2021 United States Capitol & Inauguration Security Dream

I did not record my dreams so I barely remember some fragments of my last dream that were probably inspired by me watching some videos of The 2021 Storming Of The United States Capitol yesterday like this one:

A Reporter’s Footage from Inside the Capitol Siege | The New Yorker

All that I can remember of this dream is that it probably involved things related to The 2021 Storming Of The United States Capitol with a focus on the security, especially of underground areas at the United States Capitol & other areas, and of the current investigation & current security measures being put in place.

The Police And Military Attack

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was probably inspired by the George Floyd protests / riots, most of my family and I were in a fictional city in maybe a downtown-like area with several multi-story apartments on both sides of the highway with the road on the left side being somewhat on a hill, and we were in the process of moving into one of the apartment buildings on an upper floor.

Before we could finish moving in all of our stuff into the new apartment, my mom somehow found a larger nicer apartment for a better price that was probably in the apartment building across the highway, and so we were going to move into that apartment instead; but we went to see it first before moving the stuff that we had just put in the new apartment.

Picktime & President Donald Trump

I had more dreams that I woke up remembering, but I went back to sleep without recording them; and so now I can only remember part of a dream that seemed to be more of a stress / quicksand-like dream that I was trapped in.

In the dream I was at work at The BP Library at my IT Assistant job constantly trying to deal with trying to troubleshoot a Picktime issue involving me trying to figure out how to add 15-minute breaks after every 1 hour time slot for available computer lab appointments without time slots being off by an hour or so.

How to integrate with PayPal?

College Apartments | Talking To President Donald Trump | A Billy Butcher Investigation & Ghoulism?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in college, and I lived in a small one-story white college house-like apartment in a field on the outskirts of the college.

I had to walk back and forth from this location and the college each day, there were several other small college apartment houses nearby, and at one of them lived some men with medium-to-dark-color skin who seemed to be dealing illegal drugs and probably doing some other illegal activities.

A Zip Line Accident At A Hillary Clinton Event / Rally?

I had more dreams and there were more details to these dreams but I did not record those dreams and I did not record these dreams quick enough, and so now I can only remember part of several dreams.

Dream 1

This dream possibly took place inside a fictional house, and I was there with my brother GC.

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