Mastering Fear: A Navy SEAL’s Guide

What is it?

The 2018 book Mastering Fear: A Navy SEAL’s Guide by Brandon Webb.

“Mastering Fear” A Navy SEAL’s Guide I By Brandon Webb

What is it about?

This is how Goodreads describes this book:

From New York Times bestselling author and former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb comes a simple yet powerful five-step guide to transforming your life by making your fears work for you instead of against you.

Brandon Webb has run life-threatening missions in the world’s worst trouble spots, whether that meant jumping out of airplanes, taking down hostile ships on the open sea, or rolling prisoners in the dead of night in the mountains of Afghanistan.

As a Navy SEAL, he learned how to manage the natural impulse to panic in the face of terrifying situations.

As media CEO and national television commentator, he has learned how to apply those same skills in civilian life.

Drawing on his experiences in combat and business, along with colorful anecdotes from his vast network of super-achiever friends from astronauts to billionaires, Webb shows how people from all walks of life can stretch and transcend their boundaries and learn to use their fears as fuel to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

“Fear can be a set of manacles, holding you prisoner,” writes Webb. ” Or it can be a slingshot, catapulting you on to greatness.”

The key, says Webb, is not to fight fear or try to beat it back, but to embrace and harness it.

In the process, rather than being your adversary, your fear becomes a secret weapon that allows you to triumph in even the most adverse situations.

In Mastering Fear, Webb and his bestselling coauthor John David Mann break this transformation down into five practical steps, creating a must-read manual for anyone looking for greater courage and mastery in their lives.

The United States Roundups Its Citizens Shortly After Trying To Lockdown / Control Computer Programs / The Internet?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a series of dreams or a dream that started normal but suddenly became serious, and the dream ended dramatically/scarily.

I was in D and in the USA (The United States Of America) during each part of the dream or dreams which all took place during the day, I forgot a lot of the dream or dreams and the minor details, but the first thing that I can remember is going to a bathroom near a fictional version of the Dollar General store on Eastside in D; and as I was leaving the bathroom an old woman with dark brownish colored skin who knew my family from a church from years ago, needed help getting into the bathroom, and so I helped her inside the bathroom & I waited near the door until she finished using the bathroom in the stall in case she needed my help getting out of the bathroom.

As I waited the woman talked and talked about the past, my family, me, and various other things; and I listened trying to see if I could learn something from an old person who had experienced much more than me, but I can remember most of the details of what she talked about.

After she finished using the bathroom I helped her out of the bathroom, I said goodbye, and I left; but I can not remember what happened next exactly.

The next thing that I remember is going to a fictional version of C Elementary School on Eastside, my dad was working there for the day, and I went there to sign up to be able to receive services & medicine from a fictional nurse/pharmacy that was connected to the library; and my dad had probably told me about it earlier in the dream and he had probably recommended that I sign up to receive low-priced and/or free medical care/medicine.

I felt a bit weird walking through the school while school was still going on with kids walking around but I went anyway, and after walking into the library I saw the nurse sitting behind a desk next to a small pharmacy; and she was a nice obese woman with dark brownish colored skin with medium-short black colored hair wearing scrubs, and I saw my dad in the library looking at something or taking a break.

The nurse gave me paperwork to fill out and then I gave it back to her, she said that they would look over it and will decide if they will accept my application or not, I thanked her & said goodbye; and then I went to talk with my dad.

After talking to my dad I noticed a TV showing breaking news that the US Federal Government/Government had just surprised the country/world by quickly/suddenly passing a strange law that might have involved the government trying to control/lock-down/regulate computer programs/code and the internet and computers, I remember something about requiring all code/programs to be checked by the government before it could be released to the public or something strange like that, among other things that might have involved monitoring/filtering/regulating/controlling the internet and maybe computers and the government also wanted/gave themselves the power to try to shut them (code/programs/the internet/computers) down if they wanted to.

This shocked the press and people, and there was a lot of confusion as everyone tried to figure out what this all meant and how & why did it suddenly become a law, and how it would be enforced; and I immediately wanted to try to figure out how to defend/survive against this while the government was busy trying to figure out how to enforce this new law, but I was not home at my computer yet to research this.

I remember walking off to leave the school but I came across my cousin DE somewhere and I took him back to the school to show him the nurse/pharmacy, and I recommended that he consider signing up as well; and then we walked away talking about the new law, which we still did not know much about yet, but we did not like what we had heard about it so far.

I felt that it would slow down things dramatically if the government had to filter/regulate/monitor/examine everything, especially computer code/programs, and I felt that the government was lying about their reasons for this law and that they had something big planned; and that this was somewhat of a huge distraction or something big that was about to happen.

