Tours & Warnings

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was outside during the day in another country somewhere in Asia, maybe India, and the dream involved tours.

I was a tour guide and / or was on several tours of some parts of the country, but some people throughout the dream kept warning me to not visit a certain area or certain areas in the country.


An Indoor Amusement Park In Japan?

All that I can remember of this dream is that it seemed to have taken place in Japan, and I seemed to be inside an indoor amusement park and/or something like that.

There were people from various countries there on tours, vacationing, et cetera; but most of the workers and people that I saw were from Japan (Japanese), but there were a few from maybe The United States and several other countries.

It felt somewhat like a mall in its design, at some point I passed a dimly lit area that looked like a cinema/arcade, and they had Star Wars themed laser tag so I joined a laser tag game.

They had a scoreboard that followed the rankings, there was a man who was overseeing our laser tag match, and I was easily winning the match even though I do not know much about Star Wars and I have never played laser tag before.

During the match I went through a door that led me back to the main areas, I tried to find the entrance, but I got lost because that door led to another part of the building and it had no door handle or anything.

*Sexual Content Warning*

I walked around and at some point I joined a tour group that that was being led by an attractive Japanese women with short brown hair, she could speak Japanese and English, during our tour of a few areas she would sometimes very briefly get naked and have sex with a Japanese man with short black hair until he would orgasm.

Oddly no one seemed to think that this was strange, and the woman would get dressed and continue the tour like nothing had happened; and this happened two or three times.

At some point I found the entrance to the Star Wars themed laser tag place, I went inside where I found the man over the match, and he told me that it was over and that I had gotten second place and the person who won had barely won even though I had accidentally left the match.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners got prizes so he took me to get my prize.

While I was getting my prize I met the 1st place winner, he was a man with light-color skin with short yellow hair, and I congratulated him and he gloated about his victory a bit.

I then left to continue exploring the assumed indoor amusement park and during this time I met some of my former classmates like my former male classmate BH and JS, and I met someone named Natalie and/or someone talked about her.

At some point I found a grocery store-like area that I started to explore, near the produce section I noticed the letters HBC and I saw a group of people with dark-color skin walking in the distance, and I wondered if HBC stood for Historically Black College; and I wondered if the group of people I saw were part of a college tour group from a HBC.

I then found some small free samples of various flavors of ice cream that I have never tried before, the containers were open and in mostly melted ice, and so some of the containers were completely melted.

I tasted two or three of the ice cream samples, I could taste them somewhat, but I can not remember the flavors though other than one maybe having caramel and/or butterscotch.

I then saw some tables with glazed cinnamon bun-like pastries, and two Japanese women with long medium-to-dark color hair were sitting near.

I assumed that they were offering some free samples because some were just pieces while others were complete, and so I asked them but they only spoke and understood Japanese.

We struggled to try to understand each other with hand signs, the spoke Japanese, and I tried speaking English and some French and some Spanish; but this was not working.

I did taste a sample and I thanked them, and then I left because we all were confused and could not understand each other mostly; they were making facial expressions of confusion.

But I woke up as I walked away.

The end,

-John Jr


A Possible Felony & A Tour Of A Dock

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I seemed to be at work at my shelver job at The B Parish Library, except it looked different and it was possibly an indoor/outdoor building, and I remember my female coworker Mrs. R asking me and some of our other coworkers a question.

My coworker Mrs. R had some documents I think that had possibly gotten wet, these documents possibly belonged to the government (maybe federal government) and/or another library and/or something like that, and she wanted to try to dry them using maybe a microwave oven (microwave) or something like that but she had heard that it was a felony (crime) to do something like that.


A Lily C.A.T. Inspired Dream

File:Lisa Loeb 2014.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was traveling by foot (walking) with my aunt ME during the night or evening, we stopped to stay at a small one-story rest stop (rest area)-like area on the right side of the street where the house of the parent’s of my former male classmate DH should be, and we were approached by a homeless kid (boy) who was acting strange.

The homeless boy started blaming us for something and telling us that we had to pay him, it was a scam, and we refused his scam so the boy pulled out a pistol.

I pulled out a pistol as well and I tried to talk the boy down but I failed, and so we both took cover for a shootout but I can not remember if we ever shot at each other or not.

At some point I was able to talk the boy down so the shootout or armed standoff ended, I even helped the boy, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was walking with some people who seemed to be tourists touring parts of a slightly fictional version of the city of D on foot, and we were walking downtown across the train tracks and some serious-looking TSA agent-like people were guarding the area (maybe dream security?).

