Kim Jong-Un Visits The United States And Gets Taken Prisoner?

Dream 1

This dream involved my family almost buying a house in a nice fictional neighborhood in what looked like a fictional part of T Lakes in the city of D.

The street that the house was on was the nicest street in the neighborhood, the house was on the left side and was about the third-to-last house, the last house was at the end of the street where a dead-end sign would normally be but there was a nice multi-story house with privacy wall and balcony and patio whose wall made up the entrance to a walking trail on the right side, and the walking trail seemed like it might only be for people who lived in the neighborhood but I am not sure.

I remember me and most of my family being inside the house that was for sale, we were trying to decide if we should buy it or not so we possibly got to spend a few days living in it but I am not sure, and at some point we decided not to buy it after we almost bought it so we left.

One day I returned but another family was either living in the house or were trying it out as well, and then I noticed that the nice multi-story house at the end of the street seemed to be for sell so I walked over to look at it from the outside.

I wanted to find out how much it cost and I wanted my family to tour the house, but first I decided to walk in the nice quiet walking trail and I remember stopping behind a fountain or something to adjust my pants or underwear or something so I had my pants pulled down partly (I was wearing jogging pants and a T-shirt I think).

Two somewhat older women with light-color skin who lived in the neighborhood who were walking a dog and talking walked into the trail as I tried to fix my clothes, and so I rushed to pull up my pants and finish fixing whatever I was trying to fix before they see me and I hoped that they would assume that I lived in the neighborhood.

They passed me when my pants were almost pulled up but I can not remember if they saw me or not, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and I was driving up the street past / passed Sherwin-Williams where the traffic light is so that I could cross the street and continue straight but I got stopped by the light.

To my surprise I saw The Supreme Leader Of North Korea Kim Jong-Un walking across the street in the direction that I was going, there was one or two people ahead of him, and further to his left was a man with light-color skin who seemed to be leading them in that direction like a guide or prison guard.

Kim Jong-Un had his hands together and in front of him oddly, and I remember hearing (maybe on the radio and / or somewhere else) that he was supposed to be visiting The United States at some point so I assumed that he was just visiting but I found it very strange that they were walking and I saw no security or automobiles and none of his assistants or anyone seemed to be with him other than the man guiding them.

Anyone could just run him over or assassinate him et cetera, something about this was not right, and so when the light turned green I drove slowly watching as people drove by.

I noticed that Kim Jong-Un had a facial expression and body language like he had made a mistake / was betrayed / was disgraced / was worried / was a prisoner, and then I noticed a black circular object that was hollowed out that his hands were on and it seemed that his hands were glued or attached to it so that is why his hands were together and in front of him so it seemed that he was a prisoner.

I assumed that maybe he went to The United States to visit but was betrayed by The United States and was taken prisoner, and maybe they were keeping it secret for now and had him walking around like he was touring while they were actually walking him to a secret prison or something.

I assumed that they wanted to make him suffer and to shame him by making him walk, and maybe they wanted to torture him mentally and emotionally by making him feel that he could be attacked and / or killed at anytime by them or just a random citizen.

I wondered why would The United States do something like this if it was true, would they really risk starting a war and setting a dangerous precedence by taking a country’s leader prisoner during a visit, and I wondered what would North Korea do if they found out about this.

I actually felt kind of bad for Kim Jong-Un as I saw him and thought about this, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr