Nathan Fisher Finds His Biological Father And A Man Who Is About To Learn That He Was Born From A Rape And That His Real Biological Father Was The Rapist?

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I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of the end of my last dream which took place during the day inside a slightly fictional version of my parent’s house in maybe my brother GC’s room, and I think that I was watching a fictional YouTube video on a computer of Nathan (Nate) Fisher from YouTube showing and talking about his biological father; and this dream seemed to be inspired by one of his videos that I saw last year (it is strange that I would suddenly have a dream inspired by it now).

In the dream I guess that Nate found out that it was true that his dad who raised him was not his biological father, he finally found the identity of his biological father, and so in this fictional YouTube video he was talking about him; and he showed a video clip of his biological father from a distance so you could not see him very well and you could only see him from the side as he sat down in the distance, and he was very short with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair with a receding hairline and bald spot down the middle of his head and he was over-fat and from a distance he looked a bit like the actor Danny DeVito.

Nate seemed to be handling the news well, but then my watching the video got interrupted by two unknown men with whitish colored skin entering the bedroom that I was in; and one of the men was older than the other, the older man was trying to tell the younger man something important/serious, and I assumed that he was trying to slowly and cautiously tell the young man that the man who he thought was his biological father was not his real biological father and that his mom/mother had been raped by his real biological father and that is how he was born/conceived.

The older man told the younger man that he knew a man years ago who I think used to work as a circus performer and/or something like that, who had mental health problems and/or other problems (maybe drug problems, et cetera) and some bad character/personality/behavioral flaws, and who one day went crazy/lost control/whatever; and he said that the man had raped several women during this time, and that he disappeared for many years until now.

He pointed at a new single-wide mobile home that I had never seen before in the land that is for sale across the street from the field by my parent’s house, it looked like someone had put it there during the night (which annoyed me a bit, more people, more problems), and there was a small house-like shed/storage building near it; and some tree branches were going through several windows  on the mobile home and through the mobile home like the people moving the mobile home did not see the trees there during the night when they probably moved it there.

The older man said that the man had just magically appeared again after all of these years and that he was now living in that mobile home, I assumed that he was trying to prepare the younger man for the truth that the man in that mobile home was his real biological father, and that the man had raped his mom/mother years ago (it seemed that no one had told the young man of his mother’s possible rape or about the man or that his dad was possibly not his biological father).

The younger man seemed like the type of person who was easily confused and who would not want to believe something like this and who would not take the news well, so the older man slowly kept giving him hints while trying to explain things and slowly prepare him for the truth it seemed, but I woke up before I could find out if my assumptions/guesses/predictions were correct or not.

The end,

-John Jr


Three Dreams Closer To Lucid Dreaming

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The other night I had three dreams and in each dream I came closer to realizing I was dreaming.

I hope to one day realize I am dreaming and be able to control what goes on in my dream, also called lucid dreaming.

Dream 1

My first dream took place in a building that was a combination of a school, hospital, and a business.

I seem to have dreams with buildings like this quite often now, they seem more like a school and hospital combined.

With smooth white colored floors and white colored walls, and a lot of light.

There usually never windows in my dreams, but this one had a balcony on one of the floors/stories.

In this building there were military people (soldiers), police, and doctors or teachers.

And there were people I went to high school with there too, we were in groups or teams.

Each team was going around the building with guns, like we were training or something.

The building had many rooms and was a bit like a maze, I had the feeling that this was more than training.

It seemed that we were looking for something or someone in the building, I had the strange feeling it was zombies or something.

I do not remember much but I do remember getting lost from my team, and I started talking to someone I knew from high school.

While I was talking to this person, I started to think about another dream and I knew exactly what this person was going to say.

I even started to say what they were going to say, as they said it, but I said it quietly to myself so that they could not hear.

What that person said was almost the same as another dream but it was a bit different, I found that strange and as I was starting to think a soldier interrupted me and asked where was my team.

I told him that I did not know, so he told me to go find them and so I left to go find my team.

Just before the soldier interrupted me, I believe I was close to realizing that I was asleep.

As I walked around looking for my team I say a balcony that looked the same as a zombie dream I had, and that dream was in a building similar to this one so I started to think that there were zombies in this building somewhere.

In that zombie dream, I flew off the balcony to escape the zombies so I decided to try to fly.

So I ran and jumped in the hallway and started to flap my arms like a bird a little, then I started to fly toward the ceiling.

Then the dream ended and another dream started.

Dream 2

In this dream I was flying around a fictional version of D, and I was flying near my house.

There were tall trees around and I was using the trees to fly faster, by pushing the tree branches as I flew by them.

I also was doing stunts, like spinning on tree branches like a gymnast.

At the top of one of the tall trees was a platform, probably made of concrete or something, it was connected to the tree or just floating there, I can not remember.

I found that odd, so I started to fly over there but I started having a hard time flying.

So I was trying to get over to the platform before I fall, and then I saw 2 lions and 1 baby lion.

They were climbing and jumping to get to the platform, I guess it was their home or something.

I tried to get to the platform before them so I could use it to run on so I could jump and start flying again.

The lions saw me and looked confused, but they did not seem dangerous, but I was not going to take a chance.

I got to the platform first and started to run and jump off, but I could only float down so I got back on the platform again.

The lions were almost to the platform so I ran and jumped off and started to fly a little, but I could only fly toward the ground so I started to fly down to my yard.

I only was able to reach the field by the fence at my house, and out in the field there was a lion tied to a chain.

I found that odd and started to think about if my brothers had a pet lion, before I could realize this was a dream, I was interrupted by the lion’s chain that was long so it could reach me if it saw me.

So I started to run and jump so I could fly again, and it worked so I started to fly up in the air higher as I flapped my arms to fly higher.

Then I woke up, then I went back to sleep and had my third dream.

Dream 3

In my third dream I was driving through a fictional L city, and decided to stop at a store that looked like Goodwill.

There was an employee outside and she told me there was a special Christmas sale, so I went inside.

Inside I did not see anything I wanted, and then I can not remember what happened exactly.

All I remember is that me and 3 employees got taken hostage inside a van by 3 criminals with guns.

The driver was a hostage and the lead criminal sat in the front seat.

2 employees sat in the seat in front of me, and I sat in the back seat in between two of the criminals.

As we drove up the road I was thinking about what should I do to escape and thinking about other dreams or something.

Then the leader left the front seat and came in the back of the van, and started to give a speech about his beliefs about the World and stuff.

I decided to grab his arm and throw him in the seat with me and the other two criminals, and hope the 2 employees can grab their guns.

So I did, and I wrestled with the three criminals in the back seat while the employees grabbed the guns.

I can not remember what happened, but I know we were successful.

Then I woke up,

-John Jr 🙂