Wrestling A Train Conductor

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember the end of one dream that took place on a train during the day and I was talking with some of the train workers, and they noticed that the current train conductor was not paying attention while he was driving the train.

He seemed to be in a trance-like state in heavy thought, and they tried calling out to him without luck; and so they decided to sneak to the control room & I was to distract him to get him to leave the room & they would drive the train once he left the control room.

We did this and the train conductor walked to where I was, and he was a very large/tall strong but somewhat fat looking man with whitish colored skin with long curly black hair with a beard; and some of the other workers then came to tell him that we had tricked him so that they could safely drive the train & so that he could take a break.

Before they came to tell him this he was angry I guess and he was about to fight me, after they explained the situation to him we both decided to have a friendly wrestling match instead of a fight with grappling/wrestling only, and I explained the rules; and we both agreed.

The others started preparing the match even playing some music and doing an entrance for each of us, there was a female worker as well, and I was nervous in a realistic way which is rare for a dream; and I tried to calm myself down & prepare for the match & I came up with a quick strategy.

My plan was to use speed/dodging, and quickly get the man off his feet & defeat him with a submission.

The match started and I pretended to move in for a starting clinch, but I dodged as he reached forward to grab me; and I grabbed him over his guard, and I let him try to slam me & I tripped him causing him to fall with me & I put him in an armbar submission & he tapped out/gave up; and so I defeated him in a few seconds, and everyone was shocked & silent..

I was excited and I was the first person to defeat the large train conductor, and so I became the new wrestling champion among them; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Trying To Exorcise A Girl

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of one dream that started normal, but ended freaky/disturbing/a bit scary.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream, I barely remember entering a room in a building maybe, that might have been a classroom; and there I met a husband, a wife, an almost teenage(ed) daughter, a daughter who was just a girl, and maybe a few other people.

I can not remember what happened but at some point we went into another room, which was their house which was connected to the classroom-like room, and they had an attic or partial second floor as well; I might not have been myself, I might have been the older brother in this dream physically but I was myself mentally/emotionally/whatever, but I am not sure.

There was a strange feeling in the house and it felt like something was in the attic-like area, like a spirit/ghost/demon/energy/being/entity/et cetera, and the wife would be drawn up there especially; and she would spent time up there sleeping and talking in her sleep or talking to something/someone who was not there, and maybe she would even partly be possessed or effected/affected/somewhat controlled by whatever lived/haunted/possessed the attic-like area.

I wondered if the wife and husband had a child who died very young in the past, and that maybe that child’s energy/spirit/whatever was in the attic-like area or if the wife was just emotionally/mentally disturbed.

I went into the attic to see who the wife was talking to and to investigate the strange feeling coming from the attic, and the husband quickly came to get the wife & they were going to leave somewhere with their almost teenaged daughter and they wanted me to babysit their young daughter while they were gone; it seemed that the husband and daughters usually avoided the attic, probably, and probably the wife only went up there regularly.

I did not see anyone in the attic but the wife, who was in a trance-like or sleep-like state talking to someone/something that I could not see or talking out-loud, but the husband managed to get her back to a normal state after they quickly left the attic; and they left as the young daughter was probably sleep in another room, and so I walked around the house investigating the strange feelings that I was feeling of something being in the house/attic.

The young daughter woke up and was drawn to the attic, but I did not get to her in time to stop her; and when I went into the attic, she was not herself any more it seemed, it was like she got possessed by whatever was in the attic.

This was not like the effects/affects that the wife had, it was like a full possession, and the young daughter did not even look like herself anymore; it was disturbing was she looked like now, she looked more like an it, and I wondered if it had fully possessed her since she was just a child & maybe children are easier for it to possess.

She/It had white pasty colored skin now with sharp teeth in an evil/scary grin, its eyes were different, it made stereotypical evil/scary deep male-like sounds/laughs probably but I am not sure if it talked or not, and it could move faster than a normal Human.

It freaked me out/scared me a bit, I was mostly worried about the young daughter’s safety and I panicked, and I began to attack it and rebuke it/command it to come out of her; but I had to be careful since it was in her body now, even though her body was a child’s body, it was now tougher & it could move fast.

It ran through the house from me and sometimes I would catch it & rebuke it/command it to leave her body and/or attack it, it would scream or makes sounds of pain when I would direct all my energy toward it while commanding it/rebuking it, and then it would run off fast and start laughing with an evil/freaky laugh when I could not catch it.

I had no idea how to exorcise it from the young daughter and so I started experimenting with rebuking it/commanding it in the name of Jesus to leave her body while still directing all of my energy toward it with my commands, but it still did the same screams of pain and so I was not sure if adding the name of Jesus helped or not (it did not seem to make much of a difference, as expected, but I wanted to experiment with any option that I could think of); and it would run away fast to escape, it was fast.

