A The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim-Like Video Game Tournament?

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I woke up during the night remembering part of one or more dreams but for some unknown reason(s) I did not voice record my dreams before going back to sleep, and so I had another dream after going back to sleep and I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of the end of my last dream.

At the end of my last dream I was somehow seeing a The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim-like video game tournament taking place either in my mind or in a dream within a dream or on a screen or in the air, and a male host with whitish colored skin with short blondish colored hair with a microphone was being filmed by a film crew as he interviewed each contestant one-at-a-time as they stood up playing the game.

The first contestant was a tall man with whitish colored skin who maybe spoke English with a British accent, the second contestant was either a girl or boy (probably a girl) with whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair who probably only spoke French so the host had to translate what she/he was saying, the third contestant was a man with whitish colored skin who probably spoke English with an Eastern European or Russian accent, the fourth contestant was a woman with whitish colored skin who probably spoke English with a British or Australian accent, and I can not remember the other few contestants except that at least one of them also did not speak English (maybe this person spoke Japanese or Mandarin or Korean et cetera).

I thought that it was strange that there was a video game tournament for a single player game and so I was a bit confused about that/this, and I was surprised that this was being filmed and that it had a host; and I thought that it was strange that the host was interviewing the contestants as they were trying to focus on playing the game.

Eventually the dream jumped back to me and I was outside during a nice day jogging down the road by FF Bank that leads to the PW Elementary School and to the CT Gym, I turned on the street in front of the PW Elementary School and there were two boys with whitish colored skin playing in the street, and so I waved and I smiled and I said hello to them as I jogged around them; and they smiled and they said something back to me, and I probably told them that I recommended that they play on the grass/field instead of the street because it was dangerous to play in the street.

I wondered where their parents’ were but then further up the street on the left I saw a man and maybe a woman with whitish colored skin who probably were their parents’ and I also saw two more kids with whitish colored skin, they were playing with a remote-controlled toy car, and they probably tried to race me with it as I jogged by.

I smiled/laughed and I greeted the adults/kids and I started to talk to them about something, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Slow Motion / Fast Motion Blackout Technique / Power With Spock And Justin Long And My Former Classmate MP And A Mixed Martial Arts Tournament In The City Of LC

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Once again I almost did not have any dreams and I forgot most of the only dream that I barely remember part of, I had gas last night but I slept pretty well/solidly, and I somehow managed to somewhat remember part of one dream but my memory of it is a mess/messed up and so it will not make much sense.

I only remember part of the dream from near the end of the dream until the end of the dream, the dream seemed to take place in a fictional version of LC during the day, and I probably went shopping/looking around at some stores/businesses and restaurants; and there was one business (maybe a restaurant) where probably most of this part of the dream took place because I remember seeing a dream character from this part of the dream later in the dream who worked at that business and/or who was one of the owners of that business that was a family run Cajun-like business/restaurant I think, but I can not remember most of the first half of the dream.

At some point I was inside a building in a room where there was/were mostly men or only men, my former classmate MP (BJ/Big J) was there, and there was a black colored cage like mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting cage except that it was square or rectangle shaped; and I remember talking with the men/people there, and it seemed like there was a food/drink stand not far from us and it seemed like a mixed martial arts tournament was going to take place.

At some point a conversation about fighting/grappling began and somehow it led to my former classmate MP (BJ/Big J) and I getting in the cage to see who would win in a grappling match or fight, my former classmate MP was taller/fatter/more muscular in the dream than he is in real life, and he looked super big/tall/fat/strong so it looked like I should not stand a chance against him and no one thought that I could win.

The others expected that it would be a quick and easy win for my former classmate MP, our fight/match started and I focused on using my speed and positioning to get him in a position where I could take him to the ground to put him in a submission, but I also tried to test my strength against his strength to see how strong he was compared to me; and at some point I took him to the ground, and I tried to put him in a rear naked choke submission/chokehold but his neck & body was very fat/thick/strong and it was too hard to get the chokehold in properly.

Even though I was having a hard time trying to get the chokehold in, I still was winning and I had him under control mostly because I was using my grappling skills which were way better than his, and eventually I got the rear naked choke in properly; and he tapped out/quit, and I won the match/fight to the surprise of everyone.

My former classmate MP and I shook hands after our match/fight and we went back to talk with the other men/people, and they were so impressed that they wanted me to join the mixed martial arts tournament but I had not training and I did not want to take part in it really; but they convinced me to at least fight in one round, and so I did.

More people arrived and the mixed martial arts tournament started and I fought my first official fight, and I won; and I moved to the next round, and I fought in several rounds winning each time to my surprise.

At some point Spock from the newer Star Trek films was there watching my progress and he was or became my next opponent, I remember there was talk and/or thoughts about his advanced fighting skills and maybe about his Vulcan fighting style, and so I was not sure if I could win or not and I knew that fighting him would be a challenge; and Spock was being a bit cold/serious/focused/quiet as usual.

Our fight started and Spock was my toughest opponent yet but my grappling skills gave him a hard time to his surprise, and I survived the first round against him which shocked and annoyed/confused and angered him; and it seemed that Spock refused to lose, and so he realized that he was going to have to start using more of his true potential and some of his secret/advanced fighting techniques.

In the second round Spock slowly started unlocking more of his true potential during our fight and he started to slowly use more advanced/secret fighting techniques, and I started having an even harder time surviving the fight; but Spock was still annoyed/confused/angry that he still had not defeated me yet, and he unlocked a power/technique that was confusing that I will call the slow motion/fast motion blackout technique.

This power/technique allowed Spock to move either super fast and/or to slow down time (or it seemed like time was slower because of how fast he moved) and a blackness surrounded him and a certain area around him preventing you from seeing through the blackness, but fortunately somehow I was able to use this power/technique to his and my surprise; and so we both fought using this slow motion/fast motion blackout technique/power, and it was confusing/amazing but the others watching our fight could not see us through the blackness when we used this power/technique.

Spock was one of the characters who stood out in this dream and in a way he probably represented me or part of me, during our fight and during our breaks it seemed that we were somewhat connected because I could somewhat see/hear some of his thoughts and/or he spoke out-loud and we had a similar style of thinking/planning being a strategist during fights trying to predict our opponents moves and how to defeat them, and so we had this in common as we fought trying to plan and predict what the other was going to do and how to respond to it and so it was like fighting a stronger/more skilled/more powerful version of myself.

I remember struggling to survive against Spock even with this new power/technique, Spock started to become angry and frustrated to the point where he was unlocking even more of his true potential and I feared that he might lose control and kill me, and fighting with this technique/power was like fighting in slow motion because we were moving so fast; and we had time to try to guess each others moves to try to counter each other, I barely survived the second round, but I did not think that I could survive a third round.

During the break after the second round I remember having a few minor injuries and I felt that there was no way that I would win because Spock still was not finished showing his true potential and advanced/secret techniques and he did not look hurt or tired, and I remember seeing him sitting in a chair looking forward/straight ahead looking angry/frustrated/focused/serious and a bit out of control; and he was ready to defeat me in the third round even if he had to unlock all of his true potential and techniques because he refused to lose (losing was not an option and he felt very strongly about this for some unknown reason(s)), and he was still confused about how I was able to survive this many rounds against him and he could not logically make sense of it and this frustrated him even more because even he could not make sense of it (I was a bit surprised that I survived that long as well).

I no longer had any will to fight really and I thought about quitting but something/someone interrupted the tournament so there was going to be a long break, I took this as a chance to quit, and I remember a man trying to talk me out of quitting but he failed; and as he was walking off I realized that I had seen him earlier in dream and that it seemed that he had recognized me too, he was a worker or one of the owners of the Cajun-like business/restaurant, and so I stopped him to ask him if that was true and he said yes.

He had whitish colored skin with short blondish/brownish colored hair and he was wearing a whitish colored t-shirt with blue jeans and he probably had a somewhat fat stomach, he said that he recognized me from earlier as well, and we said a few more things before saying goodbye; and I officially quit the tournament, I came across my dad somehow, and we both drove in separate automobiles to leave LC but we stopped at the bridge that leads to MB.

I wanted to use my new slow motion/fast motion blackout technique/power to jog across the bridge and/or all the way back to D, I told my dad that he could continue and that I would try to catch up with him later, and so my dad left; and I started jogging across the bridge and fortunately no automobiles were driving across the bridge at this point, but at some point I realized that trying to jog home like this was not going to work very well (it was slower and more tiring than I thought that it would be) and I noticed a somewhat older woman with whitish colored skin with medium-length blondish colored hair on the bridge as well and so I stopped to greet her.

She was enjoying the view of the C River from the bridge and she also was looking a some fictional construction on the left side of the bridge where an area was being built so that people could walk and hangout with a nice view of the C River, but the construction was not finished and the area was blocked off; and I remember us talking about this and about my new power/technique and about my failed plan to jog back to D, but then we saw someone else jogging up the bridge using the same technique/power and so we could not see the person through the blackness at first.

I ran toward the person using the same technique/power and the person stopped, it was a man who looked like the actor Justin Long, and I greeted him; and traffic was starting to come across the bridge, and so the three of us climbed to the area that was still under construction but no one was working on the area at the time.

We talked about how unsafe it was to cross the bridge on foot, about the new power/technique that Mr. Long and I knew, some other things, and we enjoyed the nice view of the C River; and I remember Mr. Long said that he was jogging across the bridge for exercise and to enjoy the view of the C River.

At some point I wondered how was I going to get back to D and I remember hoping that my automobile was still near the bridge, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Street Fighting Tournament With Various Athletes And A Serious Beating

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I got awakened by a fire alarm, which scared me straight out of a dream and I jumped out of bed to make sure there was not a fire, and I somehow managed to remember part of a dream fragment or two as I ran to check for a fire.

I did not think about the dream fragments since checking for a fire was more important, there was no fire fortunately (someone had lit some heaters for some stupid reason(s)), but after that scare all that I could remember of that dream fragment or dream fragments was seeing a woman & maybe a boy; and so I got back in bed trying to remember the dream, and surprisingly I was able to remember part of the dream when I turned down the ceiling fan a bit.

