An Underground Civilization

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I once again lost dreams that I remembered by not recording them, and I even lost details from the two dreams that I remember part of because of the same reason.

Dream 1

Unfortunately I can not remember most of this dream and what I remember is probably partly flawed, and so I am not even sure if I was in the dream or not or what planet this dream took place on.

The end of the dream involved what seemed to be an underground civilization who probably did not even realize or remember or know if there was a surface to their planet, and there was some chaos going on because they thought that their civilization / planet was about to end because of maybe a bomb (I guess nuclear or something even more powerful) or something that was said to be about to go off soon if they did not find it or whatever.

The civilization was desperate and probably started doing desperate things trying to find the bomb or whatever and whoever was responsible, and so they started overstepping their power / laws to deal with this alleged terrorist threat and so people outside the mainstream were at risk of being targeted as well.

One man and some people with him possibly had a hypothesis that there was possibly a surface to their planet (there were possibly some old mostly forgotten and no longer accepted legends about this in their culture), no one else seemed to believe this and almost saw it as blasphemy or something, and so they wanted him to stop spreading such ideas and he was at risk of being attacked because they saw him and his ideas as a threat and possibly wondered if he was involved with the assumed bomb or whatever.

The man and the people with him possibly started being chased by people because they would not stop their investigation into this hypothesis, and during this chase the man found a hidden door that led to the surface of the planet so he stepped out of it to investigate and to avoid the people chasing them.

He stepped out into an area with plants / trees and a sky et cetera, it was possibly late afternoon or evening, and so his hypothesis was correct but now they needed to investigate if it was safe or not on the surface.

But I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place at L University where my brothers KDC and TDC go to college and play American football, and me and my parents went there for an event at a fictional version of the maybe B Auditorium / Building where we went to the L University Football Kickoff Banquet last weekend.

As we were walking through the hallway I gave my glasses (eyeglasses) to my mom for a moment for some unknown reason, we got split up for a moment, and without my glasses my vision was blurred so I could not see very well.

I needed to urinate so I tried to find a bathroom but my vision was too blurred to read the signs on the doors, and so I had to ask some people to help point me to the correct door for the men’s bathroom and they did.

Before I entered the bathroom my mom probably walked over and gave me my glasses, and my dad needed to urinate too so he walked into the bathroom before me.

I entered the bathroom as my dad was urinating in one of the bathroom stalls, some young men were to the far left of the bathroom and I heard suspicious sounds and conversation like they were up to no good and doing something to someone, and I started trying to find a stall with some privacy.

The furthest stall on the left had no left side so it was open to the urinals next to it, two stalls to the right of it had their toilets mostly under the dividers where there was not enough room to really even urinate in them, and then the stall to the right of those had a similar flaw but there was barely enough room to urinate into it so I tried to use this stall and toilet.

My dad finished urinating and walked to wash his hands near the suspicious young men, they got quiet and stopped what they were doing and stared, my dad greeted them but they probably did not say anything and just stared suspiciously.

I stood there trying to urinate while keeping an eye on them because they were acting so suspicious, no urine was coming out even though I really felt like I needed to urinate, and eventually I woke up in the real world really needing to urinate so I went to urinate in the bathroom in the real world.

The end,

-John Jr



Source: Wikimedia Commons

I will first tell my dream fragments and then I will briefly describe my brother GC’s dream and the similarities with mine.

Dream 1

I remember my dream starting in a house that looked exactly like my grandfather’s house, but it was not, and I felt like I/it was underground.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream, but I think I had just walked into the house and a group of women ran at me wildly.

They started grabbing me wildly, I was not sure if they were trying to attack me or not, so I started to use my grappling skills to stop them from taking me down.

Suddenly in the hallway where another entrance to the house was, two military officers came into the house, one of them was the actor Carl Weathers who played Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies and the other officer was Richard L. Jenkins from the Mass Effect game (he was the soldier that died on the first mission).

They were wearing their formal suits instead of armor and they had no weapons, then several of the women that were grabbing me ran toward them, and only about 3 women were left grabbing me.

I told the 3 women to let me go and I was trying to ask them what they wanted, when suddenly a woman walked in from the kitchen and she ordered the women to let me go.

The woman had very short black hair, her skin was a dark brown color, and she seemed to be in charge or the leader.

She told the 3 women that I did not want to be bothered, and she told them to go bother the other men or something.

In the hallway other women had surrounded the two military officers and they started grabbing them, and then they started to fight each other over the men.

The women were acting like they had not seen men in a long time or something, it was like they were trying to rape them or something.

The two military officers seemed to enjoy this, they thought it was cool to have women fighting over them and trying to rape them. 😀

The officer that looked like Apollo Creed had the most women fighting over him, so he told the women that there was enough of him to go around, and then the women stopped fighting & they decided to take turns so they started to rip the officers clothes off.

Surprisingly everything in this dream stayed PG-13, no nudity or sex, the dream then went back to me in the living room with the leader.

The leader was telling me about their situation and how long they had been in this house, it seemed that they had not left this house in a long time, but I can not remember anything she told me unfortunately.

As she was talking, the house started to rumble, like there was an earthquake or something; and so we looked outside and we were underground.

It seemed that we were in an underground city; the ground, walls, and ceiling were dirty looking tan-colored rocks.

The ceiling of rocks above the city was collapsing, and people were running & screaming outside.

We yelled for the others to come to the living room quickly, when they all came to the living room, I noticed that one of them was the 1980s or whatever version of Madonna wearing some annoying, goofy, and ugly lingerie.

The leader told us to follow her outside, so we ran behind her as rocks fell around us, and I saw several people in the city get crushed by large rocks.

Buildings were falling, rocks, dirt, and other things were falling into the city from above; but fortunately the leader led us to a tunnel that was safe from the collapse, but then I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream is very unclear, I only remember being with a group of people and we were running through a multi-floor building fighting some creatures or something that could teleport.

I do not remember what they looked like, but I think that you could barely see them; and I think that they looked like little floating clouds, but I am not sure.

I remember that we had to move carefully because when you stop/stopped, the creatures would teleport behind you, and so you had to time your stops so that you could predict where they would teleport.

I think that this building was a college building or school, I think I saw some students running around, and the dream took place during the day.

I am not sure if we had weapons, I think we used hand-to-hand combat against these creatures, but they could keep teleporting so fighting them was hard.

We had to keep stopping and moving from floor to floor of this building, but that is all I can remember.

My Brother GC’s Dream

Now this same night my brother GC had a dream that was similar in some ways to my dreams, at one point in his dream it was almost like his dream crashed into mine, literally!

His dream took place at a school in the day and there was a bomb threat at the school, so they had to stay in the class.

Strange soldiers wearing full armor with masks that covered their faces, were in the hallways, and one soldier told them to stay in the class.

One of the students wanted to leave and he tried to leave, but some soldiers came into the room and they shot him.

Everyone panicked and suddenly the building started to rumble like an earthquake was happening and people started to fall,  and so my brother GC took this opportunity to take one of the soldiers gun and he shot all the soldiers.

One of the dead soldiers helmet came off and he was not a human, it was some strange creäture with tentacles, and even though it was dead the body kept twitching.

Some other students took the other guns and they went around the building exploring and they saw a small group of adults in the hallway, and they tried to greet the adults but the adults ran at them like wild zombies and so they shot them.

The class was really scared now and they were all on alert, and while exploring they came across some real human soldiers.

They followed the soldiers and they all went outside the building together, but they were now underground and one of the soldiers said that they were now 28 miles underground, according to his sensors.

They noticed that they were now in an underground city that seemed to be just like the one in my dream, but they did not see anyone except for one small group of adults; and so they shot them because they thought that they would attack them like the other adults had.

I will not explain the rest of his dream, but I find it interesting that his dream was similar in some ways to mine ; and that the school that he was in, fell underground into a place like the one in my dream.

There were more similarities, but I will not explain those, even though I do find them to be interesting.

Anyway the end,

-John Jr 🙂