The Nimitz Encounters

The Nimitz Encounters
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What is it?

The 2019 documentary short film The Nimitz Encounters.

What is it about?

This is how The Nimitz Encounters website describes this documentary short film:

The Nimitz Encounters – A Short Documentary Film

On the morning of November 14th, 2004 90 miles of the coast of California near San Diego, the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group was conducting routine training and aerial defense exercises.

No one could have known what would soon confront the sailors and naval aviators of the Black Aces Fighter Squadron. 

Unknown craft would appear that forever changed those that encountered them.

The answers to the question of “what are they?” remains unknown.

After 13 years of cloaked secrecy the True Story can finally be told.

My Thoughts

This documentary short film was interesting, it was good to see a UFO incident taken seriously, and I am glad that The United States government/military has finally acknowledged that this is a real unexplained incident.

Hopefully they will figure out and will release more information.

This was an interesting incident, I am glad that some of the soldiers were able to share what they saw/heard/experienced, and I hope that more well-documented incidents are made public.

The end,

-John Jr

A UFO Scares Away A Military-Looking Helicopter?

I barely remember part of my last dream from last night which was an unclear and confusing dream, and I think that it started in a grocery store during the day.

I probably was shopping in the grocery store when I noticed a group of young men speaking Spanish, they looked & acted like they were in the grocery store to cause some trouble for fun, and at some point they got into an argument with two workers; and so two male security guards who also spoke Spanish came to deal with the situation, the two security guards were either dating each other/married to each other/close friends/or family but I am not sure which, but the group of young men pulled out weapons.

The two security guards pulled out their guns and they tried to calm the young men down, but the young men started shooting killing two of the workers; and they ran, and the two security guards were shocked/saddened that they were not able to protect their two friends/co-workers.

The two security guards later left to find the young men and they killed the group of young men, and so the two security guards got put in jail; and later in the dream I was in my parent’s yard by the back door during a nice day, and my brother GC’s cat A was sitting on top of what might have been a white colored floor tile or something that looked a bit like one that was hanging high in the tree above my parent’s house oddly between the house & the fence & I wondered how could a cat get that high in a tree.

I then went to the abandoned house by the chicken cage where SW & EW used to live for some unknown reason(s), and the house looked different inside; and there was an underground floor where I found a small jail with several prisoners, the two security guards were in one of the jail cells, and they asked me to let them out.

I let them out of the jail cell even though they looked like something was not right about them, like after killing the group of young men they looked like they enjoyed killing people now possibly, but I did not let the other prisoners out of their jail cells; and I remember the two men and/or I getting on the internet through a computer using a VPN and/or proxy to mask our IP address & to encrypt our internet connection.

Whoever was using the computer browsed the internet going to different websites trying to avoid being tracked while looking for something, but I can not remember the details; and I went back outside to get a camera to film my brother GC’s cat A sitting on the white colored tile high in the tree.

As I was filming my brother GC’s cat A I noticed a blurry object in the sky high above us, it seemed to be slowly descending down to us, and as it got closer it looked & sounded like a large maybe greenish colored military helicopter that might have been a transport helicopter but I am not sure because I only saw the bottom of it; and I wondered why they seemed to be trying to land and/or spy on our area, but then a fast-moving UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) came like it was trying to scare away the military-looking helicopter from bothering us and/or it.

My guess was that the UFO was a spaceship of some kind but I did not get a good look at it because it was so fast & high in the sky, and whoever was in the military-looking helicopter saw it & they got scared it seemed because they flew away quickly to avoid the UFO.

I probably tried to record what I could with the camera but I might have been too busy watching in amazement/confusion/surprised/et cetera, but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr

3-18-2013 | Dream Fragment | A Space Shuttle Test With The Military And An Old Man Looking For Something

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I somewhat remember part of one dream from last night, I remember being with my family outside during the night or evening outside of my grandfather’s fence that is closer to the R Trailer, and it seemed that we were going to camp out there & watch the night’s sky/stars/et cetera.

I remember us having a good time and getting along well surprisingly, at some point I saw a UFO (unidentified flying object) fly across the sky at amazing speeds, and so I yelled to my family to look at it in the sky; but it was so fast that they only briefly saw it, and it curved/changed directions super fast & disappeared or so we thought.

It was clearly a UFO that was being controlled by something, my guess was either a government/military spacecraft/space shuttle test or non-Human beings, and while we were talking about it we saw it or something else in the sky; and it looked like a normal space shuttle with a strange device connected to it, my guess was that this device was what allowed it to move so fast earlier (if this was the same thing that we had seen, this could have been sent to respond to the UFO), and it was being escorted by one or more aircrafts.

It flew over us in the sky and we saw a helicopter with soldiers wearing strange silver spacesuit-like suits parachuting down not far from us, we walked inside my grandfather’s house to avoid the soldiers since we were not sure what was going on, but I did get a brief look at them before I went inside; and most of them were young men with assault rifles & their strange silver spacesuit-like suits without the helmet, and it seemed that they were going to camp out in the area outside of my grandfather’s fence.

I wondered if it was in response to the UFO and/or space shuttle that flew over this area, either way we stayed inside my grandfather’s house, and at some point we probably went to sleep; and the next day I went outside and the soldiers were gone, but an automobile drove up & an old man & a woman got out of it.

A Class About UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I slept pretty good again and forgot most of my dreams, but I do remember part of one dream that took place at a fictional college during the day.

I am not sure if it was the beginning of the semester or not but I do know that I was a student, and I went to several classes during the dream; and there were different areas of the college that I went to.

One area was like the upper-floor of my former high school and I remember having a class with one of my former classmates EC, and I remember going to the bathroom in the dream where I had a common bathroom dream theme take place but I can not remember what happened exactly; but I do know that it involved some of my former classmates like BJ (MP), MJ, maybe MW, TC, and maybe a few others who came into the bathroom.

In my class that had EC in it, I think that he stole something from me or tried to steal something from me for fun, which is something he used to do/practice for fun in real life when we were in school; he was pretty good at stealing stuff. 😀

I know that I went to several classes in different areas, but I can not remember most of the details other than that I know that one of my teachers was a woman with brownish colored skin with shoulder length black colored hair.

At some point in the dream I looked at my class schedule and I had signed up for an interesting class on/about UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), and I was surprised that a class was offered on/about that topic; and so I decided to take that class, and it was located outside in a strange area compared to the rest of my classes.

I remember walking outside to the outskirts of the school near a bridge where there was a small opening for/to a cave that you could barely see unless you walked and closely examined the area, in fact I did not see it at first since it was well hidden, and I think that there was a sticker on the outside of the cave opening that let you know the number for the classroom which matched the number on my class schedule.

I slowly ducked (since the opening was not very high) and I entered the cave opening which was a bit dark, and I saw some sharp crystal-like formations that seemed to form a wall blocking further access into the cave; and so I went back outside confused and I decided to wait for the teacher.

Slowly other students arrived and some of them glanced in the cave and then came back outside to wait for the teacher with me, we all were confused and wondered if this was the correct place or not, and after a long wait the teacher finally arrived; and the teacher looked a bit like my Biology 101 teacher from college, she had short somewhat dark blondish colored hair with glasses wearing a men’s long-sleeve button shirt tucked into men’s pants with a dark-colored belt wearing maybe even men’s shoes.

Our teacher apologized for being late and she showed us how to enter the cave properly, there was a way around the sharp crystal-like wall, but it was hard to see it since it was a bit dark; and she led us on the correct path to enter the classroom. *This entire sentence seems/sounds symbolic to me and if so I have my idea of what it might mean 😉 *

The cave was divided into several parts: the entrance area with the sharp crystal-like wall, maybe a small traditional classroom area with desks and a chalk/marker board, and there were two or three areas next to/connected to the left & right & maybe back side of the traditional classroom; I think that one of these rooms was a stadium style classroom, one might have been a more open room, and I can not remember the third room.

I know that this cave was pretty amazing and I remember being surprised and wanting to explore it, our teacher gave us a brief tour, and then we started class.

Our teacher started teaching in the style of my former Biology 101 teacher from college by standing in front of the class lecturing while writing and/or showing things on the board, pointing out things in our book to read/write down/remember, asking questions, answering questions, and being pretty professional in her presentation.

She was not treating the UFO topic like a joke and she was presenting it in a neutral/professional/factual way, and she started with factually recorded information in history involving UFOs.

We started with the facts, not the unknowns, and I remember being surprised how professional this class seemed to be so far; because I was expecting us to mostly be trying to guess the unknowns.

Starting with the facts would be a bit more boring, but still interesting if you are interested in the topic; and it would allow you to build your knowledge of the facts first, before even attempting to explore the unknowns.

I was glad that I picked this class and I still wanted to explore the cave once class was over, and I probably even felt like living there since it felt secure/cool/private/et cetera; and my class had a variety of interesting people, even though it was a smaller class than average, and I like smaller classes so that was a good thing.

I can not remember what all we learned, talked about, asked the teacher during class; but I know that there was more to this dream learned and more shared about the cave and the teacher shared some interesting things with us before and/or after class and/or during class, but I forgot those details unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

2-1-2010 | Dream Fragments | The Blue UFO And Black Triangular Craft, And The Girl With The Bodyguard

Grainy B&W image of supposed UFO, Passaic, New...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night I remembered part of two or three dreams, but I will combine them since they were connected and some parts are missing so things are not clear.

I remember being outside at night-time in my parent’s yard, I think I had just gotten out of my automobile, but out of the corner of my eye I saw a blue object quickly flying down from the sky toward the woods outside of our neighborhood like it was going to crash or something; I do not think it made any noise.

I was shocked and felt that it had to be an alien spacecraft due to the shape and odd bright blue color and size, as I was looking toward the woods I heard a noise in the sky, and I saw a black triangular-shaped craft appear in the sky with a few normal lights on it; I instantly felt that this was a secret government craft that some people believed really existed, I felt that humans were controlling this one and they had come to see the blue UFO.

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