My Former Coworker JF Gives Me Free Upgrades

Unfortunately I did not record most of my dreams, and I only recorded one sentence of notes of one dream on my mobile phone so everything else is forgotten now unfortunately.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it took place in a fictional possibly LC-like city, during the dream I would travel back and forth through the city and possibly outside the city, and there was a multi-story building that I would always walk through to reach maybe a transportation area but I can not remember.

I would always walk on an upper floor where I had to walk through a club / recreation center / restaurant / et cetera area that always had people drinking, eating, dancing, listening to music, talking, playing games, playing video games, and more.

During one part or day in the dream as I was passing through this entertainment area I noticed my former male schoolmate / coworker JF working in this area, and so I greeted him.

As we talked he told me that he wanted to give me some free upgrades for a membership to this entertainment area, maybe the membership was free but the various upgrades cost money, but he was going to give me some upgrades for free so that I could do various things for free here during the days I pass through here.

I asked him if he was sure about this because I did not want him to get in trouble, he told me that it was okay and that employees were allowed to do this for people sometimes, and so I said okay.

He opened my membership in their computer system and / or on paper, and he looked over the list of upgrades checking various ones that he felt that I would like and he asked me about a few to see if I would want that upgrade or not.

Each upgrade had a box to the left of it that needed to be checked and the cost was next to it, and he changed the upgrades that he picked for me to free for life.

After he finished I thanked him and I stopped to look over the free upgrades that I had but I can not remember what they were, and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Playing A Virtual Reality Game With Angry Joe (Joe Vargas)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of one dream from last night that took place in a fictional college/dorm-like building that is sometimes in my dreams, and the building was dimly lit & there probably were no windows.

I remember being with a woman who might have had medium-to-dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair, and maybe there was another man with us as well who might have been Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) or maybe it was another man during this part of the dream; and we were probably hanging out around the building.

At some point I think that we came across an experimental virtual reality game and game system, and maybe we volunteered to test it or we started playing it on our own; and so we went inside the virtual reality game in a game world that looked like the building that we were really in.

In the game we fought various threats around the building while finding new weapons, ammunition, equipment, upgrades, et cetera; and we earned points to unlock/buy new items/et cetera as we played, and at some point Angry Joe from YouTube was with us or he was there from the beginning of the dream.

We went around having fun working together trying to survive in the virtual reality video game world, I remember Angry Joe having a lot of fun, and he was acting very excited/hyped up; and he enjoyed fighting threats in the game, he enjoyed fighting too much, and so he kept putting us in danger a lot.

We had to keep telling Angry Joe to stop running into battle wildly but he would not listen to us usually, and he kept telling us to relax and have fun; and we were having fun still, but his recklessness was a bit annoying.

I can not remember most of the details of the dream, unfortunately, but I know that we had fun; and that the game was somewhat challenging at times.

Before I woke up I remember being in a small open room between two openings with the opening on the left leading to a large room, and the opening on the right leading to some hallways; and we were in this area taking a moment to check what upgrades we had, what items we unlocked or could unlock, our ammunition, our weapons, our equipment, et cetera.

While we did this we had to watch out for threats but they did not know where we were at this time it seemed, we also talked about some strategies and other things like that, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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