A School Trip To A Film Set Location In The City Of D

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Someone has talked to me constantly all morning so I have not been able to voice record my dream or think about it or even clear my mind after waking up, even now they are talking to me as I try to type my dream, and I only barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night because I forgot my other dreams.

I remember being outside during the afternoon with a class and I seemed to be in high school again maybe, at some point we got on a bus to leave to take a trip, but first the popular/cool/rich kids took a moment to assign everyone to groups that I assume would decide how you are treated/what direction your education goes/what direction your job training goes/et cetera.

I got assigned to The Nerd Group which had a special name that I can not remember which grouped the people considered to be nerds, outcasts, and people like me who are harder to categorize because I am not part of any group really; and this annoyed me a bit because I usually do not liked being up in groups/categorized/labeled, especially when I have no idea why and how this will effect/affect my life, and so I wanted answers but I got none.

After being assigned groups our bus started driving and we were told about a show that had been filmed recently in the city of D (which was a somewhat fictional version of the city), and our bus drove down a street/neighborhood where the show had been filmed; and it was a fictional quiet dead-end street in what seemed to be TL, and there were nice small two-story houses on both sides of the street that possibly were abandoned and used for storage maybe even though they were in good condition or people still lived there but it was just very quiet.

Near the end of the street there were tall shelves of office supplies and various other types of supplies for an outdoor and indoor warehouse/storage facility, our bus stopped at the dead-end sign, and we walked into an opening into the dimly lit warehouse/storage facility to meet the workers who had appeared in the show.

Eventually it felt like we went underground almost like a sewer and the workers were looking at screens in an open room and they greeted us, one of the workers was an athletic version of my former male classmate MJ, and we briefly talked as they showed us their scenes from the show.

I remember my former classmate MJ fighting in his scenes and he was doing amazing powerful/fast/acrobatic kicks/punches/attacks, and I forgot to mention that we had a male tour guide with whitish colored skin but I can not remember if the tour guide was a woman or man.

When our bus first reached the neighborhood we had switched to a small tour(ing) vehicle and the tour guide explained things to us and guided us, and after seeing scenes from the show the tour guide told us about a charity that the tour guide was trying to get donations for that had something to do with helping people in certain places Africa and other countries that needed aid for something that I can not remember.

The tour guide showed us a map and a video, this part of the dream was like the video game Age Of Empires III, and on the map we had to build trade posts in certain areas and castles to defend them from enemies trying to attack; and one area on the map was the house/yard of the person who the tour guide was engaged to who I think was from/in Japan, and we had to build a trade post and castle on it.

We built the trade post but someone forgot to build the castle and so the trade post got attacked and destroyed, and so we were going to have to rebuild the trade post and build a castle to defend it.

The other castles were doing a pretty good job defending the other trade posts, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A School Shooting | Playing Age Of Empires III: The WarChiefs

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Dream 1

In the first dream I remember being inside a fictional school (probably junior high school or high school) in a small classroom with other students (I assume that I was a student somehow, but I am not sure), our classroom was between two different hallways, and so our classroom had one door on the left side of the room and one door on the right side of the room where you could walk through our classroom to reach either hallway.

At some point as we were having class/whatever we heard loud noises, yelling, one or two gunshots, and then we heard screams; and maybe some students ran through the hallways screaming that a student had a gun, and had tried to shoot someone and/or shot someone.

The school went into lock-down mode with maybe an emergency announcement being made over the intercom system by probably a male voice of the principal telling everyone to stay in their rooms, but the announcement did not say why or what was happening.

People in my class started to hide under their desks and on the floor, we heard police officers yelling at someone and we heard loud noises, and suddenly I noticed a male student with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair enter our classroom running trying to reach the other hallway.

I noticed that the student had a silver-colored handgun (probably a revolver), so I assumed that he was the shooter trying to run from the police, and I considered attacking him and disarming him but he was too far away for me to safely do it; and so I let him escape into the next hallway.

Several terrified police officers (male and female with whitish colored skin and brownish colored skin) entered our classroom pointing their pistols at anyone moving, we told them not to shoot because they were so afraid that they were ready to shoot anything that moved too much, and I told them which direction the shoot went.

They ran into the other hallway after the shooter and then we heard more yelling and loud noises, we decided to be ready to attack the shooter if he came into the classroom again, and then someone entered our classroom from the hallway where the shooter and the police ran; and three students jumped on this person to attack them.

The person was a police officer who was my former classmate DH, he looked annoyed by the attack, and he easily brushed off the three students who jumped on him to attack them; and he did not even lose his balance, and I told the three students that he was not the shooter and so they stopped when they realized they were attacking a police officer.

My former classmate DH told us that they caught the shooter and I started talking to him, I apologized to him about the three students attacking him by mistake, and several other police officers entered the room to try to calm down because they were still terrified; but my former classmate DH was calm and relaxed the entire time.

At some point something strange happened where I walked out of the classroom and somehow the shooter escaped from the room where they were holding him until they could decide what to do with him because he was under-aged, and he knew that I was the person who told the police that he had ran into the hallway.

I started running out of the building and he ran behind me like he was trying to escape and/or attack me, I was not sure which, and so I/we ran all the way to Eastside; and I lost him once I crossed through the yard of E Manor, and I hid so that he could not see me sneak to my parents’ house.

I did not want him to know where I lived because I was afraid that he might attack my family and I, he crossed through the yard of E Manor, and then he continued running like he was trying to escape to his house and/or somewhere familiar to him and/or he was looking for me.

I woke up before I could figure out if he really was looking for me or not.

Dream 2

In the second dream I played several games/matches in the video game Age Of Empires III: The WarChiefs, which I played before going to sleep, and in each game/match I did some fictional campaign missions involving the video game character Chayton Black.

Each mission involved having to build war huts along the trading post routes/railroads/whatever to defend them, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr