Crossing An Entity’s Hallway In Another Dimension?

My urologist Dr. K was possibly in a forgotten part of this dream, I am not sure.

I do know that during the end of the dream I was inside a building with my mom and a woman and several other people.

At some point, the woman found a door that led to a hallway with doors on both sides of it, with maybe a final door at the end of the other side of the hallway.

The door that she found possibly led to another dimension that the hallway was in, or it was just another part of this building.


Aaron Chiz Trolling / Pranking / Annoying People In Real Life


All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, and Aaron Chiz from YouTube was making new videos for his YouTube channel.

In these videos, he was going around in real life trolling / pranking / annoying people.


6-30-2014 | Dream Fragments | At A Hotel With My Family | A Giant Cloudy Female Troll-Like Creature Gets Attacked By The Military?

Smoke from the Dallas' gas central explosion S...
Smoke from the Dallas’ gas central explosion Southwest Industrial Gases, Inc. (Texas) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dream 1

I only remember part of the end of the first dream where I was at a nice large one-story hotel with whitish/grayish colored carpet(ed) floors with my family on vacation during the day I assume, and several of us had our own hotel rooms which were rectangular and longer than average.

My hotel room had either a queen or king sized bed at the end of the room and maybe two twin sized beds on the right side of the room and my room had its own bathroom, and at some point I visited my family in their rooms; and then my brother TD, my brother KD, and I explored parts of the hotel.

At some point we went to my hotel room to watch TV but at some point I think that my brothers KD and TD got bored and they probably left when I was in the bathroom because when I got out of the bathroom they were gone, I assumed that they went back to their room or my parents’ room, but I was going to go make sure; but I woke up.

Dream 2

I only remember part of the second/last dream which took place during the day and I was inside the living room of my parents’ house with my mom and one or more of my brothers, and I saw a cockroach/roach crawling on the backside of the curtain behind my computer; and so I killed it, but then I noticed something strange outside the window in the yard next to Reverend F’s house so I went outside the back door to investigate.