The TSA agent-like people blocked the road where the train tracks were after we crossed, they were allowing us to tour this area undisturbed by traffic it seemed like we were part of an official tour, and they were seriously guarding this area like someone important was there and/or was going to arrive.

We entered the first floor or underground floor of a multi-story building, this floor was almost like a parking lot (parking garage or whatever they call them), and I saw Mr. MS acting as a tour guide for another group of tourists it seemed.

As our group walked toward their group, like maybe we were going to join them, a nicely dressed attractive and somewhat seductive woman seductively and confidently walked through us talking and capturing everyone’s attention as we parted to make way for her to pass through the crowd.

She looked like a more attractive and seductive politician/leader-like version of Lisa Loeb who could easily command an audience as she spoke of various things, probably the history of this place, like she was unofficially taking over as the tour guide or she just enjoyed capturing the attention of people.

The woman seemed to possibly have the power to capture your attention, everyone was focused on her as she moved and talked seductively and confidently as she informed us of various things, and she seemed to enjoy herself and this seemed so easy to her.

I am not sure if the next part is part of this dream or not, it is possible that this woman was in this part of the dream or this dream, and so I will type it as a separate dream because I am not sure.

Dream 3

This dream or this part of the dream took place at maybe a college-like building, this was inspired by a Japanese animated (anime) film called Lily C.A.T. that I watched before going to sleep, Chris Stuckmann had mentioned it in a video months ago so I downloaded it from this website:

I was at this college with other people, strange things were going on like in the film Lily C.A.T and people were not sure who to trust or what was going on so there was a lot of tension and mystery and suspense and probably horror, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A School Trip To A Film Set Location In The City Of D

Source: Wikipedia

Someone has talked to me constantly all morning so I have not been able to voice record my dream or think about it or even clear my mind after waking up, even now they are talking to me as I try to type my dream, and I only barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night because I forgot my other dreams.

I remember being outside during the afternoon with a class and I seemed to be in high school again maybe, at some point we got on a bus to leave to take a trip, but first the popular/cool/rich kids took a moment to assign everyone to groups that I assume would decide how you are treated/what direction your education goes/what direction your job training goes/et cetera.

I got assigned to The Nerd Group which had a special name that I can not remember which grouped the people considered to be nerds, outcasts, and people like me who are harder to categorize because I am not part of any group really; and this annoyed me a bit because I usually do not liked being up in groups/categorized/labeled, especially when I have no idea why and how this will effect/affect my life, and so I wanted answers but I got none.

After being assigned groups our bus started driving and we were told about a show that had been filmed recently in the city of D (which was a somewhat fictional version of the city), and our bus drove down a street/neighborhood where the show had been filmed; and it was a fictional quiet dead-end street in what seemed to be TL, and there were nice small two-story houses on both sides of the street that possibly were abandoned and used for storage maybe even though they were in good condition or people still lived there but it was just very quiet.

Near the end of the street there were tall shelves of office supplies and various other types of supplies for an outdoor and indoor warehouse/storage facility, our bus stopped at the dead-end sign, and we walked into an opening into the dimly lit warehouse/storage facility to meet the workers who had appeared in the show.

Eventually it felt like we went underground almost like a sewer and the workers were looking at screens in an open room and they greeted us, one of the workers was an athletic version of my former male classmate MJ, and we briefly talked as they showed us their scenes from the show.

I remember my former classmate MJ fighting in his scenes and he was doing amazing powerful/fast/acrobatic kicks/punches/attacks, and I forgot to mention that we had a male tour guide with whitish colored skin but I can not remember if the tour guide was a woman or man.

When our bus first reached the neighborhood we had switched to a small tour(ing) vehicle and the tour guide explained things to us and guided us, and after seeing scenes from the show the tour guide told us about a charity that the tour guide was trying to get donations for that had something to do with helping people in certain places Africa and other countries that needed aid for something that I can not remember.

The tour guide showed us a map and a video, this part of the dream was like the video game Age Of Empires III, and on the map we had to build trade posts in certain areas and castles to defend them from enemies trying to attack; and one area on the map was the house/yard of the person who the tour guide was engaged to who I think was from/in Japan, and we had to build a trade post and castle on it.

We built the trade post but someone forgot to build the castle and so the trade post got attacked and destroyed, and so we were going to have to rebuild the trade post and build a castle to defend it.

The other castles were doing a pretty good job defending the other trade posts, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr