Gillian Anderson & Deliveries | A Detective | My Parent’s Fence Gets Hit By A Tractor

Last night I went to sleep on the couch for about 4 1/2 hours until 6:00 AM after watching television (Japanese anime) with my brother GC, I had several dreams during that time, but I only remember barely part of two dreams from that time; and then I remember part of a third dream that I had later after going to sleep in my bed.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that the actress Gillian Anderson was talking to some of her friends, and she mentioned maybe a dessert or something that she has delivered to her house.


Humans + Vampires + Zombies + Daniel Craig’s James Bond + Daryl Dixon + Jimi Hendrix’s Song Purple Haze = ?

I remember part of a long dream from last night, which took place mostly during the day in a fictional place similar to L or T in areas near a major highway system, but I can not remember some of the important parts of the beginning of the dream so it will not make much sense in the beginning; but I remember walking or parking on side of a major highway to explore some buildings or something like that, I went inside an office/bank-like building, and something strange that I can not remember clearly happened in this building that had a major effect/affect on the dream.

Inside the building were female & male workers dressed up for bank/office work but one or more vampires probably entered the building to take us hostage and/or do something that I can not remember, I am guessing that under the office was a secret research lab & the top bank/office area was cover for this secret operation, and maybe the vampire or vampires purposely or accidentally found this secret research lab; and something happened that released a zombie or zombies and/or that created one or more zombies, and they probably started attacking people in the building.

I either got turned into a vampire or I somehow was no longer myself at this point & was in the body of one of the vampires, I am not sure which but I will assume that I was not myself at this point until a bit later in the dream, I just remember walking off like I was not worried; and I walked to a field near the highway where there was this popular multi-story building where many shops/restaurants/even a casino was located in one building, I went there to explore I guess or maybe the vampire body that I was in went there for a certain reason or reasons, and I remember exploring & maybe talking with a few people.

I was leaving at some point when zombies started attacking people in the field outside of the building and they were headed toward the building, I was not worried at first in this vampire body & I easily avoided them at first, but I saw that some of them were strong/fast/could jump high like vampires; and a few of them killed a vampire in the field to my surprise, and then they came after me.

The vampire body that I was in was arrogant/over-confident/defiant(?) and he refused to be defeated by some lowly zombies, I remember dodging the new super zombies as we jumped very high into the air & ran around fast, and fortunately they were no match for my dodging skills but I still barely escaped if it were not for that; and after this point I became my normal Human self again probably, but weaker than normal.

Some of the survivors and some random people along my journey joined together in groups, moving from place-to-place along the highway system trying to find food/water/weapons/ammunition/shelter/et cetera, and they/we avoided the city/cities because they would probably be full of zombies; and I probably moved from group to group and/or place to place, the dream was pretty long, and at some point I was with one group who had Daryl Dixon from the TV show The Walking Dead in it and Daniel Craig‘s James Bond.

James Bond was not much of a team player & was more of a loner type in this dream since most of the people in our group were pretty helpless & untrained, Mr. Bond seemed to be the type of person ready to survive the situation that we were in, and I was glad to have him on our team; and I wanted him to help train us, but the rest of our team had other ideas which were not very good or helpful (except for Daryl who agreed with Mr. Bond & I).

The rest of the team was weak and too relaxed/helpless & not willing to learn much so Mr. Bond started distancing himself, we eventually found a nice building to call home after probably surviving one or more fights with one or more other groups & zombies (barely, thanks to Mr. Bond), but members of our team did die in those attacks; and this building that we chose as home was like a combination of a house/gym/warehouse oddly, and it had a clear weakness on the first floor where there was a glass french-style sliding door that Mr. Bond & Daryl & I wanted to fortify but the rest of our team disagreed unfortunately.

The rest of our team was lazy & weak & did not properly secure the building like Mr. Bond & Daryl & I recommended, Mr. Bond spent a lot of time gathering weapons & ammunition preparing for the obvious security breach that would happen, Daryl kept to himself as well, and I tried to talk with the rest of the team to help save our team from their stupidity but they would not listen.

One day we got caught somewhat by surprise by a zombie attack through the french-style glass door that the rest of our team refused to fortify, the rest of the team wanted to escape & find a new home, but Mr. Bond wanted to fight & eventually retake control of this home; but the rest of the team left, Mr. Bond left the team, but Daryl & I went with the rest of the team temporarily hoping to get them to change their minds.

The team still would not listen to me and they were being too weak & stupid to survive so I left to join Mr. Bond later in the dream, who had now retaken our old home, and I knocked at the door holding up my hands in the air so that he would not shoot me & I told him who I was & I said some things to prove that he knew me; and I asked him if he remembered me, I could not see him since I went to the entrance area that had a dark spot, but I heard Mr. Bond say that yes he remembered me & he let me come inside.

To my surprise he was relaxed like he was glad to have someone to talk to again that he trusted, I thought that he would be on the edge & angry & that he would have his gun ready to shoot me but I was wrong, and we walked to an upper area over-looking the first floor; and we talked about the past, and then Daryl came to join us.

We made the mistake of letting our guards down to catch up on what had happened since we last met, and a group of men & women from another group sneaked into the building; and they took us hostage, since we did not have our guns at the time since we wanted a peaceful talk where no one would feel threatened, and so our guns & ammunition were in Mr. Bond’s armory that he made in the building.

They came to steal weapons, ammunition, et cetera and they probably were going to consider taking our home; and I remember playing the role of the good hostage who caused no trouble so that they would not see me as a threat, Daryl stayed quiet waiting for a chance to attack once Mr. Bond made a move, and Mr. Bond waited for a chance to get our weapons.

At some point a woman in the group was supposed to be watching me, since I was the good hostage should had her guard down, and I decided to distract her by talking or something; and Mr. Bond sneaked off to the armory to get our weapons, and at some point a shoot-out started.

I probably took the woman’s pistol and Daryl, and I ran off to help Mr. Bond; and Mr. Bond gave us some weapons and ammunition that he got, and we fought our way out & we escaped outside stealing a monster truck that one of our former hostage takers had; and we drove off, and at some point we picked up my former classmate JC who was walking on side of the highway.

This next part of the dream was funny & fun, James Bond & Dary Dixon & JC & I were now riding fast & doing stunts down the highway in the monster truck listening to Jimi Hendrix’s song Purple Haze (no joke, this happened in the dream 😀 ) while talking/laughing/joking around/having a good time during a zombie apocalypse, and surprisingly there were some other people driving on the highway at some point; and whoever was driving decided to do a crazy/dangerous stunt on the side of the road, a tractor was making a mound/hill of dirt on the side of the road, and whoever was driving our monster truck drove past the tractor & over the dirt mound/hill to ramp/fly in the air off the mound/hill back into the highway.

I remember seeing the face of the tractor driver as he drove out of our way in fear/shock, and he watched us ramp/fly over the dirty mound/hill; and he had his mouth open in amazement, it was hilarious/scary/et cetera, and we made the jump without dying or hurting anyone surprisingly.

I told whoever was driving that they could have killed us or someone else, I told them to drive normally, but at the same time we were also laughing; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr