A VRMMOJRPG & A Movie Project Orgy?

I had more dreams, but I did not record them.

So now I barely remember part of this unclear and confusing dream that possibly involved jumping between a maybe Sword Art Online (SAO)-like virtual reality massively multiplayer online Japanese role-playing video game (VRMMOJRPG) dream world and a normal dream world.


My Coworker Mrs. C & Superpowers & Other Mes?

The One (2001)
Jet Li in The One (2001)
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TitlesThe One
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I had this dream at a hotel after going to sleep late after some female hotel guests were arguing and fighting in the hallway, and I was not able to record my dreams like I normally would so my current memory of this dream is unclear and confusing and many details are missing.

I remember being inside maybe a slightly fictional version of The E House, but I was probably another / alternate / fictional version of myself who was more attractive and charming and more confident and had superpowers.


My Cousin DE Leaves Some Traps At The G House?

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All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and some of my family and I went to a fictional nicer modern version of The G House, I can not remember exactly why we went there at first, but I do know that my male cousin DE was gone to the hospital in possibly another city.

I remember my dad, mom, maybe my brother GC and/or someone else, and I being inside the house; and I remember us trying to clean and organize things, including moving out some of the things that belonged to our family that had been left over there, and somehow this was possible also connected with the unknown reason that we went over there at first.

At some point we found out a big secret that had been hidden from us about my cousin DE, after learning this secret it was clear that the house and him were not safe due to an incurable virus/infection, and we all had been exposed all of this time without knowing it; and I remember suggesting that we wear gloves, masks, and take precautions as we finish cleaning/organizing/moving things.

Learning this secret was possibly going to affect/effect our original reason for going over there, I felt that others should be told/warned so that they could take precautions and not be unnecessarily exposed to the incurable virus/infection, starting with the person or people who were somehow connected with our original reason for going over there at first; but my mom was possibly going to try and keep it a secret putting others at risk like she probably did with us because she had probably known, but did not warn us or take proper precautions.

I remember my dad and I finding what seemed to be traps that were possibly left in the house by my cousin DE, one of the possible traps were pieces of glass hidden in and under a carpet, and the other was of large thumbtacks / thumb tacks / drawing pins hidden in and under a carpet; and so now we had to also watch out for more possible traps, and I did not think that we should spend any more time at The G House unless it was necessary because it was too dangerous/risky but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Testing Spells And A Training Exercise With Chucky Goes Wrong

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a woman and a man testing out spells that seemed to be from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video game and somehow part of this was also possibly connected with a television show or film or something like that but I forgot to voice record this detail so I forgot the details of it, at some point they started to reach higher level spells (beyond novice) that they were not sure if they could cast or not, because of the amount of magicka / magic required and/or the materials needed for the spell or to get the spell et cetera.

Instead of trying to cast these spells to see if they could cast them or not they started looking at their materials and the requirements for each spell and things like that, the first spell that caused them to become cautious like this was the conjure flame atronach spell/summon, and I remember being there trying to give them some advice; and while I could understand and support some of their cautiousness, I still felt that they should try to cast some of the spells first to see if they worked or not, while putting some safeguards in place to be safe but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This was my most interesting dream of last night but unfortunately I can not remember important parts of the dream, some of the best parts of the dream that would allow it to make more sense and that would better explain the dream, and so I am not even sure what even happened to the main villain of the dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in a windowless one-story multi-purpose building that seemed to have a casino, restaurant, bar, store, and possibly a few other things; and there were many other people around, and maybe a group of people arrived with Chucky from the Child’s Play films.

They possibly had his body and were going to do a training exercise and/or game with/against him or he somehow escaped from them or something that I can not remember, I can not remember how this happened, but I remember the group of people going around the building trying to capture or kill Chucky and/or something like that.

When I was a kid I used to be scared of Chucky and I even had him haunt some of my dreams, I probably got over that fear when I finally killed Chucky in a dream and I probably burned his body to try to stop him from coming back to life, but over the years since then he sometimes returns to haunt my dreams; and I usually kill him again and burn/melt/destroy his body, but he still comes back sometimes a few years later.

I probably warned this group of people before things got bad in the dream but they did not listen, the building was dimly lit, and Chucky closed off and barricaded all the entrances/exits; and he set up traps around the building, and went around using stealth to kill and ambush people causing chaos.

People were running, screaming, dying, hiding, and trying to escape; and Chucky used all the chaos to his advantage, and he was more powerful and sneaky and smart and dangerous than ever.

He was moving around quickly and staying mostly hidden, he would even taunt people and throw his voice around to confuse and scare people before ambushing and killing them, and he could climb and hide and move through small areas (vents, ceilings, walls, et cetera).

The group who probably brought him were getting wiped out, I warned them not to underestimate him, but they had not listened to me; and I walked around confidently at first trying to get Chucky to stop hiding and fight me, but he would not and he was enjoying himself as he sneaked around killing people and as his many traps killed people.

He had explosive traps, traps that could stab or slice or cut you, traps that dropped heavy objects on you, traps that dropped nets on you, traps that led you to places where he could ambush you, and more; and many traps were near the entrance/exits, and so people died trying to escape and this caused more chaos as people felt trapped.

I started to get a bit scared because the situation was bad and Chucky was more powerful than ever and he would not face me directly, I told the others that I had killed him several times before in dreams, and I possibly somewhat realized that I was dreaming; and maybe I made a weak attempt to summon dream security to help save people while I deal with Chucky, but the chaos and fear and not having a safe place to focus on the summon prevented me from being able to summon dream security.

I did not know how to do it exactly and I could not focus, I remember hiding in the casino area, but I was vulnerable there with no one to watch my back as I knelt to the ground trying to focus to summon dream security; and so I gave up on that idea, and I probably told someone to call for help. (This was a shame because if I had been able to summon my dream security, we could have saved more people, and we could have defeated Chucky a lot sooner; and it would have been a more interesting dream, and I could have gotten a chance to test and train my dream security and myself for situations like this)

At some point a group of people with somewhat futuristic whitish colored and some other color armor with somewhat futuristic weapons arrived to help, they managed to open the main entrance so some people were able to escape, and this group of people seemed to be the emergency team with the people who had brought Chucky here in the first place.

They were over-confident as well and their team started getting wiped out as well, I remember Chucky taunting me and I remember challenging him to face me, and I asked him to let the others go and face me alone (I was ready to die to defend the others and myself, and to destroy Chucky or die trying); but he did not, and he was even using people as shields to avoid me reaching him which was very frustrating for me because I have a history with Chucky and I refuse to let him or anything haunt my dreams and me again like that.

At some point I heard him sneaking through walls and vents and the ceiling in a narrow area of storage rooms with some emergency exits, this area was heavily barricaded and full of traps that he set up, and this was one of his areas where he would ambush people; and I knew that he was leading me into a trap, but I wanted a chance to fight him so that I could kill him and burn/destroy his body again and hope that he does not come back again this time.

He had also led a girl with dark-brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair to this area, I forgot to mention that there were some kids in this building as well unfortunately, and she was trying to escape through the emergency exits; and I had to stop her because she was about to get blown up and killed by some of his traps.

This left me vulnerable to being ambushed from behind in this dimly lit small area, I tried to lead the girl to the main entrance that was now open, but we had to avoid traps and ambushes from Chucky; but I managed to get her to the exit, and then I continued my hunt for Chucky.

Only a few people besides me were trying to hunt or fight Chucky, unfortunately most of them were not working together, and so they were getting wiped out; but eventually I came across my former male classmate SS, some of his friends and/or family, and my former male classmate DH.

I managed to get them to work together with me on a plan to lure Chucky into a trap, I can not remember what happened unfortunately, but I remember hearing a woman’s voice tell me/us to burn Chucky; and I remember telling her that was my plan, and that I did it before several times hoping to destroy his body to prevent him from returning again.

Sadly I can not remember if we killed Chucky or not, maybe he escape when he realized that he could not defeat me and the team I formed, maybe we killed him and burned the body, but I can not remember; and all that I can remember is my former classmate SS, my former classmate DH, and a few of the survivors in our team sitting sadly at a table in the restaurant area like the battle was over.

We were getting some food and drinks, our waitress was probably the woman who told me/us to burn Chucky, and her family owned the restaurant area and they were from somewhere in Asia; and she told us a bit about her family, traditions, and some other things possibly related to Chucky.

Most or all the teams who brought Chucky and who tried to capture or kill him died, maybe even a few of the family members and/or friends of my former classmate SS, and many other people in the building died; but at least some were able to escape, and we had saved some but there still was some sadness.

Our waitress sat down with us as she talked but she got up eventually to go get our food and drinks, and I woke up.

I wish that I could remember more of this dream so that I could know what happened exactly during important parts of the dream, and I would have been great to have known if Chucky and I got to have a last battle; and whether I defeated and destroyed his body again or not.

I will assume that he will be back again one day in future.

The end,

-John Jr


Doing Stupid Things

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I had several short dreams last night but I forgot some of them, but I do remember part of three dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream that I can remember part of involved me and maybe my cousin DE or someone else or no-one else, driving to do a stupid experiment/prank/whatever in a fictional city during the day, where I/we would take some yellow water guns somewhere & shoot water at and/or on people; but I have no idea why I/we were going to do something so stupid and annoying like this.

I/We went to a school/office-like building with adults & kids, and I remember using my yellow water gun at and/or on people; and some people probably thought that I had a real gun, and I heard one or more of the office women saying that they were calling the police and/or had called the police; but I stayed around a while even after hearing this oddly.

Eventually I/we decided to leave before the police come, surprisingly they had not come already, but that is all that I remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I had a dream after this but I can not remember it but I do remember part of the dream after it, where I was in a fictional city again during a cloudy day, and I drove/went to a field next to a building with some people outside; and two women were inspecting things on the outside of the building & I went to see what they were doing, and see if I could help.

At some point they were looking at an old dying about to fall tree that needed to be cut down for safety reasons before it fell on the building or something like that, I decided to find an axe while they were talking, and I chopped the tree twice with my axe to make a starting point for chopping down the tree later; but to my surprise the tree started to fall, fortunately it did not hit the women or me or the building, but it could have.

I felt stupid, someone could have died, and the two women were not very happy about the situation; and so I apologized, and I offered to cut up the fallen tree & move it to an area where the city could come chop up the pieces of the tree & take them away or something like that; and so I started doing that as people talked outside, and as the women moved inside to inspect the building but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

I had another dream or several dream but I only barely remember part of one dream that was inspired by the TV show Rome, where several upper-class/rich/royal/maybe vampire and/or non-Human and/or Human families had feuds/conflicts/wars with each other, and these conflicts seemed to have some basic rules/patterns to them.

In the dream they were having small-scale conflicts where they would send usually one person to the other families territory to quickly steal something and/or break something and/or attack someone and/or kill someone and/or distract the family while another mission is carried out while they are distracted; and the people/beings they would send could use illusions/magic/powers/enchanted items/whatever.

A common pattern was the person/being sent would run to the territory, put an enchanted piece of paper on the road/somewhere with a nail that would create a repeating illusion/trap that would trick/trap the rival family members who came too close or who looked at it into a repeating scenario where they think that they are trying to catch the intruder but they are really in a repeating illusion like a dream, and this happened to me a few times where I got trapped/tricked by a few of these illusion/traps; these illusions/traps were probably inspired by Father Alexander Anderson from the Hellsing Japanese animated (anime) TV series/ OVAs.

After getting trapped in several of these illusions/traps, I learned how to resist them/see through them at some point, but this was not easy; and this is probably part of the reason that I forgot a lot of my dreams, because being trapped in these illusions/traps were very confusing/draining/long, and they repeated over & over & over until you got out of them or until they ended.

There were two other common tactics that the people/beings used, but I forgot what those tactics were; I just know that I started learning ways to better defend against them, and stop them; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr