A Crime Boss Powers-Up | A Room Of Unconscious Clones?

Source: IMDb Dream 1 This dream was about a fictional martial arts movie that somewhat reminded me of a movie that was in the styles of the movie The Raid 2 combined with a serious version of the movie Kung Fu Hustle. https://youtu.be/MG9uFX3uYq4 https://youtu.be/O6RXbz7gLqY In the dream this martial arts movie was about a male … Continue reading A Crime Boss Powers-Up | A Room Of Unconscious Clones?


A Semi-Lucid And / Or Lucid Dream Behind The Scenes Of Game Of Thrones (Season 8)?

Source: IMDb I think that this is all one dream that turned into a semi-lucid and / or lucid dream that possibly went back to being a normal dream at some point, but I could be wrong. This dream was probably inspired by me watching some videos about Game Of Thrones (Season 8) on YouTube … Continue reading A Semi-Lucid And / Or Lucid Dream Behind The Scenes Of Game Of Thrones (Season 8)?

An Unstable Man | Little Jeff

Source: Wikimedia Commons Dream 1 This dream took place during the day, I was with my mom and my brother GC, and we were outside walking in a parking lot to a car so that we could leave. We noticed a man laying unconscious on the ground and he had what looked like a little … Continue reading An Unstable Man | Little Jeff

A Short Gael García Bernal?

There was more to this dream, but I can not remember most of it. The end of this dream took place inside a building, and I was walking along a hallway among other people including some people who could speak Spanish and English. I am not sure if we saw this man fall from a … Continue reading A Short Gael García Bernal?

People Trying To Protect Jessica Jones

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired by the television show Jessica Jones (Season 2) that I watched an episode of yesterday. https://youtu.be/hSvnepZS26s The dream involved several characters from that show like Malcolm Ducasse, Alisa Jones, maybe Dr. Karl Malus, maybe Trish Walker, and maybe one or more other … Continue reading People Trying To Protect Jessica Jones

Language Learning And Conor McGregor

Dream 1 I had one or more dreams that involved language learning and trying to use the language or languages that were being learned by speaking to people in the language(s) et cetera, Esperanto was probably the language or one of the languages being learned / used and maybe just maybe Irish (Gaelic) was another … Continue reading Language Learning And Conor McGregor

Getting Drugged And Raped And Brainwashed?

Source: Wikimedia Commons I had more dreams but I did not get out of bed to voice record them, and what happened in my last dream also helped me to forget those dreams and the beginning of the dream that I do remember part of. This dream went from positive to negative out of nowhere … Continue reading Getting Drugged And Raped And Brainwashed?