June 20: Your Best Day For Follows

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Today I got this notification:

On Monday, June 20, 2016 you surpassed your previous record of most follows in one day for your blog Gracedbydreams WordPress Blog. Nice!
Most Follows in One Day
Current Record: 2
Old Record: 1

Thank you 🙂

That is actually one of my deleted blogs so this confused me when I got the notification, I have had some problems with my blog in the Reader List recently where I found at least two bugs involving my blog, and so I contacted the staff to see if this notification about one of my deleted blogs could be part of the problem.

I ended up being correct, years ago when I moved my blog to a new domain (URL) some things were not properly adjusted in their system, and that is what led to this notification for one of my deleted blogs and several bugs that I have experienced in the Reader List.

They made some adjustments, and it seems that those bugs are probably fixed now.

-John Jr


My Cousin ME And Automobile Problems | Two Women Pressuring / Stressing Me

Dream 1

I barely remember part of my first dream from last night because the dream involved several random parts of several different days, and because my second dream or the second part of the dream stressed me so much that it caused me to forget most of this dream or this part of the dream.

The first dream or the first part of the dream took place during the day in maybe a fictional version of the Walmart parking lot in the city of D, and there were several parts of various days where I drove to this parking lot and probably went shopping; and almost each time I would come across my male cousin ME walking in the parking lot, and each time he would want a ride back to his house/wherever.

One day I drove an automobile (probably one that was not my own) to the parking lot and I parked at a rock or concrete ruin-like/abandoned place that had a roof with some walls with openings allowing you to see in different directions, I parked there because almost no one would park there because it was further from the doors of the store, and after I finished shopping the automobile would not start and so I called my dad.

I waited in the ruin-like place in the shade and my cousin ME came walking by as usual and he wanted a ride but I told him that the automobile would not start, but he stayed at the ruin-like place anyway probably hoping to get a ride once we got the automobile to start.

My dad showed up at some point, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

Dream 2

I can not remember if this was another dream or part of the second dream so I am typing it as a second dream that I can barely remember because I got too stressed in the dream, the dream took place inside a small building that somewhat reminded me of the ruin-like place from my first dream before it became a ruin, and I remember being in a windowless room almost like I was being interrogated by two women.

They two women seemed to be searching for people with special abilities or a certain special ability that they wanted to use for one or more unknown purposes, and like they wanted to test and experiment with those abilities and the people who have those abilities.

The two women seemed like they possibly worked for the government and/or a corporation and/or an official secret research group, they questioned me and some others and they maybe did some tests, and at some point they sent the others away when they felt that I had the special ability or abilities that they were looking for.

The two women kept pressuring me to sign consent/whatever forms where they could experiment/test/use my powers and me in exchange for money, probably water, probably food, probably medical care, probably shelter, probably a job, et cetera; and they kept pressuring me to show them a certain special ability, but I did not know what they wanted or what they were talking about because I had no idea if I really had any special ability or not.

The two women wanted me to do a test where I would sense/predict something it seemed and they kept standing over me talking and pressuring me to do it and to sign the forms, but all the pressuring me was stressing me and distracting me; and I kept trying to tell them this and to tell them that I did not know if I had this ability or how to use it, but they kept pressuring me to keep trying.

I started to possibly sense/predict something, an event or something that was going to happen or that was likely to happen maybe, but the two women were pressuring/stressing me so much that I could not concentrate; and they stressed me so much that it felt real and the dream probably became unstable, and I probably woke up feeling stressed.

The end,

-John Jr