Tours & Warnings

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was outside during the day in another country somewhere in Asia, maybe India, and the dream involved tours.

I was a tour guide and / or was on several tours of some parts of the country, but some people throughout the dream kept warning me to not visit a certain area or certain areas in the country.

The Taliban Taking Over & A Man Shoots Himself

This dream took place during the day, and part of the dream involved the Taliban taking over Afghanistan as a man was giving tours of Afghanistan while also filming a documentary.

To avoid the Taliban attacking him, the man would pretend that the documentary was just about the Taliban, which was not true, they were going to be in it, but the documentary was not just about them.

CR Goes To The L Bookbinding Company

All that I can remember of this dream is that in the dream I had once worked at a larger nicer more organized version of The L Bookbinding Company that I used to work at in real life, and the beginning of the dream either involved me working there in the fictional past or the dream showed some of my false memories of having worked there in the past.

After that the dream jumped to the current time line of the dream, I no longer worked at The L Bookbinding Company, and I assume that I was working at The BP Library; and my female coworker CR asked me about The L Bookbinding Company like maybe she was thinking about trying to get a job there or something like that.

A Bus And A Virtual Tour Of W Park?

I had more dreams that I remembered but maybe I falsely thought that I had recorded them each time that I woke up and I went back to sleep, and so now I can only barely remember one of my dreams.

This dream took place during the day, I remember being on a bus with no seats, and so we had to sit on the floor.

Picktime & President Donald Trump

I had more dreams that I woke up remembering, but I went back to sleep without recording them; and so now I can only remember part of a dream that seemed to be more of a stress / quicksand-like dream that I was trapped in.

In the dream I was at work at The BP Library at my IT Assistant job constantly trying to deal with trying to troubleshoot a Picktime issue involving me trying to figure out how to add 15-minute breaks after every 1 hour time slot for available computer lab appointments without time slots being off by an hour or so.

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