The dream took place during the day outside in a fictional area near a small building, some athletes from various sports were lined up on a concrete/pavement area near this building (this area what mostly concrete/pavement like a parking lot), and they each were going to face another athlete in a match of some kind; and some observers & regular people who were to be referees were there.

Each athlete had opponents picked and the match order was set, we waited for the first match to begin, it was between a male tennis player and a very tall & strong-looking male swimmer I think; and the swimmer was expected to win easily, so I am guessing that some of the observers probably were betting money on fights but I could be wrong.

There were female athletes there too, maybe even some younger athletes as well, and I think that I thought that the matches would involve them each having to compete in a certain sport depending on the athletes; and I went inside the building for some reason, the first match started without me outside so I missed it, and I went outside to see a terrible scene.

The tennis player was badly beaten and a lot of blood was on the ground, I saw no referees or help, and so I yelled for people to call an ambulance; and I started trying to find out what happened & where were the referees & the help, and so while some people were helping the tennis player I went inside the building to look at security camera footage of what had happened.

The match was a fight to my surprise, a street fight without gloves & no referees were there oddly, and the tennis player over-powered the tall & strong swimmer to my surprise; and he was winning the fight, but another man hit the tennis player in the head with a weapon from behind & the swimmer & the man beat the tennis player badly & maybe even raped him.

I heard the swimmer make some negative statements during the beating, like maybe the tennis player & him used to date or something, so this beating/attack was related to that; and I was shocked/angered by what I saw & heard, and I thought it was such a cowardly attack & I was angry that the referees were not there or doing anything or any of the observers.

I remember hoping/wondering if the tennis player was alive and/or if he would survive, and I remember yelling & questioning the referees & observers about how something like this happened; and about how unprofessional they were, but I got awakened by the fire alarm in the real world.

The end,

-John Jr


A Track & Field Tournament With A Criminal Investigation

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional area.


A Tennis Tournament | A Fake Job / Reality TV Show | First Lady Michelle Obama In A Parking Lot?

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Dream 1

I barely remember part of three dream from last night, with the first dream involving a tennis tournament (a somewhat common dream theme), and I probably was in the tournament even though I am not a professional tennis player & I have never learned to serve properly; and I only remember female tennis players being in the dream oddly, there could have been a few male tennis players but I am not sure, and maybe I competed against only female players but I am not sure.

I know that the tournament took place during the day in a fictional area that was slightly familiar as usual, I did not do good as usual, and I probably did not make it past the first or second round; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The second dream involved one or more female tennis players from the first dream, some other people, and I but this dream is confusing & unclear; and I remember most of it taking place in a small building that was like my brother’s D&D room combined with an office, and we had gotten jobs at this building I think & our boss was a large strong man with medium-dark brownish colored skin with a bald head & he acted mean.

I remember that during a few parts in the dream I connected online with a woman & man who were a couple, we had signed up for what we thought were Google Profiles or something like that, and we would chat & do Let’s Plays / play video games together like this was our job or something; and I remember editing my profile and I noticed that my name was set to John instead of John Jr, and so I changed it but I started to notice a few strange things missing & that the couples usernames/names changed like they had more than one profile and/or changed their usernames/names (I think that we got tricked & that these were fake Google Profiles & that this was part of the fake jobs/reality TV show that we did not know about).

This was going on at various times while I was in the office-like building and the boss was making people/us do strange things, at some point each person except maybe a female tennis player & I got kidnapped & interrogated/tortured by people working for the boss for 24 hours straight in a van parked outside of the building, and afterward the boss refused to pay any of us for our work.

It started to seem that our jobs were fake and that we were being filmed for a reality TV show, but no one had told us, and I wondered if the interrogations/torture would seriously effect/affect some of us & I thought that doing that was very stupid/dangerous; and I wondered would they take responsibly for the damage they might cause, because some of us were having mental/emotional breakdowns after everything that was done to us.

The female tennis player and I were fortunate to have been left alone for some reason, and so we questioned the boss about our money that he owed all of us & the interrogations/torture/stupid stuff/his bad attitude; and we argued with him, but it did not help, and it was clear that he would not pay us or apologize but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

Dream 3

The third and last dream took place during a gray day in a fictional version of LC or another familiar dream city, I was riding with my family except my dad in their automobile with my mom driving, and at some point I noticed that the road started flooding like the sewers were messed up and/or water pipes had busted; and I remembered something happening like this the last time that I dreamed of this place and I remembered seeing President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in a parking lot outside.

At some point as my mom was cautiously trying to drive through the flood along with the rest of traffic, I noticed a woman who looked like or was First Lady Michelle Obama standing in a parking lot similar to the B&S parking lot near an automobile, and this was similar to my past dream of this place or false memory except I did not see President Barack Obama.

I wondered if that was her and what was she doing and where was the United States Secret Service, it seemed that there were some other people (maybe security & assistants) in automobiles probably trying to keep a low-profile, and I told my family what I saw; but I woke up as I was looking back & thinking.

The end,

-John Jr