I remember driving to my parent’s house and then I was driving away from my parent’s house later, but I started to hear police sirens around Eastside; and I started to see police blocking off roads like they were doing a drug bust or something, but something did not feel right about it.

I kept driving hoping to avoid getting trapped on Eastside and then I noticed something that made it clear to me that something big was happening, and it probably was not good; I noticed some men wearing all black who I immediately recognized to be US Special Forces (probably Navy Seals and/or Delta Force) and they were loading up equipment into an unmarked automobile and gearing up, they were clearly mobilizing, and so I knew that something big was happening.

I wanted to get out of Eastside before it was completely blocked off by the police, I noticed police rounding-up people from their homes/automobiles/yards and from the streets, and it was clear to me that they were rounding up almost everyone on Eastside; and so I felt that this was probably happening around the USA, where the Special Forces & maybe FBI were helping to lead local police forces in rounding-up almost everyone, and soon the rest of the US Military would probably be mobilized and ready to help with this.

I tried to drive out of Eastside but the last road was blocked off by the police and everyone driving on the road, who ever was with me, and I got rounded-up as well; and all of us who were rounded-up on Eastside were sent to a school that looked like a slightly fictional version of the D Junior High School maybe combined with the C Elementary School since it had enough space for us all in the playground and/or field near the bus stop area.

The police and the few Special Forces soldiers helping/leading them would not tell us what was going on or why they were rounding us all up, they were being serious and treating us like prisoners or criminals, and they made us all line up in the field of the school.

I noticed that they had not properly secured the school yet and that they did not have enough people to stop us yet, if we rebelled, and so I was hoping that we would escape before the military (non-special forces) & reinforcements could arrive; and I felt that the government had partly passed that law so that they could try to shutdown most communications before they started rounding-up people.

I was surprised that the government had done such a good job catching us by surprise while most people were distracted by other things, and they started the roundup so fast that most of their forces were not even fully mobilized yet which was an advantage and disadvantage; because if we rebelled early, many of us could escape, but they hoped to be able to hold us long enough until their forces fully mobilized.

I remember that buses arrived and a few Special Forces soldiers along with the police had set up an area where they would check each one of us one-at-a-time, and then they would load you on a bus; and once the bus was full, they would drive the bus somewhere else, I am not sure where they were taking people, my wild guess was concentration camps or death camps or something.

The Special Forces soldiers had special equipment and could communicate with their headquarters/the government/The President/whoever, they searched us for weapons, they took everything that you had except maybe your clothes, they recorded information about you/your license/your social security number/address/phone number/name/age/et cetera, they probably took our fingerprints/DNA samples/iris scans/et cetera, and maybe a few other things before they would load you on a bus.

I remember being in line with who ever had been in my automobile with me earlier (maybe my brother GC and my cousin DE), and my former classmate WG was with us; I think that he was on his way to church on Eastside, when they/he got rounded-up by the police.

We stood in line talking while waiting for our turn to be checked/processed/recorded/whatever and then put on a bus, but we were at the back of the line.

I remember seeing people of all ages, crying kids & babies/teenagers/young adults/adults/middle-aged people/old people/et cetera, and many people were confused & scared; but I was pretty calm but cautious/alert trying to learn as much as I could about what was going on and trying to look for ways to escape since I usually do not trust the police/military/government in dreams like this.

No one seemed to know what was going on and no one was telling us anything, so I did not learn much really, and then something dramatic/stupid/scary happened.

Suddenly the police started to bring buses of many prisoners from jails/prisons to the field and they were having them line up in a separate line next to us, like they were going to be checked/processed/recorded/whatever and then put on buses as well; but they had way too many prisoners than they could control and I felt that if the prisoners rebelled, that the police would not be able to stop them from raping/killing people & escaping, since there were only a few police officers who came with the prisoners.

The prisoners had their prison/jail uniforms on and they were following the rules at first but as their numbers grew, as they noticed the lack of security, and as they noticed the many woman/girls/kids/old people/defenseless men/easy targets they started to act up; I started to notice the prisoners eying people, cat calling people, getting rowdy, et cetera.

I got very uncomfortable and felt that the situation was about to get bad, and to my horror it did; and my only hope was to survive and hope to escape.

The sea/group of many prisoners who were lined up behind our line, we were at the back of our line, rebelled; they attacked the few police guarding them and they ran at our line of regular people to rape, beat, kill, rob, us and some ran to escape.

