People Being Angry About People Not Keeping In Contact With Them

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and at the end of the dream I was probably walking away from a college when my former male classmate JP saw me, he stopped to greet me, and I remember him being a bit angry and annoyed that I had not kept in contact with him all of these years since we graduated from high school.

We walked and talked as he kept constantly talking/complaining/et cetera about this, at some point we reached some tall rock-like structures, and we did not know how to get down and my former classmate JP kept complaining; and I started to feel bad/depressive/sad/guilty and remembered various negative memories (I probably apologized, and told him that we could start staying in contact now; but he probably continued complaining), at some point I either tried to jump down or I fell or I tried to kill myself after the constant complaining/nagging/negativity/et cetera. 😀

Somehow I survived the fall with only minor pain and injury to my legs/feet, I got up and I dusted myself off surprised and possibly somewhat annoyed that I had survived and even more annoyed when my former classmate JP made it down as well, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that this dream probably also started at a college during the day, I remember walking away from the college across a field and/or parking lot to the college infirmary or a medical clinic, and I probably signed-in and I sat down in the lobby with other people.

A group of men who acted like they were bored and up to no good entered the infirmary or medical clinic, the leader was my former male classmate AC and Trevor Philips from the video game Grand Theft Auto V was with them, and then I remember walking around trying to find the men’s bathroom; and then I saw a female nurse walking my former female classmate MW, her fictional small baby who could barely walk, and a fictional somewhat balding man with whitish colored skin who was her husband or boyfriend to one of the rooms to wait for the doctor.

The little baby looked so tiny and cute, the baby looked a bit small to be walking already so that made the baby look even cuter, my former female classmate MW was smiling and she looked happy, and her husband or boyfriend looked happy as well; but none of them probably saw me, and so I did not say anything.

My former classmate AC, Trevor Philips, and the other men greeted my former classmate MW’s husband or boyfriend before he could enter the room to wait for the doctor with his family and no one else saw the men approach him but me; and I remember my former classmate AC asking him why did he not tell him that him and my former classmate MW were together and that they had a baby together, my former classmate AC admitted to liking my former classmate MW, and he was annoyed and angry that her boyfriend or husband had not kept in contact with him since they used to work together as intelligence agents/interrogators/torturers/et cetera.

They walked him to an empty room to interrogate/torture/punish/talk to/whatever him, some of the men guarded the outside of the door, and I continued looking for the bathroom; and I could sometimes here them talking, asking questions, introducing Trevor Philips as a torturer/interrogator/et cetera with special skills/techniques, and probably mostly torturing/interrogating him mentally/emotionally/socially with maybe some minor physical torture.

I wanted to do something but they had a large group of dangerous men with weapons and who had connections with and worked with/for one or more intelligence agencies/et cetera, also I did not think that they would hurt him much because they were old friends and former partners, and it seemed that he wanted him to return to his job and he wanted him to keep in contact with him.

I remember my former classmate AC saying that leaving his job and trying to start a family was a bad idea and that it was making him weak/et cetera, because I could not directly get involved, I decided to keep walking around looking for the bathroom hoping that the workers/nurses would notice me and then notice the suspicious activity outside/inside the empty room.

I remember seeing the doctor enter the room where my former classmate MW and her baby were, I heard them talking as the doctor checked the baby, and I heard the doctor say that the baby seemed well and healthy; and then a somewhat older female worker with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair noticed me walking around, I told her that I was looking for the bathroom and she showed me where it was, and I kept glancing at the empty room hoping that she would notice that something strange was going on inside and outside of it.

This worked and the woman approached the men guarding the door asking them what they were doing, they claimed to be there working on something, and so she went to the front desk to verify this; and while she was doing this the guards warned my former classmate AC about this, and so he came outside to deal with the woman.

The woman told him that they had no record that anyone was supposed to come do any work, my former classmate AC came up with some lies and even showed off some tools, and he talked about what kind of work they were doing (computer and/or electrical work); but the woman did not believe him and so she told him that they needed to leave or she would call the police, and so my former classmate AC said that they would leave and him and his group left at the same time that I was leaving and they let my former classmate MW’s husband or boyfriend go with minimal injuries.

My former classmate AC probably greeted me once we got outside, I did not want it to seem like I was with his group in case the police arrived and thought that I was with them so I kept my distance as I walked to the parking lot and they walked to the parking lot in front of me, and once we reached the parking lot I waited hoping that they would leave first so that I could leave a bit later so that no one would think that I was with them.

To the left of the parking lot were some soccer fields with soccer teams practicing and waiting for their games to start, my former classmate AC and the rest of his group decided to go play some soccer, and then I decided to go play as well; and they split up into two teams and some other soccer players joined, and I joined the team that did not have enough players and even after I joined them we did not have enough players.

Our game started and I kicked/cleared the ball down the field, the brought it back but I got it, and I started playing offense briefly because we did not have enough players; and I ran down the field until I was open and about to score a goal, but one of the other players jumped on my back knocking me to the ground to stop me from scoring.

It was clearly a foul but there were no referees, he literally sat on me until his team kicked the ball back down the field, and then I got up a bit annoyed; but then I rushed to get back down the other side of the field to play defense to stop them from scoring, I wondered how we were going to survive being out-numbered against cheaters and how was I going to handle playing defense and offense, but I woke up.

Dream Fragment

While walking outside I remembered part of a dream fragment that I possibly had last week, it was realistic enough that I probably thought that it was real and so I forgot it not realizing that it was a dream, until now.

The dream took place during the day and I was inside a house (maybe E Manor or my parent’s house or a fictional version of the house) at some point, I remember being told (probably by my dentist earlier in the dream) that I needed to have another tooth pulled/extracted, the tooth was a back lower tooth (maybe a wisdom tooth or one close to it); and I remember talking to some of my family about it, like my mom, and I probably decided to have it pulled (I probably had it pulled, and I returned home) but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Grand Theft Auto V Inspired Dreams

I forgot almost all of my dreams from last night after sleeping well until I got awakened by automobile noises/beeps as an automobile reversed in the street outside our yard, and this caused me to forget most of my dreams unfortunately.

I had one or more dreams that I would have remembered if it were not for this, but now I can only remember that I had one or more dreams related to the video game Grand Theft Auto V, I have been watching Galm on YouTube play this video game on his Grand Theft Auto V playlist; and so that is why I dreamed about it probably.