My Aunt JE From The Past

Dream 1

My first dream fragment took place during the day in D at a fictional hotel or motel / restaurant where S should be near WM, and I had just gotten a job there I think; and it was probably my first day of work.

I was mostly helping in the restaurant area when my mom came to help support the hotel or motel/restaurant/me by buying some food, I greeted her & said a few things, and then I continued working.


Last night I remember part of a few dreams but my main dream from last night is a bit unclear because I was not able to record it when I woke up, and I went back to sleep and the dream repeated several times with slight variations each time that caused me to forget all the repeats of the dream and that caused me to forget some of the main dream; but I will start with the dream fragments that I remember before that main dream first.

Dream 1

The first dream that I remember seemed to be about the new American Pie film (maybe American Reunion) that is about come out this year maybe, and the couple who got married in the last film (Jim Levenstein and Michelle Flaherty) were living in my grandfather’s house; and one or both of their parent’s were coming to visit.

Trailers & Commercials With One Trailer Inspired By Inception With Leonardo DiCaprio & Another About A UN-Like Group

Dream 1

I remember part of several dream fragments from last night, with one dream fragment taking place during the day outside in an unknown location, and I was there with my brother CC and an unknown man; and we were playing a video game that might have been projected in the air in front of us instead of being on a screen, but I am not sure.

In the video game we each had a small flying ship/vehicle that looked more like a small shape or dot due to simple graphics but the background graphics were better and the goal of the game was to get the most points by shooting your opponents, crashing into your opponents, making your opponents crash, et cetera.

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