Flying & Training In Martial Arts

Lazy overview of my dream:

This dream took place in a fictional city, at some point I started being able to fly, and I tried to train some other dream characters to use dream powers.

I remember flying over the city during the evening, at some point I went to a fictional version of my parent’s house where I briefly trained in some martial arts (mixed martial arts basically) with a somewhat tall very muscular woman with light-medium color skin who spoke with a slight accent, maybe she was Brazilian & African, imagine a slightly darker-skinned Gabi Garcia at her most muscular.

Gabi Garcia (Brazil) vs Seini Draughn (USA) | KNOCKOUT, MMA fight HD

Walking Around A Mall And Clearing Buildings With Justin Long

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

I did not get much sleep last night and I woke up early to take my brother GC to prepare for his college graduation and we just got back from his college graduation, so I have been gone for most of the day, but amazingly I barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

In the first dream I remember walking around a familiar fictional mall going around the entire mall several times through each section of the mall but I am not sure if anyone was with me or not, but I know that I talked to one or more people including maybe a few people I knew like one or more of my former classmates.

At some point I came across the actor Justin Long and he greeted me like we were old friends and we both knew each other, he mentioned that we both were trained/taught by the same person, and that we both used to be a good team as we practiced/trained in whatever it was we were being taught/trained in.

I had memories from the past about this but I can not remember the details and we both briefly talked like old friends, and Mr. Long tried to convince me to maybe join him in clearing out one or more buildings near the mall that maybe had zombies and/or other scary things inside of it.

I turned down the offer saying that it has been years since I have done that and that it is too dangerous but he convinced me to join him, and then we walked outside the mall on a catwalk to one or more separate metal buildings.

We then went inside the building(s) and I guess we explored it/them and probably cleared them of zombies and/or other threats, and afterward I remember telling Mr. Long that he still got it (his skills at clearing/fighting zombies/threats); and we congratulated each other saying how it was like old times (back when we were being trained by the same person in fighting zombies/threats I guess).

We briefly talked about our former teacher/trainer probably wondering if he was still alive and/or he was dead and we talked about our memories of him, eventually we said goodbye, but that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was more that happened in this dream before all that I typed above.

Dream 2

The second dream was short and interesting but I forgot almost all of it unfortunately, I remember being inside a windowless building possibly in the same area as the mall from the first dream and possibly part of the same mall from the first dream, and I remember maybe a human and maybe a non-human with the human who could talk.

Maybe the human and the non-human worked together and there was a conflict I think and I was trying to stop them maybe from taking over the city/world, and at some point I must have been winning and this forced them to use their secret weapon.

They walked me outside the side of the building to a courtyard or parking lot area probably where deliveries are made and where trash dumpsters are to see their secret weapon that they were going to use to take over the city/world, and one of them pushed a button and I heard a sound.

Everything started to rumble/shake like a small earthquake and in the distance I saw maybe a giant robot (taller than anything in the city) rise from underground, they laughed and they told me that nothing could stop them from taking over the city/world now, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr