Helicopters / Aircraft Moving Strange Cargo?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately I can not remember most of this dream, and what I do remember is unclear.

I remember being outside in my parent’s yard during the day on the side of the yard that the dogs are on.

I remember seeing something strange in the sky, I can not remember the details, but it possibly involved the military / government / UFOs (unidentified flying objects) / unknown strange technology and cargo / contractors et cetera.

I know that some aircraft were flying in the sky and some of them (probably helicopters possibly being flown by private contractors) were carrying strange cargo (possible strange technology, possibly alien and / or human made, and who knows what else; whatever it was it was strange and probably advanced), and the helicopters were flying over the neighborhood as I watched whatever strange things that I saw that I can not remember.

The helicopters were flying low and recklessly, I could see several probably private contractors who were men with light-color skin with beards flying the helicopters, and maybe they had military escorts but I can not remember.

They flew in the direction of The BP Memorial Hospital, somehow I could see in that area from a distance, and the area was slightly fictional with some old historical towers (at least two) near where the hospital should be.

One of the helicopters flew so low and recklessly that part of its hanging cargo hit the top of one of the old historical towers which broke it, and part of it collapsed and hit the second tower which broke it too and caused it to also collapse; and the pilots did not seem to care.

I then walked closer to the house to tell my mom and my brother GC, they happened to walk outside, and I started telling them what I saw and I remember us looking at the sky.

My brother CC showed up and he looked and spoke like he was younger again, maybe a teenager, but somehow he was still in the military even though he seemed younger again.

My brother CC assumed that what we were seeing possibly involved UFOs and aliens and the government and military et cetera, and he started telling us about an alleged former male older military intelligence soldier with light-color skin with white / gray hair who investigated things like this and who was involved in the conspiracy theory scene.

My brother CC seemed very interested in this alleged former military intelligence soldier and his research and conspiracy theories, and he started telling us about him and his research and his conspiracy theories and my brother CC also seemed more religious so he was also mentioning Christianity and how that played into all of this.

My brother CC was really into this stuff and it reminded me of back when he was younger and when he got into the television show The X-Files, but in this dream he seemed pretty obsessed and like he was believing almost everything that this alleged former military intelligence soldier said.

My brother CC told us that this man used to try to find any interesting documents involving UFOs and aliens et cetera back when he was allegedly in military intelligence, allegedly he found things that made him a true believer in this stuff, and he has dedicated his life into researching this stuff since then even after leaving the military.

It was strange seeing my brother CC like this but I was curious but skeptical about what he was telling me, and I was definitely skeptical about this alleged former military intelligence officer.

But I woke up as we walked and talked toward the house.

The end,

-John Jr


Getting Scared And Paralyzed By An Alien

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream caused me to wake up suddenly and somewhat afraid, I did not get out of bed even after going back to sleep and waking up a few times with dreams that needed to be voice recorded, and so now I have forgotten most of my dreams including this one; but I do barely remember part of this dream and another dream which were inspired by an article on Disinfo (Disinformation) that I read last night about alien abductions called Alien Abductions: Skeptics, Debunkers, And The Facts At Hand:

All that I can remember of this dream is that the end of the dream took place in a large building during the evening and night, there were many people there, and I remember being in a very large room with many sitting areas and maybe some sleeping areas; and this room somewhat reminded me of the D Junior High School courtyard that is further from the cafeteria.

There was a man with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair who was being forced to pay protection money/whatever to a gang, he paid a well dressed (female business suit and skirt) woman with whitish colored skin with maybe yellowish colored hair who was possibly a lawyer to negotiate with the gang and give them the payments each time, and the man hated doing this but the gang was threatening him/others; and the female lawyer/whoever probably told him that this was the smart thing to do, and she would negotiate a lower price and make sure that they were not cheating him too much.

I was sitting around this area when the gang approached the man and he sent the female lawyer/whoever to pay and negotiate with them, he was angry about this and he let them know it and they warned him, and later the female lawyer/whoever returned to let him know that things went well; and she probably warned him to be careful what he says to them next time, and she told him to keep paying them to avoid trouble.

She told him that things would be okay, he probably paid her, and she probably walked away; and I probably started talking to the man, but then he interrupted me asking me: “Do you see that?” and what happened after this was like real life combined with a slow horror film.

I turned around, we were closest to a wall with an opening to the outside like an open glass door or wall or large window where we could partly see outside to a yard or field of grass, and it was night but there was a bright light almost like moon light that was possibly pulsing / blinking on the ground slowly; but we both knew that it was not moon light, and we knew that something was not right.

We both seemed to suspect or feel or know that something negative was here and happening, like we were suspecting that it was an alien spaceship / UFO that landed with aliens, and as we stared intensely at the ground and the light we saw a non-human shaped shadow rising up on the ground like something was either getting closer and/or standing up and/or entering the area from somewhere like a spaceship in the distance.

We started to become afraid and we both probably said that they are here, like we both knew that it was aliens, we started to back away as the shadow got closer; and then we saw a maybe purplish colored non-human head starting to try to peek around the open wall/door/window, and we started trying to run for cover while warning the many people in the room but something seemed to be stopping us from talking/yelling.

I ran to another open room to hide but I got paralyzed, it seemed that maybe some of the other people saw it too but they were probably paralyzed like the alien/whatever froze everyone, and then I possibly saw the hands/fingers of the alien/whatever grabbed the edge of the wall/door that was open to the room that I was hiding in; and then it slowly peeked around the opening at me which made me even more afraid to my surprise like it had the ability to cause fear.

It was a maybe a purplish color and humanoid shape, hairless, maybe thin long arms/hands/fingers, and its head was probably shaped a bit different than a grey alien because I think that the top of the head was wider than the bottom in a somewhat odd shape and its eyes were probably smaller than a grey alien but maybe black like theirs but I can not remember because it was dark and I only got to barely see part of its head briefly; and I was very afraid oddly, like I had memories of being abducted coming back, like I remembered bad things happening to me and that bad things were going to happen to me again and that I could do nothing about it.

I am not sure how tall or big or strong the alien/whatever looked because it was hiding most of its body behind the wall for the two or three seconds that I saw it, and then I possibly heard it make a noise as it possibly ran from behind the wall super quickly toward me; and I was so terrified that I tried to yell/scream something but I was so paralyzed that I could only make a strange weak noise/sound, and I woke up suddenly in bed like I had made the sound in the real world and it was like I was thrown back into the real world or in bed.

I felt like I had really experienced something, had most of my memory erased and/or blocked and/or altered, that I was just put back in bed, and that I was just reacting to the beginning of the experience; like a missing time-like situation where you remember the last thing that happen before your memory goes out, and then once time starts back you are react to that last memory but it is already over and you do not remember what happened after that.

This freaked me out, I glanced around the room and at the window from the bed, I did a few reality checks, I glanced at my bed and my shirt to see if anything was unusual, and I started thinking about what just happened; and I felt afraid and I was probably shaking a bit, it was like a subconscious-like fear based on past experiences that you can not remember, and I did not get out of bed the rest of the night (it was possibly almost 6AM, but I can not remember) until this morning finally.

I am not sure why I was so afraid during and after the dream, it was like the alien/whatever caused the fear and that I remembered it or subconsciously remembered bad things happening to me done by things like it, and maybe because it seemed to have the power to paralyze everyone as well even in my own dream; and because of its face and eyes that I partly got to see and how it possibly ran or flew at me so fast and maybe the possible noise I heard when this happened so suddenly like a jump scare.

Dream 2

There was a lot more to this dream that I can not remember now unfortunately, so it will not make much sense, I remember the dream taking place during the day at several probably mostly connected maybe college-like buildings, and at some point in the dream someone was looking for my former classmate MB who I had seen earlier in the dream.

Later in the dream I was in a room with other people when my brother CC and my sister-in-law JC entered the room, they possibly had a baby or were going to have a baby or had someone else’s baby with them, and I probably talked with them and maybe I held the baby briefly but I can not remember; and I can not remember the details unfortunately.

I remember meeting two women who were possibly from the first dream who possibly were paralyzed and approached by the alien as well, they could not remember what happened to them after that either and they also wanted answers, and there was a man who was looking for my former male classmate MB who said that he was there too; and that he saw some of what happened to us, and he would share that information with us if we helped him find my former classmate MB.

We searched around until we possibly found my former classmate MB or where he last was, we finally got the man to tell us what he saw, and he told us that he saw us paralyzed and maybe he was paralyzed as well; and he saw the alien approach us, but that was about all that he could remember after that.

He said that the alien somewhat erased or blocked out most of our memories and that it probably planted some fake memories as well, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Two Types Of Black Colored UFOs With Red Colored Lights Including A Black Triangle Type UFO

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Note to self: yesterday afternoon several people and I went to the funeral home for a private viewing of my dead grandfather CE (they did a good job preparing his body), and we went to the graveyard where he will be buried; and today is the funeral.

I did not voice record my dreams from last night, and so I forgot all of my dreams except for part of my last dream which started outside in the yard of my parents near where the clothesline used to be.

I can not remember if it was day or night for some strange reason but I remember standing in the yard, and then I noticed a blackish colored triangle UFO (unidentified flying object) with at least three reddish colored glowing (maybe circular shaped) lights at all three ends/sides/tips/whatever flying in the sky.

I think that it was very quiet or silent and then I noticed another blackish colored UFO flying around that was smaller and built more like a strange shorter/wider fighter aircraft that possibly was unmanned, and it had strange reddish colored glowing lights in strange patterns where the cockpit windows/glass/et cetera was or should be and along other parts of the UFO.

I think that my brother GC was outside as well and maybe several more of both types of UFOs appeared in the sky as well, and one of the triangle UFOs flew straight down toward us almost hitting the ground and it straighten and it hover/flew over the grass and then it flew straight up again very quietly or silently, and all of this was done in ways that no aircraft that I know can do with our current public/known technology.

We were amazed/shocked/et cetera and so I ran inside the house of my parents to tell the rest of my family so that they could look outside or come outside and see the UFOs in the sky, and inside the house someone was watching a movie or TV show or something like that about RoboCop.

RoboCop got shot up and/or damaged so badly that most of his body/armor was broken with only his head/brain, spine, heart, and lungs left; and he had brain damage that they had to try to repair.

They saved his life but the brain damage caused him to not act like/be his normal self, and so now he acted like a robot following only his programming; and then I stopped watching this, and I went back to trying to get the rest of my family to go see the UFOs in the sky but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Hot Air Balloon Vacation Trip Around The World

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember some of my last dream, but I forgot most of the dreams before it and I forgot some of the dream due to being awakened a few times; so my memory of the dream is a bit unclear.

I remember seeing part of and / or being part of a hot air balloon vacation trip around the world that the husband and wife from WW were taking, and I was able to see and/or experience part of the hot air balloon vacation trip like a camera person and/or like I was there and/or like I was seeing some of their memories as someone told me about their trip.

There was a giant airplane that was pulling the hot air balloon from a cable that was connected to the bottom of the plane near the middle area under the plane, and the cable was connected to the top of the hot air balloon; the top of the hot air balloon had the traditional multi-colored patches, and it was connected to a basket that was actually a small apartment-like room but it looked smaller on the outside than it did on the inside.

The basket area was more like a small balcony that was connected to the small apartment-like room, and the apartment-like room had one door with walls & a ceiling & a floor like a normal apartment.

I remember seeing things from various angles like a camera person at first from in the sky with clouds/fog/et cetera, with the land/mountains/water/cities/trees/et cetera below, and it was very beautiful and amazing; and I probably could hear & feel the wind during some parts of the dream.

I remember various beautiful environments as they/we traveled around the world from in the sky, it felt a bit realistic at times, and it was amazing.

At some point I remember entering/seeing inside the apartment-like room which had an open area with a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, and the bathroom & the laundry room were the only two rooms that were separate rooms.

The husband and wife had food, drinks, water, probably electricity, electronics, and various other things; and so they were able to relax and enjoy themselves, while occasionally walking out to the basket area, which was a balcony that allowed them/us to see the sky and land below, and it was amazing & beautiful.

At some point after traveling to various parts of the world, they/we landed in D, I think that they would land every so often to explore and/or get more supplies; and so I think that they had also stopped in a few other countries in the dream.

I remember being in my parent’s yard with the wife, who was about to fly a small F-16-like fighter aircraft that was placed in my parent’s yard for some reason for fun 😀 , and so I walked to the other side of the yard to avoid getting killed if something went wrong; so this seemed real enough to me at this point. 😀

After she flew off I noticed a large moon-like object in the sky that looked closer than normal and so I stopped to look at it, but then another moon-like object moved in the sky next to it; and so I started to wonder if this was real or a holographic show, and I remember wondering if any of this was related to some things in a few of my past dreams.

I started to get a bit worried not knowing if this was real or not and if something serious or not was going on, then I think a third moon-like object might have moved near the other two (but I could be wrong), but I do know that one or two of the moon-like objects (UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects)) started moving and/or spinning in strange ways.

I wondered if one of my past dreams was actually happening in the real world now, I did not realize that I was dreaming, and so I started to get a bit afraid; and I still could not figure out if this was real or not, and I did not know what to do.

I also wondered if this was a message that symbolized something that I and/or certain people should be able to understand and/or translate / decode one day, but I could not make sense of it yet; but I can not remember what happened exactly, I just remember my uncle CE calling me from the yard below the tree line where this was happening in the sky above it and I do not remember seeing or thinking of it again, but I could be wrong.

My uncle CE told me that my aunt DE, uncle EE, and my cousin ME were in town at my grandfather’s house and that they wanted me to help them with something; and so I walked to my grandfather’s house to see what they wanted, and they told me that they wanted some trash bags.

So my uncle EE and my cousin ME followed me to my parent’s house to get some trash bags, and they wanted me to double-bag them; and so they helped me double-bag them while we talked, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Fireball UFO In The Sky | The New Territories Are Coming + Getting Shot In The Face By Reverend JM = ?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Fireball UFO In The Sky

The night before last I remembered part of my last dream which was unclear in some parts, I think it started with The President Of The United States Barack Obama in a small dark room with several soldiers looking at a radar screen and video screen, I do not think that I was in the dream but I could see things like a camera person.

It was early morning I think and it was still dark, the building that president Obama was in seemed to be on the outskirts of a city, things were quiet outside and the military had hidden anti-aircraft weapons set up around a pretty large area.

They were tracking a UFO in the sky & they did not seem to know what it was, hence the name UFO, anyway, from the outside I saw what looked like a fireball moving somewhat slowly in the sky; and my first thought was that it reminded me of something from Hinduism, for some reason, even though I do not know much about the religion. (I guess it was the style/appearance of the fireball, that seemed to have a Hinduism/Hindu/Indian art style/appearance.)

I felt that parts of it probably were invisible and I did not know what it was either: was it a ship or was it just a floating fireball or was it something else?

Obviously it did not belong to The United States military or government in the dream because they were confused, worried, and on high alert.

At some point the UFO started to fly toward the building where president Obama was, so the  military started to shoot at it, but nothing was stopping it and/or hitting it; all the missiles could not lock on it and the missiles would fall to the ground and the bullets either missed and/or the bullets did not damage it, like it had a shield and/or the bullets were going through the UFO and/or something like that.

It was not in visible range of the building yet but the military was worried & so they started shooting everything they had at it, but then the dream jumped to me somehow traveling around to different countries.

I am not sure how but I remember talking to at least one person in each country that I visited, but that is all I can remember.

The New Territories Are Coming?

Last night I remembered part of my last dream which started normal but ended in a disturbing way, I remember playing indoor football in a small room with some NFL players and some former classmates of mine.

My team’s quarterback had handed off the ball to our running back but someone was about to tackle him & so he handed off the ball to me, but it bounced off my hands and I fumbled it, so I ran to try to get it before someone else did.

Fortunately one of our teammates got the ball and got a touchdown, but a flag was called and the touchdown did not count.

As we were getting back into position one of our teammates JS pushed a huge man on the other team or something, and the huge man got mad and he decided to get on the line to rush our quarterback; and I was supposed to block for the quarterback along with JS and a few others, but my other teammates moved out-of-the-way and they all were going to let me block the huge man alone.

I turned to ask them what they were doing and then we all started to laugh, and I wondered how was I going to stop this angry huge man from tackling our quarterback, but then the dream switched to me leaving to the outside and I was at the field next to the waffle house in D.

Other people were going to their automobiles to leave as well but my automobile was in the shop, and I had a back up car but something was wrong with it so it was parked at the FF bank; and I decided to start walking to my parent’s house, but then Eric Matthews from the TV show Boy Meets World offered me a ride before I got very far, so I said okay.

Something was wrong with his car too so he took it to a place near the bank, this place went down in the ground so the building was built at a 45 degree angle with a driveway in the middle of the building, and on the left side and right side were two buildings that were connected and it looked like a small school.

Eric went to talk to his dad about fixing his car as I waited by the car, he came back saying that his dad was busy now, and I noticed George Feeny (Mr. Feeny) (Or however you spell it) was talking to another teacher in the building & Eric’s mom was talking to someone too; I wondered where his house was so I told him that this place looked like a school and I asked where was his house, and he said that this was his home.

We then walked into the top part of the building and inside was a top area over looking a cafeteria-like room with mostly female students in the room and the students seemed to have mental and/or physical disabilities/handicaps; and I said hello and we walked to a little office for some reason, but I can not remember why or who we saw, and next I was carrying something out of the building.

But before I left the building one of the female students seemed to recognize me and she told me who I was, and she said that she knew my dad and that she recognized me from church a long time ago.

I was surprised but what really got me next was she asked me if I believed in God, I was stunned, and decided to just give her a quick answer instead of explaining the everything and I continued to leave the building but she followed me outside.

At this point it seemed like another dream intrusion, like with the scary old woman, the female student appearance changed I think and now I think she looked almost like the daughter of a preacher named Rev. JM.

Outside of the building we were on a platform that over looked the bottom area outside, so there was a drop, and there was no safety rails & so if you were not careful you would fall and hurt yourself or die; and now there were people outside, and the female student continued to talk to me.

She told me that I should believe in God because many signs were being shown or coming true or something like that, and that The New Territories were coming (or that is what I think that she said or she said something that sounded like that).

I had no idea what The New Territories were so I was confused and as she was still talking about either an apocalypse and/or the return of some God (probably the Christian god) and/or The New Territories (whatever it or they are); but then the preacher Rev. JM and a few young men walked over to us wearing suits.

Rev. JM greeted me acting strange and then something or someone started to pull me from behind toward the edge of the platform, I started to tell whoever or whatever it was to let me go or we would fall off the edge, but it or they were not listening & so I grabbed Rev. JM to avoid falling.

I told him to walk forward to help pull me away from falling but he would not do it and he kept telling me to let him go, so I grabbed someone else that was near by and told them to move forward but they did not move either, and so I kept grabbing people and trying to resist whatever was pulling me from behind toward the platform; and there were a lot of people around & so I could not tell who or what was pulling me.

I was getting annoyed and somewhat afraid as no one helped me and I was not strong enough to break free from whatever was pulling me, eventually the pulling stopped but before I could turn around to see what had pulled me or before I could walk off, Rev. JM said something to me & so I turned to look at him.

He said something to me while smiling and acting weird and then he pulled out a pistol (a M1911 pistol) I think) and he shot me in the face, and he ran off laughing with the young men that he had come with and a police officer or someone started to chase them.

Even though I did not feel the shot to the face, I was so shocked and sure that I was shot, that I fell to the ground, and the flash from the gun had somewhat messed up my vision; and then I woke myself up from the dream feeling somewhat disturbed and freaked out and wondering what this dream meant or if it meant anything at all.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