It was scary, pure terror/panic, and we were blocked by the large group of people in line in front of us who were screaming/running/falling/et cetera as the sea of prisoners ran at us wildly, there was so much noise and you could feel the fear/panic/terror and it was pretty realistic & I cold probably feel the air/temperature, and even I finally got scared since I knew that I could not defeat so many prisoners or save anyone really; so we ran trying to escape.

I remember GW, maybe my brother GC, and I trying to run through crowds of people as the charging prisoners came closer to catching us; and some of them probably grabbed some women/girls/boys/men and were probably raping/killing/robbing them, but we could not stop or the same would happen to us, it was terrible, very terrible, I am surprised that I did not accidentally wake up at that point.

We fell a few times over people and at some point I had to fight off a few prisoners trying to give GW & GC a chance to escape when they got close to us, but that slowed me down and a group of prisoner caught up with me; and it seemed that I probably would not make it.

I pushed a few of them off me, I was not about to get raped or killed, at least not without a fight, and I tried to run again; but a big prisoner grabbed me or something and said where do you think you are going or something like that, and then I was about to have to fight a group of prisoners too large to defeat.

I pushed him back and I called them punks/cowards for trying to jump me, especially since they were all bigger than me, and I tried to tell them that we should be working together to help people escape the government/police/military roundup of people instead of them raping/killing/robbing people; but they did not care about that, and so I started fighting them, feeling that I had no chance of winning.

I looked back to see if GC and GW were still running and they were, but they were being chased along with everyone else, and then I stood feeling defeated/feeling that I would die and/or be raped no matter how hard I fought.

I tried to get myself into life or death mode where I would at least fight as hard as I could, and I tried to keep moving around to avoid getting taken down by the group of prisoners as we fought; and I tried to look for a chance to run, and I might have gotten a chance to run but I can not remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

Ann Romney And Mitt Romney + Jesse Ventura + Video Game + My Former Classmate DH = ?

I had a few goofy and interesting dreams last night but I forgot some of them and I forgot part of them, the first dream that I somewhat remember took place at my grandfather’s house, but I only remember the end of the dream.

My family and I had spent the night or something like that at my grandfather’s house, and the next morning my dad left for work; and I went outside to check/get my grandfather’s mail and newspaper.

In the mail box was some mail from the last few days that no one had checked/gotten and there were various stacks of American dollars/bills/paper money & checkbooks inside the mailbox, and some of them were hard to reach & grab.

Some of the stacks of bills seemed to be money that people had put in there to pay my grandfather back for money they had borrowed or something but I was not sure, and I thought that it was a bad idea for money & checkbooks to be in the mailbox; and so I looked around to make sure that no one was watching, and I tried to collect all the money & checkbooks so that I could take them to my grandfather while hoping that no one else noticed since I was worried that someone might try to rob my grandfather if they knew that people had left money & checkbooks in his mailbox.

It was hard to neatly collect & stack everything but I did, and I was walking back toward the door when a car pulled up across the street; and I heard a female voice call my name, and so I put the stack of money & checkbooks on a fictional rail near the door hoping that no one would see it & I went to see what the woman wanted.

The woman was my former classmate DF and she was with an unknown man, and they walked into my grandfather’s yard to talk with me; and I greeted them.

DF wanted to know if my dad was here/there and I told her that he was at work, she seemed disappointed when she heard that, and she asked me to give a message to my dad.

She said that she was having problems and that she wanted to talk with my dad hoping that he could give her some advice & pray for her, since he is a preacher, and she really seemed like she needed some help/advice/someone to talk to; and so I felt a bit sorry for her, I gave her some words of encouragement, and I told her that I would give her message to my dad.

She thanked me, we said goodbye, and they walked off; and I made sure that no one was looking when I picked up the stack of money & checkbooks again, and I walked into my grandfather’s house to give the stack of money & checkbooks to him but the dream ended.

The next dream is unclear in some parts but at some point I was playing a video game that was a multi-player game that was a bit like Grand Theft Auto & Saints Row, and there were two groups to choose from; one group was The/CIA (The text said The/CIA but the audio said The/Stripes, which might have stood for the The United States (USA)) and the other group was maybe a gang or just a group of normal people, but I am not sure.

After playing the game I went to a maze-like house where my former male classmate DH and his family lived in a fictional city, and DH was either playing the same game or a Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six-like video game; and I remember telling him about the game that I had played earlier, and then we somehow contacted and/or came across our former classmate MT & we told him about the game & he started to play it too in an online match.

DH and MT were playing the game and I wanted to play too, but I walked off to do something or get something and I got lost; and I met Jesse Ventura at some point, and we were walking outside at night near a shopping area near the maze-like house.

I had gotten lost outside and I was at this shopping area that had walkways, stores, outdoor cafes, and alleyways; and I came across Mr. Ventura who I then asked to help me find my way back into the maze-like house, and he was going to help me.

We were walking down a dark alleyway behind the shopping area to reach a wooden gate that led to the maze-like house, but a security guard or police officer saw us and it looked like we were sneaking around trying to commit crimes in the dark; and so the security guard or police officer yelled at us, and he ran at us.

For some reason we ran and so more police or the police were called, and they chased us; but Mr. Ventura used his tactical knowledge from his United States Navy Seals days to help us escape the police, their flashbangs (stun grenades) & other weapons, and their tactics.

We escaped to a warehouse-like building next to the maze-like house, SWAT was called to come after us, and soon we were forced to run into the maze-like house; and we warned DH about the situation & he lead us through the house.

I remember that there was a TV on in the house that was showing Mitt Romney on a political talk show as a guest, but some protestors in the crowd caused some problems & they had to be stopped by security; and I remember seeing DH’s mom & god son/cousin in the room where the TV was.

DH led us to an escape point in the house and he ran one way & Mr. Ventura and I ran another way outside, the police were only after Mr. Ventura & I, and they chased us to a somewhat high area over a lake that connected to a river; and so Mr. Ventura & I jumped into the water.

Mr. Ventura had used his tactical skills to get us that far, without his help we would have gotten arrested by now, and jumping into the water was part of his plan; DH was not with us and he was not being chased, and so we started swimming as the police/SWAT called for more backup & they started trying to get to us in the water but DH came in a boat & he picked us up & we left.

This part ended like the end of a level on a video game and the next level had us on the boat going up the river trying to avoid police who/whom were on land/in boats on the river/and their traps, and we successfully completed this level at some point; and we escaped.

The next level took place at night and we were at a house that was a combination of my grandfather’s house/my parent’s house/a fictional house, I was alone in a family room near a bathroom, and I heard two female voices near the bathroom; and it seemed that I had recently took a bath & got dressed, and I guess that Mr. Ventura & DH were somewhere else in the house but I am not sure.

I went to a small bedroom to watch TV while sitting in a chair in front of the TV near a book shelf in a corner, and the two women entered the room but I did not look at them since I was watching a political talk show that had Mitt Romney as a guest; and I wondered if it was a re-run of the show that I saw earlier in the dream.

The two women walked next to me and one of them said something to me but I was not paying attention, and she started to reach for the bookshelf and so I moved my legs a bit to give her some space; and then I looked to see who the woman was, and it was Ann Romney to my surprise.

The other woman was the owner of the house and probably Mrs. Romney’s friend or something like that, and then I apologized to Mrs. Romney for not paying attention to her earlier & for not moving out of her way more so that she could reach the bookshelf.

Mrs. Romney said that it was not a problem and then I told her that her husband was on the political talk show that I was watching, Mrs. Romney then looked at the TV and then she proudly smiled and said something like: “Yes, that is him/my husband.”.

She then either partly sat on the tip of my chair or stood up watching the TV & so was the other woman, and Mr. Romney had Secret Service and riot gear wearing or SWAT-like police guards.

At some point a man in the crowd started yelling something and he rushed the stage area wearing a huge Barack Obama mask, and the security started tackling him; but he kept resisting, and I wondered why the security was having a hard time dealing with him and it seemed a bit goofy.

Mrs. Romney joked: “There goes your King.” (In reference to the Obama mask, jokingly referring to Mr. Obama as The King/an alleged King-like figure)

I made a comment about how huge that Obama mask was, it was huge!

A few more people in the crowd started protesting and rushing the stage, and so security had to tackle them too; and then the Secret Service started to be more visible, and the security started to get tense.

There was a lot of struggling in a goofy way between the protestors & the security, and then the dream got even more goofy; and then top of my blog using the Able theme with its large title & tagline & huge header image was visible in the opening of a doorway near the stage that led to another room.

I wondered what and how in the world was the top of my blog showing up on TV in front of a doorway, and the dream got even more strange & goofy; and then a group of men from maybe China (Chinese) wearing traditional Chinese style clothing appeared in the room behind the image of the top of my blog, and their leader was saying something that made it seem like his group & him were going to fight Romney’s security or something.

It was like an old goofy martial arts film or something now mixed with a video game, and I was wondering if Mr. Ventura/DH/and I were going to have to help Mr. Romney’s security or something.

Romney’s security was still dealing with protestors on one side and now they were preparing to deal with the other group from the other side, and so the situation was even more tense; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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