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I did not voice record or think about my dreams at first this morning so my memory of my last dream is fading fast so I have forgotten t a lot of it, and so it will not make much sense and important details are missing.

During part of the dream and/or when I was waking up from the dream I remember hearing the song Pilots by Goldfrapp being played (sung/sang):


Dead Snakes | My Former Classmate AK

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I had some dreams last night that I clearly remembered but I kept going back to sleep and having more dreams without voice recording my dreams, and so now I can only barely remember part of three dreams.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day (maybe morning) in maybe an indoor and outdoor room with many bunk beds, and I was there with many students (kids and adults, a few were possibly former classmates of mine, and one of them was my male cousin EE)

Somehow the room felt and seemed a bit outdoors as well as indoors (I possibly could see outside in some areas), I can not remember all the reasons for this, but I do know that there was some dirt and plants and maybe some grass around parts of this room and along some of the bunk beds.

I remember getting out of maybe a top bunk of one of the bunk beds as most of the students were trying to sleep, some were probably awake but most were sleeping, and I remember walking to leave the room to either a hallway or to the outside.

As I was doing this I started to notice some large brownish colored snakes, as is common in these types of dreams I kept seeing more snakes magically as I looked around, and many of them seemed to be dead.

The dead-looking snakes had long stretched heads and mouths that looked strange, like they were stretched unnaturally or mutated or like they were maybe some kind of snake that mostly lives underground, and most of the dead-looking snakes were next to or under some of the sleeping students.

Some of the snakes were probably alive, these had their heads hidden where I could not see them, and some of these snakes had their heads underground but some had their heads hidden under things or hidden under their bodies; and some of these snakes probably moved a bit, but most were still.

I slowly and cautiously walked around trying to see how many snakes were in the room and where they were, I wanted to warn the others but I was afraid that some of the students would get bit if I warned them, because they would probably make sudden movements in a panic; and so I was not sure what to do exactly.

Snakes usually do not bother me in dreams and I usually try to avoid them and so I usually avoid getting bit, I reached the hallway or exit door at some point, but I did not want to leave the students alone with the snakes so I did not leave.

I saw my male cousin EE awake and moving around so I warned him about the snakes, I remember talking to him trying to figure out how to handle the snake situation while reducing the chances of the students getting bit, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was possibly partly inspired by film 1 or part 1 of Ghost In The Shell: Arise, which I watched before going to sleep:

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was going to a fictional shopping mall, I am not sure if I drove or walked there, and I am not sure in what order did certain things happen in this dream.

All that I can remember now is meeting my former male classmate AK, who I have not seen or heard from since he moved away back when we were in high school so I have no idea if he is even alive still in real life, and even in the dream I was surprised to see him.

I remember us being in a field of grass near the shopping mall, I could see the shopping mall and the parking lot not far away, and there were some other people in this field relaxing and some were walking to the mall.

I remember talking with my former classmate AK wondering where he has been all of these years because I could not even find him on the internet, he told me that he has been doing scientific research and development for highly classified secret black projects, but he did not say who he was working for (I assumed that it was for one or more governments and/or militaries and/or corporations and/or secret organizations and/or something like that).

I think that he probably worked in secret hidden (probably underground) research facilities, and it involved technology beyond what most people know about (almost alien, maybe even alien based or alien inspired); and so his work and the people involved in it were very closely monitored and restricted, and so he probably has spent years mostly living away from normal society (probably in the secret hidden underground research facilities).

In the dream and in real life this sounds believable to me because in real life my former classmate AK was one of the smartest people I knew and he was interested in working in advanced scientific research, so he was the type of person who I expected to end up working in jobs like this, and so I was not surprised.

After years of working this way he was tired of several things, one of which was how this very advanced technology was being hidden from the public instead of being used to help the world, and he probably did not agree with how these technologies were being used (probably for negative and shortsighted reasons, and probably mostly militarily (not the normal military, and so normal soldiers were not benefiting from this technology)).

I think that he wanted to try to tell the public about this and that he wanted to help bring some of this technology public, and he probably hoped to stop this technology from being used in secret for negative purposes because he feared that it would lead to the destruction of humanity and/or the planet and even if it did not that it would probably be used for maybe its enslavement and control.

He showed me something he took from his research facility, it was small very advanced (beyond current technology) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-looking device, and he started to unfold it; and then he voice commanded it to transform into a larger and different shape, and then he voice commanded it to fly.

It flew around at speeds and in ways beyond current technology, like a near alien-like aircraft, and it was controlled by voice commands and it seemed to have its on AI (artificial intelligence) where it could control itself.

My former classmate AK’s father arrived to warn him about how he, they, and maybe now I were in danger if they find out what he was planning on doing; and if they realized that he was using this device in public right now, and he reminded him how they were closely monitored.

The device did get the attention of someone because I think that some aircraft were sent to investigate this breach of airspace, my former classmate AK hid the device before they arrived though, and my former classmate AK and his father talked about their plans (maybe his father was going to help him, he was one of the scientists too, and he was tired of what was going on as well; but he was more cautious and afraid).

At some point his father left and my former classmate AK and I walked and talked around the shopping mall, we possibly both had memories of this shopping mall, and we talked about various things.

We were probably on alert for people who may be looking for him so we tried to stay hidden among the crowds of people at the mall, there was more that happened, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

My memory of this dream is fading quickly because I did not voice record this dream and I have been doing other things this morning, and so now I can not remember most of this dream.

My former male classmates JC and DA were in the dream with me along with one or two other male schoolmates or classmates of ours, I can not remember where we were or what we were doing or what time of day it was, but I do remember driving us in an automobile (maybe The BV) to what looked like the Walmart in the city of D.

It was possibly late afternoon or evening or just cloudy, I remember parking the automobile and maybe something was wrong with the automobile or I just needed to adjust how I parked but I can not remember, and I remember the others getting out to go inside Walmart.

There was more that happened before and during and after this, but that is all that I can remember at this time; but maybe I will remember more again later because I had remembered more until I spent too much time not thinking about it.

The end,

-John Jr


My Own Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) & Turning Into A Titan To Defend Against Titans

I barely remember part of one dream that took place during a nice day in the city of D, and at some point I think that I was with my brother GC and/or one or more people outside.

I either found or bought or was given a mostly whitish colored remote-controlled toy airplane that had a camera on the front of it that someone added to it, and it was basically a custom-built unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that you could control and see what it sees.