exit, but I decided to look around for security cameras first and I saw one across the room on the wall.

I decided not to climb up on the rail because that would look suspicious and I kept my head down and I walked down the stairs away from the security camera hoping to find the exit before they notice me and call the police, I heard a door open and I saw a female janitor with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair pushing a cart outside, and so I waited a few seconds and I walked outside hoping that she would not see me.

It worked and I walked outside unseen and it was possibly a whitish/grayish colored day but I could be wrong, ahead of me was a courtyard where students were and some of them were selling things at stands, and so I went to look around.

I saw a probably male freshmen with medium brownish colored skin with short dark-colored hair, a probably female freshmen with whitish colored skin with maybe long reddish colored hair, and my former female classmate FS packing up the stuff at their stand like they were moving to another college/city; and so I stopped to see if they needed help.

I greeted my former classmate FS and she looked and acted negative-neutral toward me, I wondered if she was angry with me for turning her down many years ago back when we were in high school when she told me that she liked me (I did it as nicely as I could, at the time I liked my former female classmate CW, and I explained this to her nicely), and so I felt a bit strange/uncomfortable; but I woke as I was talking to them.

The end,

-John Jr


A Hal Yorke-Like Vampire With Mind Control Powers | An Entity Who Tortures People?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

The first dream is very unclear and I barely remember a few parts of the dream, the dream started inside of a fictional mall during the day, and among the shoppers at the mall was a male vampire who somewhat reminded me of the vampire Hal Yorke from the BBC TV show Being Human and so I will call him Hal.

Hal was an old and powerful vampire in the dream and there was/were one or more younger vampires in the dream like a Halle Berry-like female vampire who had lighter brownish colored skin than Halle Berry and larger breasts, and eventually in the dream I realized that Hal seemed to have mind control powers/abilities; and it seemed that he could mind control humans.

At some point in the dream I went to a strange dimly lit men’s bathroom in the dream that may have had showers, one or more humans and/or non-humans talked to me and gave me a warning about avoiding a non-human animal/creäture who was somewhere in the bathroom, and so I tried to be careful as I cautiously walked around the bathroom trying to find a safe/empty stall.

Eventually I think the non-human animal/creäture jumped out of a shower and/or stall that I opened, I think that it looked a bit like Cow from the animated TV show Cow And Chicken, and it seemed to be a bit crazy/goofy/talkative/et cetera; and at some point I left the bathroom, but I am not sure if I used the bathroom or not.

Eventually I remember walking outside and strangely I was in my parent’s yard by the window to my brothers KD’s and my brother TD’s room during a nice sunny day, and somehow I got a video/audio message/commercial on a mobile device that I had in my pocket of some topless women talking seductively like one those phone sex/et cetera commercials.

I noticed the Halle Berry-like female vampire from earlier was in the commercial and the commercial focused on her, she was also topless and being seductive, and she told the audience to call their number and/or come to their business in the mall; and then I noticed something that I can not remember that made me realize that Hal was able to mind control vampires as well, and I felt that he was mind controlling the Halle Berry-like female vampire and the other young vampires.

After the commercial ended the Halle Berry-like female vampire’s nose started bleeding and she lost consciousness and she fell to the ground/floor, and so it seemed that she and the other vampires had been under Hal’s mind control powers; and he had forced them to do the commercial, and other things.

I felt that Hal was going to use this business to lure humans so that he and the other vampires could drink some of their blood, and he would use his mind control powers to make them forget and/or to make them want to give some of their blood; and so I was considering going to the business to confront Hal about the situation, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream is also very unclear and I only barely remember two parts of the dream, the dream took place during a somewhat gray day in maybe T and it started in a video game-like way, and I probably was not myself; and I seemed to be controlling a man with whitish colored skin who was the main character of the game, and I was temporarily him/possessing him it seemed.

He/I sneaked into a narrow multi-story building to the top floor like this was a stealth game, he/I had to sneak past groups of armed men, but they saw him/me; and so we lost and he/I fell to the ground like we lost/died, but then a very large/tall strong man with brownish colored skin with medium length wet-looking straight/curly(?) blackish colored hair with yellowish/orangeish colored eyes walked in front of the group of armed me.

The large man came from a room in the dark hallway behind the armed men and he looked down at the main character/me and he spoke with a deep scary evil voice, it seemed that he was not really human and so he was probably a male entity of some kind, and he was going to take the main character/me to his room where he probably tortures people because I heard a man screaming in the room that he came from and I was afraid of this entity and I felt negative feelings coming from him.

It seemed that maybe the male entity would sometimes take/drag away a defeated character to his room to torture them/whatever, and so the main character/I refused to go with the male entity; and he/I tried to crawl away, and to his/my surprise the male entity walked back to his room to finish torturing the man in his room I guess and I think that the game/level restarted.

Next I remember the main character and I being on the inside of a boat that also had an outdoor area, we were separate people this time, and the boat was slowly moving on a body of water; and the main character walked outside to lay on a metal pole that went along the wall of the boat, and above it was another metal pole.

A large man with light brownish colored skin with medium length blackish colored hair approached the main character to talk with him as I watched/listen from a window that was on the wall next to them, the large man laid on the metal pole above the main character, and they both talked.

The main character talked mostly about problems in his life, some of those problems involved women, and the large man would listen and give advice/encouragement; but I woke up as I watched/listened to their conversation.

The end,

-John Jr