I was getting frustrated/more panicked fearing for the young daughters life, and I went back to a more violent approach; and it seemed to be trying to get me to the attic, like it wanted to try to possess me instead and/or it was stronger in the attic, and it led me to the attic at some point.

I knew that it was a trap and so I decided to surprise it with a violent attack to distract it long enough for me to get it out of the attic and so that I could get it in a headlock / choke-hold, and so I grabbed a broom went I entered the attic; and I started to beat it with the brush part of the broom, and I grabbed it off its feet by the neck and took it back on the first floor.

I started choking it while commanding it/rebuking it while directly all my energy toward it & I would use the name of Jesus as well to see if it helped any or not again, but it would start talking in the young daughter’s voice & maybe its face would change back to hers begging me to stop, and I would stop; but then it would change back & laugh/grin and go back to its voice/sounds/laughs/screams of pain.

I did not want to kill or hurt the daughter and so I kept alternating between a chokehold and a headlock, but I still felt bad/panicked/worried about hurting her or killing her; and it kept trying to escape, and it probably did a few times.

My commands/rebukes seemed to hurt it, but it would get me to stop or it would escape, so I never got to see what would happen if I commanded it/rebuked it long enough without stopping; and I kept trying to think about possible ways to exercise it from the young daughter, even though I had no idea what it was.

I was worried about harming the young daughter and I was worried about the young daughter being permanently possessed if I did not exercise it fast enough, I did not know what to do, it was a tough situation; and I remember walking around trying to keep it in my headlock / chokehold, and I probably began trying to hold it long enough to see how much rebuking/commanding it could handle without it escaping or without me stopping when it begs me to stop in the voice / face of the young daughter but I woke up accidentally when my panic level got too high probably talking in my sleep (I had my mouth opened & was probably drooling a bit when I woke up, so I probably did talk sometimes when I was sleep during this dream).

The end,

-John Jr


The Unknown Hunter Group

Last night I only remembered part of my last dream and it is pretty unclear, but I will try to put the fragments together to hopefully make some sense.

I remember seeing a group of people with light modern-day body armor, assault rifles, small futuristic night vision goggles on their head or helmets, advanced communication devices, GPS devices, and more inside of some unknown building that reminded me of a cinema (movie theater) / hotel / school.

I was either not in the dream yet or I was, but was just observing them at first.

This building seemed to be only a one story building and it had a few long hallways with a few turns, and rooms here & there.

There were no more than about 10 people in the group and the group had men & women in it that were a bit older than me, and they split up to search the building.

They appeared to be hunting something and were working together like a somewhat trained advanced special forces team or something, but in this case it was more like special hunters.

They were communicating through advanced communication devices probably built into their helmets or in or on their ears.

After a while I started to see the movements of one of the hunters that was alone, she reminded me of Motoko Kusanagi (The Major) from Ghost In The Shell a little, but she probably did not look like her that much though.

She was going to explore the darkest section of the building alone, she appeared to be very confident in her abilities, and a few of her fellow hunters told her to wait for them but she refused.

Over their communication devices a few of her fellow hunters were telling her to keep them up-to-date on her progress and to use her night vision when necessary; her night vision glasses were built into a helmet or visor, they were like futuristic glasses that she could pull down over her eyes if needed.

As she was walking to the dark part of the building, something strange happened, she sort of froze and started to walk slowly toward the darkness like something was hypnotizing her or she had seen something; someone over the communication device told her to put her night vision on, and that seemed to have snapped her out of the daze/haze/trance that she was in.

She then walked away from the darkness and then tried to walk into the darkness again, her plan was to put her night vision on right after she ran into the darkness; but once again she went into a trance-like state until someone told her again over the communication device to put her night vision on.

I guess the other hunters could see video footage of other hunters if they wanted to, because somehow that person that kept reminding her about putting on her night vision, and they somehow knew that she did not have it on; I guess each hunter also had a video recording device too.

The woman stopped and realized that something seemed to be effecting/affecting her, which started to worry her a bit, but she seemed to be the confident type that likes to do stuff on her own so instead of waiting for help; she ran into the darkness alone.

She pulled her night vision glasses over her eyes a few seconds after she first went into the darkness, in the darkness she could barely see in the hallway, but she could see a trash can & chair in the hallway near a door.

This part of the hallway only had one room, the woman was getting scared, which shocked her because she appeared to not be used to feeling that way.

She walked into the only room in the hallway with her assault rifle ready, which had a flashlight on it, and she could see lockers; she pulled her night vision glasses back so she could use her normal vision again.

The dark room appeared to be a big locker room with lockers, showers, stalls, etc; she cautiously started to search the room and noticed some human shaped objects on top of some of the lockers, the lockers were taller than her, so she had to look up to see & she pulled her night vision glasses back on to see.

She thought that they were statues at first but a few of them moved & jumped deeper into the room, so she ran back to the door of the room and pulled her night vision glasses back & turned on the lights, and suddenly she saw several people (well they looked like humans, but maybe they were something else); she then shot one and the others ran deeper into the locker room.

She was breathing heavily now and ran deeper into the room to chase the people, but suddenly she noticed why they had went deeper into the room, they were getting guns from a room; a few started shooting at her and she shot back & shot one, and then she ran back to the door asking for backup over the communication device.

At this point I was in the dream and I ran into the dark hallway, and saw her run out of the room shooting; somehow I had an assault rifle but I do not think that I had the other gear that they had, but I could be wrong.

I saw one or two people try to come out of the room, but she shot them, and then the woman & I went back into the room to push the rest of them back until our backup could came.

We went into the room using the lockers as cover and started shooting at the people, which made them scatter and stay deeper in the locker room; to my surprise there were more people or whatever they were, in the locker room now & our shoot out reminded me of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare a bit.

Our backup came and we shot the remaining people or whatever they were, and then the hunters said that the building was now clear.

We all went outside as they called the owner of the building to tell him that the building was clear now; on the outside it appeared to be afternoon and the outside of the building was a quiet area near an apartment that was near a neighborhood.

Outside we had several automobiles parked and the owner came to thank and/or pay the hunters for their service.

The hunters were packing up some of their gear into their automobiles and checking some computer device as I stood near my automobile and talked to a woman my age who was parked next to me, she seemed to have been outside the whole time watching our automobiles and handling the communication system or something; it seemed that her job was the technician and secretary.

She wore glasses and did not seem to have any weapons or armor, and she had a car all to herself while several of the other hunters all shared automobiles.

It seemed that I was either a new member to the hunter group or I was just following them trying to learn more and/or help; I think the second one is probably more accurate.

The woman with glasses was telling me something but I can not remember what, I just remember all of us driving off to get supplies or something at Walmart in D.

On the way there I got a call from the woman with glasses and she told me that we had a new situation to deal with, some man had unleashed some humans or whatever they were from a book.

I remember seeing a clip of a man who was acting weird and had some unknown religious beliefs, and had drawn or had a book with sketches of I think 6 people or whatever they were.

He was talking to himself about his religious beliefs and about summoning the 6 beings in his book to do something.

Somehow they came to life or came into the real world, and so the hunters & I had been hired to kill them & stop the man who had unleashed them.

First we needed some more supplies and then we were going to travel to find the man & the 6 humans or beings that he had unleashed, but I woke up.

I guess those people that we killed before may have been beings that were summoned from paper too or whatever, so I am not sure what they were but they looked human.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


The Vampire Secret Underground Location (Paradise)

I had a dream several years ago that I was in a secret underground location, with two female vampires and another human.

It seemed that the two female vampires must have found us on the surface/above ground away from the secret underground location, and that they had chosen us to come live with them; but we did not know they were vampires at first.

The female vampires were very beautiful and they were dressed in ancient/old-style Roman/Greek/Persian style dresses & they wore nice gold jewelry and/or various types of jewelry, they had whitish/brownish colored skin, and they had black & brown colored hair.

They seemed to have the other man and I in a trance-like state.

They were feeding us grapes and/or other types of fruit and they were giving us some sort of unknown juice-like drink, as we sat on a comfortable sofa/bed that was next to a beautiful ancient style swimming pool / hot tub / tub.

Then they took us to the hot tub and/or pool part, and they seemed to be trying to seduce/mesmerize/enchant/hypnotize us; and it was working. 🙂

After a while they told us that they were vampires and that they wanted us to join them to live at the secret underground location forever, but they would have to turn us into vampires too/as well, if we were going to live there too/as well; and if we refused their offer, they would kill us.

They said all of that/this in a nice seductive/mesmerizing way and we were still under a trance-like state, but I somehow still partly resisted it and I said no to their offer.

I knew that they would kill me even though they did not want to kill me, but we all seemed perfectly okay about the situation, even though we all knew that I would be killed because I refused their offer to become a vampire & live with them forever; I am not sure why I refused their offer exactly (since I was having a good time, maybe it was because I felt that they were trying to enchant/seduce/mesmerize/hypnotize us, and that might have made me suspicious), but I did.

I was in this/a joyful/positive trance-like state, and they/everyone were/was enjoying themselves; and they were going to kill me quietly & quickly, so that I would not have to suffer.

I was not worried/afraid & I did not try to fight/defend myself, probably because I was in a trance-like state, and then they both held me; and I guess they somewhat massaged me, and they started to put me into a sleep trance-like state as they both went to bite me and drink all of my blood or something I think, until I would die.

But then I woke up, before I died.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